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Full Name
Mr. Hat

~ Mr. Hat


An invisible man, or perhaps not a man at all. A magician who communicates in hand signs.


Chapter 50: Trickster's House

As part of Vasili and Diana's plan, Mr. Hat is tasked with distracting the El Search Party, so he sends an invitation to them to visit the Tricky House. Soon after entering, the magician has his rabbits split apart the group and soon after the El Search Party encounter him, they're all sucked into different abstract spaces.

Some of the El Search Party are captured and sent to the Puppet Theater early. Others made their way back to Mr. Hat and defeat him, causing the magician to surrender. The group interrogate the magician to see where the remainder of their party is, Mr. Hat originally fanes ignorance but soon acquiesces and shows them the painting. Before the El Search Party leap through, Add demands taking one of his rabbits which the magician reluctantly obliges.

Chapter 58: Backtracking Guide

Using the rabbit that Add still had on his person, Mr. Hat channeled Diana through the rabbit to allow her to communicate with the El Search Party who were deep in the the Abyss dealing with a manic Vasili.


  • In dialogue, he is simply referred to as "Magician", however as a boss, he is called "Mr. Hat".

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 미스터 햇
Mr. Hat
China (Simplified Chinese) 奇帽绅士
Strange Hat Gentleman

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