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Queen of Golden Heart
Full Name
Dream Demon
Queen of Golden Heart

~ Medovine



Queen of Gold

Medovine was a Dream Demon who sought a large and vast collection, but also wished to live and curate this collection for all of eternity. In her quest for immortality, she'd take the Heart Core of an Abyss and fused with it to transform her into a tree. In this new plant form, she would be able to bear fruit which bore life identical to her own, allowing her self to continue on in a manner of speaking. From when she'd first undergone her transformation to the current day, she'd lived eight of her lifetimes, and it growing her ninth avatar.

Expanding Abyss

When the Abyss began to expand to a dangerous size, Medovine ordered all her Dream Demon servants to vacate the premise to safe territory. Unfortunately for herself, her roots kept her confined to her domain, already falling victim to the corruption spreading from the Land of Steel but also exacerbated and in harms way of the Abyss.

Fortunately, due to the El Search Party's action, the Abyss was stopped. Learning of their exploits, Medovine sent an invitation for the El Search Party in search of help for her situation.

Chapter 62: Queen of Gold Medovine

Medovine greets the El Search Party as they arrive in her courtyard and invites them to a tea party. They converse and she asks about the Abyss's Heart Core, which she'd hope to precure, but her guests had not taken it from the Abyss. She laments her ailing health and asks for assistance with her collection, having dismissed her staff. Part of the El Search Party depart to solve the issues while others remained to converse.

The El Search Party tell her of Ran's actions in the Abyss. Chung asks if she knew anything about the Dark El, she did not, or at least not by that name, though she brings up several other supposed legendary stones. Medovine senses Lu also had questions. Lu asks of the status of the Land of Steel and how to go. Medovine in bewildered anybody would wish to enter the land filled with chaos and dispute which seems to be boiling over. Lu demands to know more as its lord. Medovine is surprised to learn Lu is the Steel Queen. She decides to reveal what she knows and brings to their attention to corruption spreading from the Land of Steel which has contaminated her water supply.

Medovine reveals her true form, not as a Dream Demon, but as tree, but laments the corruption has tainted her and her next incarnation, her ninth life is weak and all her attempts to salvage her situation of seek out the source in the Land of Steel in vain. As the other members of the El Search Party arrive, she is surprised to see that Laby was holding the golden apply which housed her next incarnation, though its condition is sickly and weak. Medovine pleas the Lord of Steel to fix the contamination stemming form her land. Lu agrees and Medovine suggests they seek the Tortas. Before they could depart, Medovine did not see it wise to let them go without being able to ensure their cooperation. She attempts to take some of the group as hostages but her attempted capture was foiled by the picture frame in the El Search Party's possession pulling them through back to Magmelia.


Alternative Names

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South Korea 메도바인 Medovine

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