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Full Name
Hernia Solace
23 (When El Explosion happens)
El Lady
Voice Actors
정혜원 Jung Hye-won
I cannot put the whole world in danger for the sake of my own happiness.

~ Hernia


The human vessel under control of the goddess Ishmael. The goddess descended into human after the Humans and Nasods exhausted the original El's energy. The Nasod War devastated the land and the diminishing El soon drove everything into chaos. It was the El Lady who would come to restore the El to its former glory.


Hernia's Childhood

When the child Hernia was little, war had taken her family, without a home, the Solace Clan took her in. However her new family was not kind to her; the other members of the clan hated and bullied the girl. All except the young Fenriart who was also bullied by the clan for being an outsider.

One day, she had been beaten by her Sigmund's guards and ran to cry in the garden. Fenriart found the girl, concerned for her, her noticed that gem on her pendant had gone missing. Fenriart confronted the soldiers and demanded they get Sigmund. However, this would happen again, Hernia tried to keep the truth from Fenriart by saying she had just simply fallen while playing, but Fenriart knew that this was his Sigmund's doing. Hernia pleaded that the two not fight, and Fenriart accepted, swearing upon the necklace his mother gave him. Fenriart would go back on his promise and confronted his Sigmund. When the boy let his guard down, Sigmund took the opportunity to strike but Hernia had jumped in and attacked Sigmund with a powerful El strike. She then attended to Fenriart and used her powers to heal his wounds. She noticed that their necklaces were resonating with each other. Hernia became curious about it, but Fenriart told her that she should get away from this place. Hernia apologizes for always putting Fenriart in danger.

Sigmund's Plan

After several years had passed, Hernia was amazing at how much Fenriart's ability to use El had improved. However, Sigmund ambushed her, aiming to take the gifted girl's El energy as his own in order to overtake Fenriart as the one in line to become the Master of the Sun. After Fenriart had learned of Sigmund's plan, they faced each other and in the end Fenriart killed Sigmund to protect Hernia. When she woke up, she was concerned for Fenriart until she noticed that Sigmund was dead. Fenriart told Hernia that his other siblings would do that same and they must leave. Planning to leave on the Night of Ishmael when the arrival of the new El Lady would make a perfect distraction, Hernia agreed.

El Lady Hernia

After the previous El Lady had passed away, on the Night of Ishmael, the next El Lady would make herself known. Little would she know, Hernia was the one chosen to be the next El Lady. Priests from the El Tower came to retrieve Hernia. Fenriart attempted to stop them, but he was held back by his clan's soldiers while the El Priests and Hernia left the property by wagon.

From that point onward, she lived in the El Tower as the El Lady, protector the El. Due to the Illuminous Phenomenon, her memories, emotions, and self began to fade away as she became ever closer to the El. During this, Hernia was aware of this loss and was filled with an empty feeling. As a coping mechanism to this feeling, she began to eat in her free time but in time even the sence of emptiness begun to fade away. As she kept losing memories she became increasingly afraid and torn between her own self and her duty. Eventually she channeled her change into something she would embrace, making it as much a part of herself as the self she once was. This mindset made her feel a bit more at ease, understanding that even if she were to fade away, it was herself till the very end.

Fenriart would become the El Master of the Sun, dawning the title Master Solace. Hernia gave him the title in his initiation ceremony, though she was very different person than the day she left his side. One day, Solace confronted Hernia, telling her that time has stopped for him since the day she left, and that he still want to leave with her. The El Lady, tells him that she has a duty to govern and is responsible for the El and the continent. She tells Solace that she can't put the continent in danger for her own happiness, and that he should do the same. She asks of him that he help her fulfill her duties.

The Harmony Festival

She, alongside the El Masters governed Elrios and maintained the balance of the El and the world. Every three years, when the Sun and Moon become one, the Harmony Festival occurs, a time of peace for the people of Elrios, this is also the time which the El becomes its most unstable. Without the aid of the El Lady and El Masters during the Harmony Festival, the El would shatter.

