Ancient Phoru

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For the NPC by the same name, see Ancient Phoru.
For the Pet by the same name, see Ancient Phoru (Pet).
APIcon.png Ancient Phoru
Name Ancient Phoru

This ancient Phoru is evolved and is very unique. Its evolution has allowed him to dash in midair, making it very valuable.


Ancient Phoru
Z Attack AP1.png X Attack AP2.png C Attack AP3.png
Shoots a normal fireball at targets. Affects jump Z attacks too: Shoots fireball diagonally.
Impact: 236%, Explosion: 400%
Fireshock damage
Stomps the ground with fire at its paw, damaging at targets around it.
Fire wave: 274% x10.
Mega Flame Breath
Release a long breath of fire across 2000 meters.
Breath: 506% x8.
Sp001.png     Special Movement (Mysterious Dash)
Able to glide across the air. Press and hold DR.png after jumping.
Sp002.png     Elemental Activation Chance (New Evolution [Rider])
Burning and Petrifying (+2%)

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 에이션트 라이딩 뽀루 Ancient Riding Phoru
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 赛亚噗噜 ?
German Flag.png Germany Uralter Reitporu Ancient Riding Phoru
French Flag.png France Porou ancestral Ancient Phoru
Italian Flag.png Italy Poru vetusto da sella Ancient Riding Phoru
Polish Flag.png Poland Prastary Buras Ancient Phoru
English Flag.png United Kingdom Ancient Riding Poru
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Poporu Ancião Ancient Phoru

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