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Missing Memos
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Missing Memos
(There's something written on this old memo.)

~ Memo


Missing Memos that related to Clamor.


Memo 1

Disciplinary Report

Department: Department of Magitech
Name: Clamor. V

Misconduct: Violent action towards fellow students and admitting a prohibited animal in to academy grounds.
Defense: Claims of self-defense (partially accepted). Use for experiment (not accepted)

Conclusion: 2 weeks of community service, and the animal must be removed from the grounds within 5 days.

Note: Your actions have brought dishonor to the scholars of Seven Tower and needlessly introduced a dangerous element by smuggling in an animal in to the grounds. You claim it's only a dog, and will not cause any harm, but the regulations exist for a reason. While we are willing to let this pass with a light punishment for this occasion, note that any repeat offense will be found with a more severe punishment.

Head of Discipline Committee OOO

Memo 2

Request Order [Form 8]

Have you heard of the recent flood damage in Senace? It happens ever so often, and proves to stir quite a trouble. Ever since the waterway was built, the damages have lessened, but as the waterway itself isn't safe, they are looking for an alternative.

I believe your artificial utilizing spirits should prove beneficial in this project. All we require, is for the artificial spirit to make rounds to deal with monsters and keep maintenance of the waterway. We have attached the blueprint of the waterway and the features we require for your reference.

I will see you on the delivery date to receive the complete work.

Memo 3

(A memo written without organized thought)

Henir's Order

Recruit without care for race or affiliation. Method of seems to differ.
Scholar -> Seeking truth
Debrian -> Break Elrian-centric ideology
Ordinary citizen -> Salvation (from what?)

Large and more organized than initially thought. How are they active in a monotheist kingdom?
Is the royal family not aware?
-> Aware but stay silent? Why?

Founder and Executive Member of the Order -> Unknown, not even to the members.

Memo 4

Hello Professor. I hope you are faring well at the Tower of Mirage. Though late, I had hoped to reply to your last letter.

I decided to stay in Elrianode. Seven Tower is my home, and will remain my home for the foreseeable future. I have no strong regrets cutting ties with my family. In fact, I feel a sense of relief, so perhaps it was long overdue. If you wish to continue the correspondence, please send to Seven Tower as always.

(There's a huge stain that prevents you from reading further.)

I have recently gotten an offer from an organization called Henir's Order. I have refused, of course, but something niggles my mind. I do not understand how the Order can be so active when it is forbidden to worship any deity other than the goddess in this kingdom.

I have received a request order from a member of the Order shortly after refusing their offer. I plan to accept it, as the request itself looks legitimate, and I have no excuse to refuse but... Do you know anything about the Order, Professor?

I am curious if I'm the only one in Seven Tower to receive such an offer, and if Seven Tower is aware of what's happening. With this request, my studies, and my self-imposed investigation of the Order, I will be too busy to do anything.

Best Regards,

Clamor Ventus

(There's traces of scratched letters. It looks like another letter was drafted after a large ink blot stained this draft.)


  • After completing the story quest, Memos will appear in Someone's Lab.
  1. Clamor: At the center of Someone's Lab.
  2. What He Wanted to Know: Beside Potion Chest.
  3. Uncomfortable Meeting: Beside Elrianode portal.
  4. Clamor's Suspicion: Beside Accessory Chest.

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