Solace having planned for this day, made a plan for them to leave. The El Lady admits that her memories are already become foggy, that much of the time she had spent with Fenriart had faded away. That even if she were to leave with Solace, she would only be a hollow shell of Hernia. She trusts Solace to make the right choice on the day of the festival.

On the day of the Harmony Festival, something went wrong. While Solace was reluctant to enact his plans for Hernia's sake, someone else seemed to have. Solace having made it to the top where the El Lady was. He saw that she had fallen into a sleep like state. Knowing that she would be consumed by the El, using his necklace, Solace was able to peer into the El Lady's memories one last time. In it, he saw a glimpse of their childhood, memories that Hernia had not yet forgotten. With these memories, the El Lady awoke one last time. Without any choice, Solace took the El Lady and the two escaped the scene.

With the El Lady gone and the El at its most unstable state, the El shattered in the catastrophic event known as the El Explosion. She and Solace would only watch. Stricken by grief that she allowed the El to shatter, she put herself into an eternal coma state, until the El could be restored. Faintly an unknown voice says "Haha... this isn't such a bad ending?".

El Lady in Elysion

After leaving Elrios, Solace had kept the El Lady with her in her coma state. Making his way to Elysion, Adrian had agreed to provide the two residence. During that time, Adrian Nasod became entranced by the powers the El Lady possessed. Needing to further his quest to surpass the goddess, he rigged the El Lady's hibernation capsule and intended to siphon information about her. However, Solace caught wind of this and barricaded Adrian's Palace.

Chapter 19: A Broken World

Despite her suspended state, the El Lady was not powerless. During the demon conspiracy in Lanox, Scar had successfully summoned the Demon God Sult. Sult unleashed his powers on Elrios, showing a glimpse of the destruction he could cause. The El Search Party having failed to stop the resurrection of the Demon God, they were attacked. Shocked when they learned that they had been shielded by a strange barrier. Looking behind, they noticed that Elesis was giving off a golden light. At this point, Elesis had been possessed by the El Lady. She used her divine powers to seal Sult once more. While much of the El Lady's being escaped and returned back to her body, the seed had been planted to turn Elesis into the next El Lady.

Chapter 20: Prophetic Mission

Elesis having regained control of herself after the El Lady controlled her, at this point began to feel the emotions of Hernia, a sense of guilt and regret alongside a severe headache.

Chapter 21: The Other Dimensional World

While searching through Dekal's lab for hints to find Solace, the El Lady's influence began to strain Elesis giving her headaches with just the mention of Solace.

Chapter 23: What's Happening in Elysion?

With Solace's influence drawing near, Hernia began manifest as another headache. Solace had appeared through a sigil to communicate with the El Search Party. After the battle, the El Lady called out to Elsword, trying to tell him about the El, Solace, and to guide him, however her words only left the boy with more questions before Aisha called out the boy's strange unusually silent behavior.

Chapter 25: The Dark Flame Sun

As the El Search Party came closer and closer to Solace's chamber and the El Lady herself. Her grasp on Elesis continued to become stronger. She called out to Elsword pleading that he help Solace. The boy was unsure who was calling to him or what she truly wanted. When the group finally arrived to her chamber, the headaches Elesis had felt had reached an unbearable level preventing Elesis from continuing on. Solace stated that the El Lady is trying to pass herself on to Elesis in order to turn her into the next El Lady.

Chapter 26: The Past and the Future

After Solace showed Elsword his memories, the El Lady's voice echoes in Elsword's head. She expresses a deep regret, that she wasn't able to protect Ishmael's power, that she wasn't able to save the El. Solace can sense that the El Lady was calling out to Elsword and asks him what he felt after seeing his memories.

