Ice Princess Noah

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For one of the playable character of the same name, see Noah.
Information: This page features an Epic NPC, they are not playable nor can they be unlocked. More info can be found here.
Ice Princess
Full Name
Elemental Master
Ice Princess
"Hiya!~ I am Noah! The Velder Royal Guard's Ice Princess, at your service~"

Ice Princess Noah


Don't let Noah's heavy armor deceive you. She is an Elemental Master in disguise! Noah has mastered the basic elemental skills of fire and can convert them all to ice skills. You will want to watch out for Ice Magic Balls when in battle against her. Noah also has the ability to freeze opponents that are right in front of her. Gather all the adventurers and come challenge her to see her magical powers!

Combo Modifications

Noah has access to all Elemental Master's combos. However, every fireball is converted to an iceball, which will inflict frostbite upon targets on contact. Noah does not have access to High Magician's XXvXX combo. Noah is also capable of summoning Ice Spikes at any range that freezes the enemy.


Class: Elemental Master

Rank: /

Difficulty: ★★★★☆


Icon (KR) Icon (NA) Title Discovery Obtain Stats
Break the Impregnable Kill Ice Princess Noah (Elemental Master Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Noah 25 times in PVP Critical +3%
Add. Damage +3%
Freezing Effect +2% (if you use freezing)


Icon Skill Type Cooldown Description Special Effects
Increased Mana Regeneration Passive N/A Like all NPCs, Noah benefits from a heightened mana regeneration rate (5 MP/s). This skill will stack with Noah's ability to charge mana (at 0.2 MP/s). All NPCs will have an extremely fast passive mana regeneration rate, and will also receive bonus MP when either hitting or being hit by players. Because of this passive, NPC skills are bound only by cooldown and not by their MP cost. Furthermore, NPCs can mana break combos at virtually any time.
Awakening Passive 5 Seconds Noah can activate Awakening under 40% HP. Noah's awakening increases the number of hits of Magic Missile.
Freezing Point Investigation Passive N/A Noah's fireballs are now replaced with Ice Balls, which will inflict frostbite upon targets on contact Same as Aisha's Freezing Point Investigation affecting fireballs.
Mana Shield Passive N/A Noah summons a shield that reduces damage. Reduces damage by 60%. Unlike Aisha's Mana Shield, this skill is constantly on and cannot be broken.
Teleport Active 2 Seconds Noah instantly moves a certain distance to another location. Noah is invincible for the duration of this skill.
Flame Circle Active 6 Seconds Noah summons three iceballs that rotate around her, casting frostbite when hit due to Freezing Point Investigation. Aisha's Flame Circle added with Freezing Point Investigation. Each iceball has a maximum of two hits; unlike Aisha's Flame Circle, the iceballs are fixed in damage and do not increase in damage as they rotate. For this reason, this skill is extremely lethal should Noah have you cornered.
Iceberg Active 6 Seconds Noah strikes the ground in front of her, transforming her opponent into a frozen statue. Has a long start-up time, but will auto-target opponents within approximately a 500 range. Freezes upon contact.
Magic Missile Special Active 10 Seconds Noah summons a glowing missile that automatically targets opponents. Equivalent to the old version of High Magician's Noted Magic Missile. Noah's AI tends to use this skill when you are far away from her to prevent you from camping.
Blizzard Shower Special Active 10 Seconds Noah summons fifteen ice shards that fall diagonally from the air, freezing any opponents that they come in contact with. An enhanced version of High Magician's Blizzard Shower. Unlike Aisha's Blizzard Shower, however, Noah's Blizzard does not hit only once per shard; each shard can do a number of hits (typically around three or more) as they pass through a player's body, potentially doing extremely high damage. Freezes for 3 seconds upon contact.
Frozen Step Special Active 30 Seconds Noah spins and casts a spell that causes snowflakes to constantly rise from her feet. An enhanced version of High Magician's old Blaze Step. Unlike Blaze Step, this skill deals significantly more hits upon contact; similar to Blaze Step, Frozen Step only causes hit-stun half of the time. Lasts for 17 seconds, and each hit will cast Frostbite upon contact.


