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Full Name
Diana, Yana
Dream Demon

~ Diana


A Succubus and one of Karis's generals during her conquest of the Sander region.


Chapter 16: Dreaming Wind

During the invasion of Sander, Diana, working under Karis, was among many in the direct line of battle, both during the air assault by the Sandtilus as well as a final line of defense within the Heart of Behemoth. Though ultimately, they were defeated by the El Search Party and their Queen, Karis was killed. Diana and Vasili fled back to the Demon Realm with the remainder of their forces after the battle was lost.

Invasion Aftermath

After the failure of their invasion in Elrios, the Dream Demons continued to serve under Ran for a time, however orders began to dwindle till Aren, still masking as Ran who'd at this point abandoned him, dissolved the Red-Demon Army. Victoria rose up and received the blessing to reorganize the Dream Demons, becoming their new Queen. Under her rule, she reorganized the Dream Demons and founded the village of Magmelia in the Tirnog region, and entertainment hub in the Demon Realm. Diana became on of her close managers.

Chapter 49: Village of Demons of Dreams

When the El Search Party first arrive to Magmelia, Diana alongside her assistants Iccus and Eris greet group at the gates. Engrossed by the amusements of the village, the El Search Party split up and the group consisting of Elsword, Aisha, Eve, and Add linger around the park tables to talk with Diana. They ask if they were the same demons who'd attacked Elrios and if they still harbored grudges, which Diana says they've already put it in the past once they've managed to settle with their new queen. They tried to probe for information about the other factions, but Diana didn't have any information for them beside that the Red-Demon Army had entirely dissolved by this point.

Vasili reaches out to Diana frantic after learning the humans who'd foiled their invasion suddenly showed up in their village. Diana told him that she was aware but didn't seem to mind. Vasili urged her that they should strike in an act of revenge but Diana insisted they let go of their grudge. Though Vasili insisted so to prevent a potential incident that might infringe the new life they'd made for the Dream Demons. Diana seemed convinced and devised a ploy to coerce the El Search Party into becoming a part of their ranks. She goes to seek Queen Victoria about her plan and gets Mr. Hat to aid them in distracting the El Search Party while they make preparations.

Chapter 51: Strange Theater

The El Search Party ended up trapped in the Puppet Theater after their encounter with Mr. Hat and were forced to view and partake in a play retelling the invasion of Sander, Diana and Vasili played their parts in the play till the El Search Party managed to break free and stormed the stage. Vasili and Diana flee and have the Puppet Master distract the El Search Party.

Chapter 52: Queen's Concert

As Victoria's concert begins, Diana reveals to the El Search Party their intent to have them become Dream Demons through Victoria's ritual. Aisha is surprised by this revelation, Diana begins to feel nostalgic about when she'd first became a Dream Demon, reminiscing with Vasili who quickly corrects her that he'd not even been born yet at that time.

After Victoria decided to cancel the ritual, they decided to rock on till morning. The El Search Party inspect themselves as the concert ended and the crowd started to leave, to make sure they'd not been duped. Diana assures them they were fine, Victoria tells them turning them over would've been fairly mute, Diana explaining that while most Dream Demons are reborn as a blank slate, some keep the memories of their past lives, and the El Search Party would've likely been of the latter. Diana expresses some disappointment they didn't go through with turning them, though Rena is still a tad unnerved they'd been put through the whole ordeal, which Diana deflects onto Vasili.

Victoria informs them of what she knew about Ran's current situation and Diana points them toward the path leading to the Shadow Earl's Castle and volunteers Vasili to show them the way. She against expresses disappointment that things hadn't gone their way, but is glad they still had fun and hopes to see their patronage again.

Chapter 55: To Abyss

While the El Search Party were at the Shadow Earl's Castle, Stirbargen arrived in Magmelia and the leaders convened to discuss the recently appeared Abyss. Diana was attempting to get the Bettys to be their eyes in the [Abyss]], but to no avail. Lacking options, Vasili volunteers himself, to Diana's dismay. He reasoned out of the Awakened Dream Demons, Victoria certainly could not as queen and another Awakened must remain which Tir was quick to agree with.

Chapter 58: Backtracking Guide

Diana began to have a sleeping suspicion that something was going to go wrong with Vasili and went to Mr. Hat to communicate through a stuffed rabbit that Mr. Hat had left on Add's person. Fortunately, she got through right as the group were in the midst of their conflict with a manic Vasili. Diana calls out of him, consoling the demon and reminding him of the people and village he went into the Abyss to protect. She manages to speak some sense into him, but the powerful demonic energy caused him to knock everybody into slumber and absorb all their nightmares. When everybody came to, Diana comforted the demon until he was able to regain control.

Chapter 60: Collapsing Abyss

After Vasili opened the door for the last time, he collapsed from his exhaustion and Diana attempted to call him back up, but he was too tired. The El Search Party grab him and decided to make their escape from the now unstable Abyss. As they began to approach the entrance of the Abyss, they encounter Zero who went back for them. Diana command him to guide the Dream Demons to help the El Search Party escape.

When Vasili make it out of the Abyss, Diana was overcome with emotions that her companion survived and wished to be with him forever.



  • She calls Vasili by his nickname "Vasha".
  • Her Korean title, "에리롯드", is possibly a misspelling or corruption of "에릿로드", moving the "ㅅ" hangul one symbol over to the right. When written this way, the name reads "Erislord", matching Vasili's title of "Incoolord".
  • She appears to be significantly older than Vasili, apparently having been a Dream Demon since before he was even born.

Alternative Names

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China (Simplified Chinese) 黛安娜

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