Chapter 27: The Boy and the El

After the El had been restored at the hands of Elsword, the El Lady had been reawakened. The capsule she had been kept in shattered with a bright light, Solace ran to her side, holding her, she opened her eyes. Solace told Hernia that she should rest, however she insisted that she was alright. Hernia greets the El Search Party for the first time in person. She told them that she had keeping an eye on them and apologized to Elesis for her intrusion. Ara asks Hernia where Elsword is, she tells her that Elsword is inside the El itself, that his powers restored the El, but that he would become consumed by the El. Aisha was shocked by what Hernia said, however Solace interjected that he had injected Diceon into the El in order to slow the process and save Elsword. The El Search Party all agreed that they want to save Elsword, Hernia tells the group of a guide who could aid them in Elrianode. The dragon El Master of Water, Denif who had stood beside the El longer than any of the masters. The group agreed that they should depart to Elrianode. When Add asks if the two of them were going to follow, Solace rejected, Hernia was willing to but Solace was afraid that she might join with the El once again, and stated that they had other plans they must finish in Elysion. The two of them agreed that they must investigate what exactly happened on the night of the El Explosion and find the culprit. Hernia offers to teleport the El Search Party to Elrianode where Denif is and wishes them all the blessings of the goddess.

Chapter 30: Henir's Passage

After the El Search Party had departed from Elysion, Rose and Zero made their appearance before the El Lady and Solace. After some conversation, Hernia tells Rose that she had her eye on her ever since she first arrived. Knowing everything about her, Hernia felt that Rose was a trustworthy asset and felt she would do well to help the El Search Party. Giving Rose a symbol signifying their union, she sent Rose and Zero down to Elrianode where the two would meet up with Denif.

Chapter 31: Interdimensional Colossus and...

While in Elysion, Hernia continued to plead Solace to let her return to the El in Elrianode. While Solace tried to sway her away from sacrificing herself, in the end Hernia's will was too much for Solace to hold back. Learning on some knowledge the potential incoming thread of Henir's Order on Elrianode, the two decided to return to the city they had fled long ago.

The two arrived in the city just in time as Hennon and his minions were just about to launch their all out assault on the El Tower. As Denif and Ventus began to prepare themselves, out of nowhere, Solace and Hernia arrived to provide them assistance. When Ventus punched Solace for the hardships he put them through, Hernia was caught off guard, but Solace accepted his punishment. Hernia tells Denif that Henir's Order will most likely target the Large El and pleads to let her stabilize the El herself. Denif and Ventus denied her request, not wanting her to sacrifice herself. Hernia tells them that she can't neglect her duty but Denif continue to tell her that she cannot sacrifice herself. The El Priestesses soon arrive and tell Hernia to leave the job to them.

Artea tells Hernia that they have learned how to protect and stabilize the El from their ancestors. That the Priestesses she had taught would go on to pass down their craft and the current Priestesses have been waiting for the moment they can serve their duty to maintain the El themselves. They don't wan the El Lady to be the sole person responsible for maintaining the El and they don't wan her to continue to feel her guilt. Ignia tells her that the El should've always been maintained by the many instead of just her the whole time. Gloria reiterates that the El Search Party had taught them that they can do great things working together. Anduran tells Hernia to trust them, and Sasha pleads to let them protect the El for the sake of Elrianode and all of Elrios. Hernia realizes that she had been blinded by her responsibility and had aimed to do everything herself, not realizing the people around her which stood by her side. Ignia comforts Hernia saying that they too didn't realize it till the El Search Party showed up. With Hernia accepting of the El Priestesses' request, everybody readied themselves to protect the El and protect the El Tower.

After the battle for the El Tower was over and the monsters began to dwindle. Hernia wished to say in Elrianode, however Denif told her and Solace that they should leave. Denif tells Hernia that the El Search Party want to find a way to rid the cycle of sacrifice, and that he has faith in them to find that way. Ventus nudges the Hernia and Solace go back together. Solace and Denif were irritated by Ventus's crude statement but Denif let Ventus go just this once.

Chapter 32: Recuperation

Solace and Hernia find themselves by themselves having left Elrianode and returned to Elysion, Hernia having left behind the path of the El Lady. The two worry about each other but they both feel happy that they have one another. Hernia tells Solace that it took a long time to finally be by Fenriart's side again, and she thanks him for waiting all this time. Solace tells Hernia that she no longer has to wait.

