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Demon King
Full Name
Demon King


The one true ruler of the Demon Realm. He is the one greater power which all the Demon Lords stood under. A figure of mysterious origin and unparalleled power, who brought unity to the chaotic Demon Realm. Those under him called him the 'conqueror king'.


Unification of the Demon Realm

The Demon King was a mysterious but powerful figure who appeared seemingly from nowhere. Though he was set on a quest to unify the the Demon Realm under his rule. In his quest for unity, the Demon King confronted countless of self proclaimed leaders and defeated them one by one. By the end, he had found four individuals who he had chosen to serve under him: Berngart, Stirbargen, Aegirp, and Luciela. He gave the four demons a purpose and the new order launched a ruthless campaign which forced all the other lords of the land to bow down to this new order. With the entire Demon Realm now unified under his banner, he divided the land into four regions, appointing each to one of his loyal servants. He brought a reign of darkness upon the demon world.

Collapse of Power

However the Demon King's reign was not eternal. Without a single warning, the Demon King vanished without a trace, the order that the Demon King established soon collapsed in a raging civil war as many tried to vie for the vacant throne, resulting in a series of coups which brought down the four Demon Lords.


  • Sultharen's name is thus far only ever mentioned in the Voice Drama "Demon Story", part of a collection of small additional stories that were included in the Voice Webtoon (Accompanying) book.
    • The name is notably similar to the name of the demon god Sult, though the connection, if any, remains unknown.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 마족왕
Demon King
China (Simplified Chinese) 魔族王 Demon King
France Roi des démons / Roi démoniaque Demon King

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