Icon Equipment Type Where to obtain Modifications
Velder Imperial Guard Hair (Aisha) Costume Hair Ice Burner No modifications added.
Velder Imperial Guard Top Piece (Aisha) Costume Top Piece Ice Burner No modifications added.
Velder Imperial Guard Bottom Piece (Aisha) Costume Bottom Piece Ice Burner No modifications added.
Velder Imperial Guard Gloves (Aisha) Costume Gloves Ice Burner No modifications added.
Velder Imperial Guard Shoes (Aisha) Costume Shoes Ice Burner No modifications added.
Velder Imperial Guard Halberd Staff (Aisha) Costume Weapon Ice Burner No modifications added.
Velder Imperial Guard Headgear (Aisha) Face Accessory (Middle) Ice Burner No modifications added.
Velder Imperial Guard Cloak (Aisha) Accessory (Top Piece) Ice Burner No modifications added.
Common Red Buckler Arm Accessory Accessory (Arm) Event Item It is recolored blue to fit with Noah's color scheme.


Noah's attacks deal very little damage. However, thanks to her Mana Shield passive, she also takes very little damage, which guarantees a very long and drawn out battle unless you have significant Additional Attack, which helps pierce her shield. As a rule of thumb, you should be packing at least 10-20% Additional Attack and Damage Reduction, but that rule applies to all NPCs.

Her strongest damage dealer, which can come as a significant surprise to players, is her Blizzard Shower - since each shard can hit upwards of three times as opposed to the usual once for High Magician's Blizzard, and on average, hits with three shards, sometimes more, Noah's Blizzard Shower can easily wipe out a chunk of your HP if she gets lucky with the hits. In fact, Blizzard Shower can be considered one of the strongest NPC skills due to this property. Fortunately, since this skill has a significant cast time, it's fairly easy to escape by running outside of the range as soon as she casts this skill - unfortunately, since many of Noah's hits land frostbite upon you, you may not have the opportunity to with lowered run/jump speed. For this reason, it's essential to have ice resist, which should be a pre-requisite to entering PVP given how popular the element is amongst player characters anyway.

Generally, Noah's biggest weakness is close-quarter combat. The majority of her special actives are ranged, and her actives generally require some start-up time and range as well. While she does have access to staff attacks, she generally prefers to use fireballs (namely, High Magician's xx<x combo, xxx and her >>xx combo), which pose the biggest threat damage-wise; so your best bet is to lock Noah in a combo and deal damage through that avenue, especially since relying on special actives will mean significantly less damage to her thanks to her Mana Shield passive.

Finally, a notable threat is the combination of her Frozen Step and Magic Missile; Frozen Step, with its extensive stunning capabilities, can easily ruin combos, and thanks to Noah's ability to teleport all over the map, often countering special actives as well. In team games, Frozen Step furthermore permits Noah to escape delays and wreck havoc if a target is inside her Frozen Step during a delay. While she often uses Magic Missile as a means of countering people who stay their distance, her Magic Missile deals minimal damage and is easily looped; for this reason, if Noah casts Frozen Step, it is advised that the player steer clear of her until the skill runs out. Alternatively, Elswords can use Stoic, and the girls can use ranged attacks to still deal damage to Noah as she has this special active on.




  • Noah is a member of the Imperial Knight Guards of Velder, explaining her heavy metal armor.
    • Noah's armor comes from the Velder Imperial Ice Burner set, but using a recolored Common Red Buckler Arm Accessory instead of the Velder Imperial Guard Shield.
  • She is also the general of the wizards faction, being very famous for her unusual magic.
  • Noah is extremely proud of her unique "cold" power and enjoys flaunting it to adventurers, which was her reason for joining the Arena. Ice is a more advanced and technical form of magic in Velder, and having mastered the Ice Element, she believes herself to be extremely strong.
  • Noah has a phobia of fire. She masters the Ice Element so she can call herself the "Completely Fireproof Ice"
  • The ability to use Ice Balls is an ability exclusive to Noah. In the past, Elemental Master had the option of learning the passive Freezing Point Investigation to access this ability but was removed after the Skill Tree Revamp in 2015.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 근위대장 얼음공주 노아 Royal Guard Captain Ice Princess Noah
Japan 近衛隊長アイスプリンセス ノア Royal Guard Captain Ice Princess Noah
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 近衛隊長 諾雅 Royal Guard Captain Noah
China (Simplified Chinese) 近卫队长冰雪公主 诺娅 Royal Guard Captain Ice Princess Noah
France Néva, magicienne des glaces de la garde royale Ice Magician of Royal Guard Neva

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