Chapter 42: Reunion

When Elsword, Raven, Eve, and Add return to Elysion with an unconscious Ain, Solace and Hernia were expecting them and greeted them at the entrance. Hernia greats Elsword, it being the first time they met in person. Eve asked if they were already informed of their arrival, Hernia confirms it and notes that the would be able to heal Ain faster in Elysion. She explains that they will use one of the capsules to transfer pure El energy into him, she also notes that the process will require her concentration so she has to be left alone. Ain is left in her care as she goes off.

Placing Ain into the capsule she begins the exchange of El Energy. Ain in his unconscious state is relayed some of her memories but soon enough, Hernia manifests as herself within Ain's consciousness. Ain is confused by the situation, and Hernia explains that he had sustained a great loss of El energy and that she is giving him part of her own pure El energy, though it appears some of her memories were carried along with it. Ain wonders if it was her which told him to forget himself, though this lends to Hernia's speculation that currently, it is Ain's own will which is preventing him from awakening. Ain is confronted by manifestation of an Agent of the Goddess who brand him a defected traitor. Hernia realizes that these manifestations are of Ain's own doubts. As Ain was consumed by the doubts the manifestations placed on him, Hernia comes to him and tells him the story of accepting her duties as the El Lady, making it her own instead of a path other imposed on her. She makes Ain realize he is beginning to see things from other peoples' perspectives, that he is beginning to think like a human. Beginning to accepts this, Ain is faced with the embodiment of his uncertainties in the form of Ishmael herself. He faces off against the image of his creator and asserts that he will walk his own path, even if it may not have been the one expected of him by the goddess and angels.

With that, he finally awakens to be greeted by the El Lady. Ain thanks Hernia but she notes he would likely have awoken eventually though she merely accelerated his awakening. She tells Ain that he is constantly evolving and his ability to maintain his current form is proof that he isn't just a tool of the El anymore. Hernia tells him that while she sometimes wonders if things would have been better if she had followed her duty to the end, she sees the people around her now and walks the path forward not just as the El Lady, but as Hernia. She credits this change to the people around her, and asks if Ain was afraid of change much like she had been. He admits he is, but he is also confident he has the will to continue.

The One Hidden

Upon hearing of the appearance of Noah Ebalon, Hernia travels back to Elrianode with Solace in tow. They are greeted by Gaia before briefly talking with Denif who informed them about some of the news they'd learned about Ebalon being an imposter. Soon after, intrude on Noah and Darkmoon overhearing Darkmoon's suggestion to seek the El Lady for aid in uncovering Noah's blocked memories, which she gladly accepted She apologizes to Noah for being unable to see the imposter at the time, and for consoling with the imposter whist she was facing the Illuminuous phenomenon. She tells Noah she could stabilize him as he unlocks the binds which tie his memory, which Noah agrees to and she requests additional aid from Darkmoon for the process.

The El Lady puts Noah into a state of slumber, during the transfer of power, some of Hernia's memories flow into Noah on his dive into his own memories. During this, Noah finds memories which Hernia has lost herself, a moment when Dantelion had spoken about the nature of the El, dangerous statements about its incomplete nature, before he passed deeper into his own memories.

When Noah woke up, he asks the El Lady about the memories he'd gotten from her. She confirmed that she had not recollection of that particular conversation.



  • The El Lady's design was first fully seen in the Playing with fire promotional trailer (though her hair is notably different, seemingly identical to Saber Knight's hairstyle), which released prior to her in-game appearance in Solace's Fortress and portrait appearance in Halted Sun's Memory.
  • Hernia used to have the same necklace as Solace prior to becoming the El Lady. She later gets his necklace as a replacement, as seen in their Master Road artwork.
  • Hernia helps Ain during the Master Class update, a reference to how she is the current vessel of the goddess Ishmael, who created Ain and is the original source of his powers.
    • This is further enforced by her dungeon containing copies of Richter and what seems to be an apparition of the goddess herself, as they test his resolve.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 하르니에 솔레스 Harnie Solace
Japan ハルニエ・ソーレス Harnie Solace
China (Simplified Chinese) 哈露妮娅·索雷斯 Hernia Solace
Germany Harnie Solace
Spain Harnie Solace
France Harny Solace
Italy Harnie Solace
Poland Harnie Solace
United Kingdom Harnie Solace

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