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Duke of Velder
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Duke of Velder

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Vera's uncle, relative of the Velder royal family, and one of its few survivors after the Demon Invasion. He is the current presiding leader of Velder while the seat of monarch remains empty.


Demon Invasion

Laudius was not present in Velder when the Demon Invasion occurred, while he was terrified of the news, and truly believed the world was coming to and end, he survived through the situation before returning to Velder. During this time, he'd come into contact with a member of Henir's Order who assisted him and wresting control over the kingdom, quelling the rebellions stirred after the conflict.

Working together with the Order, they came upon a mutually beneficial plan to pit the world against Elrianode in order to reclaim the Large El. In order to see this plan through, Laudius would require the full support of Velder which he'd planned to leverage one of its last surviving members to achieve. Laudius sends a letter to Vera, who was living in exile in the outskirts of Fluone, to take her rightful seat as Velder's new monarch.

Signal of the Festival

When Vera and her companions arrived to the secret port underneath the castle, Laudius greeted them. He is quick move things along, preparing Vera for the speech she is to give the people of Velder at the Harmony Festival opening ceremony, he provides Mathi and Lithia their compensation as well as additional hush money before leading Vera away.

When discussing the speech with Vera, he learns she doesn't intend to follow the script laid out for her, instead believing she should speak words of comfort for her people. This did not suit Laudius's ends, as he wanted to galvanize his people with nationalistic rhetoric to spearhead the agenda to go to war with Elrianode. In private, he met up with the Society Member to discuss their revised plans. Due to Vera not cooperating with their goal, they instead plan to utilize Vera's grandmother's brooch which was modified to be a Seed of Life capable of turning people into monsters, aiming to blame another catastrophe on the absent El to convince the people they need to reclaim it from Elrinaode. He expresses concern about Lithia, believe she might pose a thorn in their side, his belief was soon proven correct as soldiers spotted an intruder, causing the castle to scramble in order to catch her.

Excuse and Blame

By the time Laudius and the Society Member reached the ceremony stage, Lithia had already relieved Vera of the planted brooch. However, the Commander pursuing the girl contacted the brooch, causing him to transform into a monster. With their plan derailed, Laudius fled the scene.


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