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Demon God
Full Name
Demon God


A legendary god of the demon world.


Resurrection of the Demon God

Scar attempted to summon the Demon God Sult but was foiled by the El Search Party and the El Lady. However the demon god would not go down without a fight, before being sealed away he was able to spread his dark influence across the land enraging monsters to a new level of power. This would be the basis for Heroic Mode.


  • There are 3 other entities of the demon world so far who are also stated as being Gods, those being the Nephilim Lord, who is worshipped by the dark elves as their patron god, Angkor, the demon god who empowers Aisha in her Void Princess/Oz Sorcerer classes, and the "Demon God of Terror" (implied to be called Angra Mainyu by Catastrophe's Hyper Active's name) who empowers Lu and Ciel in their Catastrophe class. There is also Plegas, who is stated as being an existence likely comparable to a Demon God, despite not being at the exact level of one.
  • Whether or not Scar successfully summoned Demon God Sult or instead summoned an entity of similar strength is left ambiguous.
  • His design is very similar to Nether Shredder and Evil Claw, but bigger.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 수르트 Sult
China (Simplified Chinese) 苏尔特 Sult
France Surrut

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