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Information: This page features an Epic NPC, they are not playable nor can they be unlocked. More info can be found here.
Shadow Witch
Full Name
Void Princess
Shadow Witch
"Hi! Speka here! Tee-hee~ I am the shadow witch princess and I love me some darkness!

Shadow Witch Speka


Speka became the shadow witch princess because of her intense love and affection for darkness. Her favorite outfits must have black and purple in them, so that her dark personality manifests itself. She studies her spell book daily and sometimes takes on challenging adventures in Elrios. She wants to strengthen her darkness skills and bond more with Petite Angkor. Her love for darkness and evil surpasses even that of the glitter demons!

Combo Modifications

Speka's in-game model

Speka has access to all Void Princess's combos, all of which operate as normal unlike Noah's ice balls.


Class: Void Princess


Difficulty: ★★★★☆


Icon Title Discovery Obtain Stats
The Fallen Angkor Queen Kill Shadow Witch Speka (Void Princess Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Speka 15 times in PVP Resistance to Dark Attributes +250
Plagued Effect +1.5% (if you use plagued)
MP Recovery Attacking +3%


Icon Skill Type Cooldown Description Special Effects
Increased Mana Regeneration Passive N/A Like all NPCs, Speka benefits from a heightened mana regeneration rate (5 MP/s). This skill will stack with Speka's ability to charge mana. All NPCs will have an extremely fast passive mana regeneration rate, and will also receive bonus MP when either hitting or being hit by players. Because of this passive, NPC skills are bound only by cooldown and not by their MP cost. Furthermore, NPCs can mana break combos at virtually any time.
Awakening Passive N/A Speka can activate Awakening under 50% HP. Speka's awakening improves her Plasma Cutter's lasers from three to five, and improves the damage and size of Hell Stone.
Mana Shield Passive N/A Speka summons a shield that reduces damage. Reduces damage by 60%. Unlike Aisha's Mana Shield, this skill is constantly on and cannot be broken.
Teleport Active N/A Speka instantly moves a certain distance to another location. Speka is invincible for the duration of this skill.
Flame Circle Active 6 Seconds Speka summons four fireballs that rotate around her. Each fireball has a maximum of two hits; unlike Aisha's Flame Circle, the fireballs are fixed in damage and do not increase in damage as they rotate. For this reason, this skill is extremely lethal should Speka have you cornered.
Mana Steal Active 10 Seconds Speka casts a blue magic circle that siphons the MP of nearby opponents. An enhanced version of Void Princess' Mana Steal - this skill will drain 60 MP from up to two opponents rather than 30 MP.
Petit Angkor Active 10 Seconds Speka summons 'Angkor', a black and white bat, that will fly in a straight line from the direction of the summon, until it either flies off the map or finds a victim; once attached, it will bite the victim for a few seconds, then explode. Angkor can be shaken off by rapidly toggling left and right. A weaker version of Void Princess' Petite Angkor; does not deal nearly as much damage.

The debuff is the same as Void Princess's Petit Angkor.

Petit Angkor - Heavy Stone Active 15 Seconds Speka summons a giant version of Angkor that stays still in place for several seconds. When a player makes contact with Heavy Doll Angkor, it will latch onto the player, biting the victim for several seconds before exploding. Anger can be shaken off by rapidly toggling left and right. Heavy Doll Angkor will hover on the same place on the map for several seconds after summoning; however, its hitbox is significantly less than what Anger's giant size would indicate, and will only latch onto you if you make direct contact with it. Different from Void Princess's, this Angkor will not only cause Anti-Magic (the same as hers), but also Wound.
Hell Stone Special Active 5 Seconds Speka summons a stone monster from hell that rapidly spins and damages opponents.
Poisonous Cloud Special Active 10 Seconds Speka spreads a dark gas where she stands, which lingers and deals continuous hits. Use an old visual effect of Void Princess' Poisonous Cloud. Cause hitstun each hits and takes away 10 MP from hit targets.
Phantom Breath Special Active 10 Seconds Speka summons Angkor to spew a noxious black energy on opponents trapped in front of her. An enhanced version of Void Princess' Phantom Breathing; does two hits per tick rather than the customary one.

Inherits the debuff from Void Princess's Phantom Breath.

Plasma Cutter Special Active 22 Seconds Speka reaches out and creates several laser beams that travel across the map, continuously damaging anyone they touch. An enhanced version of Void Princess' Plasma Cutter. Speka will summon three beams instead of just one. Use an old visual effect of Void Princess' Plasma Cutter.
Aging Special Active 30 Seconds Speka launches a magic sphere filled with a curse of aging forward. Inherits the debuff from non-Enhanced Aging.


Icon Equipment Type Where to obtain Modifications
Halloween Wizard Hair (Aisha) Costume Hair Cash Shop No modifications added.
Pure Mage Top Piece (Pink) Costume Top Piece Cash Shop The shirt is recolored purple, the sides are recolored to have a white-purple gradient, and the accessories and the gem in the middle are recolored black and purple to fit in with Speka's color scheme.
Aisha's Summer Casual Bottom Piece (Black) Costume Bottom Piece Cash Shop No modifications added.
Aisha's Bad Girls Gloves (Pink) Costume Gloves Cash Shop No modifications added.
Aisha Tartan Check Shoes (Plum) Costume Shoes Cash Shop The socks have been recolored black and the frills and extra accessories are recolored purple to fit in with Speka's color scheme.
Star Platina Rod (Purple) Costume Weapon Cash Shop The gems on the rod and its handle are recolored to be more purple-ish.
Preppy Style Glasses Face Accessory (Middle) Cash Shop The frames are recolored slightly to have a more purple-ish color.
Demon Wings Accessory (Top Piece) Cash Shop No modifications added.


Speka has an extremely cautious playstyle. While her AI will run back and forth constantly, she will almost never approach you unless she does it in small bursts. Rather, she favors the use of dash fireballs to stun you, void balls to deal damage, and of course, constant active spam to keep you on your toes. This makes her exceeding difficult to approach on a horizontal scale, but fairly easy to approach vertically - a favourite strategy is to drop down on Speka. Alternatively, it is fairly easy to put on bursts of speed to "trick" Shadow Witch Speka's AI, which only ramps up attacks when you are at a certain distance. Raven has an edge with Shadow Step, Bursting Fist and One Flash, for instance.

Speka, while annoying, has very few strong attacks. Her playstyle revolves around keeping you low on MP with Mana Intake, which takes away a whopping 60 MP rather than the usual 30 MP, as well as Curse Cloud and Phantom Breathing. However, a decent amount of Dark Resist (which should be a pre-requisite to entering PvP anyway, due to its popularity) will negate the impact of the latter two special actives.

The other annoying thing about Speka is her constant summoning of bats which lurk around the map. While weak, they can still add up to a good amount of damage should you ignore them, and can easily ruin combos if you have one on while comboing her, or if you run into Sumo Anger during a combo. It is also difficult to avoid Sumo Anger, because Speka tends to stick around after casting it. For this reason, it is imperative to constantly adjust your combos such that you are able to minimize forward movement towards a bat, and time your combo set-ups so that Anger is on cooldown while you begin your offensive. If you have high enough Damage Reduction, however, it is possible to use Speka's bats as a tool for regenerating mana - they do minimal damage, while giving you MP per tick, which can be helpful in negating the mana she absorbs from you.

Generally speaking, Speka is best dealt locking her with combos, and not special actives. Her Mana Shield - combined with her Mana Intake - make special actives very prohibitive, but her AI lends herself to predictability that can be abused to combo.




  • Speka is known as an extremely cruel and harsh witch who is very serious in battle.
  • As a lady of darkness, she joins the Arena to become stronger, in hopes of summoning stronger demons to her aid.
  • Speka appeared as an event NPC in an event in TW.
  • She wrote the Rhythmical Spin skill note.
  • Petit Angkor - Heavy Stone was originally a unique skill to Speka before being made a skill for Void Princess through the Awakened trait of Petit Angkor. However, Void Princess' version still functions differently than Speka's.
    • The skill was removed after the July 13, 2017 update in the Korean server following the discontinuation of the Awakened skill trait, making it once again exclusive to Speka.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 그림자 마녀 스피카 Shadow Witch Speka
Japan シャドウウィッチスピカ Shadow Witch Spica
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 影子魔女 絲碧卡 Shadow Witch Spica
China (Simplified Chinese) 影子魔女 斯皮卡 Shadow Witch Speka
France Hécate, sorcière des ombres Shadow Witch Hecate

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