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White-Ghost Army Commander
Name Berthe
Race Garen
Role White-Ghost Army Commander
Location Ruben Forest (Elsword/Aisha), Altar of Dedication, Titan's Grotto, Altar of Invocation
Voice Actors Japanese Flag.png 木村雅史 (Masafumi Kimura)
The time has come. Witness this!! This world will be ruled by demons!!!

~ Berthe



The fierce 1st Squad Commander of the White-Ghost Army who invaded Elrios through the portal in the Feita Shrine.


Overthrowing the White-Ghost King

Berthe, with the help of the demon, Barkat, stage a coup against the White-Ghost King, Aegirp. They managed to kill the ruler, however she wasn't truly dead as she had split her soul into fragment in case such an event. Berthe assumes his role as the new leader of the White-Ghost Army under the allegiance of Barkat's Demon Army. The Demon Army planned an invasion of Elrios which Berthe participated in. However, he was unable to rally support of much of the existing White-Ghost Army, resulting in him enlisting the support of the Glitter race.

Attacking Ruben

Berthe was first seen trying to steal the El Shard in Ruben. Two of Banthus's minions attempted to steal the El Shard away from him but failed miserably. Confronted by Elsword, the mighty ice demon thought not much of the boy, but when Elsword began to resonate with the El, the ice demon was caught surprised. Considering the situation, Berthe abandoned the El and retreated.

Preparing the Feita Shrine

From then, Berthe made his way to Feita to corrupt the El fragments in the Feita Shrine into Dark El. Using the Dark El, he was able to open a giant portal to the Demon World. With the gate between the two worlds stable, Berthe, the 1st Squad Commander of the Glitter Army, advanced his troops through the portal and took over the Feita Shrine. The demons descended the tower and corrupted all the El, which allowed them to spawn more demons and transform the guardian plants into demonic monsters.

Chapter 8: Bad Omens

When the El Search Party arrived, Berthe was at the Shrine of Dedication Entrance scoffing at their attempts to stop them. He retreats to the main tower to further his plans as the Durahan Knight blocks the Search Party's path.

Chapter 9: Invaders from the other world

It wasn't until the El Search Party made their way up the Altar of Dedication did they confront Berthe for the final time. Berthe was defeated by the El Search Party, humiliated. Once Elsword spoke, the fallen demon realized that the child was the same boy who had the ability to resonate with the El. Berthe explains that the war had only begun before fleeing.

While Berthe's mission may have failed, his ability to open a large portal to the Demon World would pave the way for a more important attack on Velder.

Failed Invasion Aftermath

Some time after his failure in Feita, Berthe managed to find one of Aegirp's Soul Fragments. The demon commander absorbed the soul fragment which granted him a large boost in power and altered his physical form. The demon commander at that point used brute force to get the remaining White-Ghost Army to aid in the search for the remaining soul fragments. He had also made contact with Haivan who worked out a deal to get him to the portal technology sealed in Rigomor in exchange for Haivan to hold the position of the army's Chief Portal Technician.

Chapter 40: Another Deal

Berthe alongside his army made their way to the undersea wastelands of Rigomor undetected. Just as the El Search Party averted the titan's core from imploding, Berthe breaks into the unsealed laboratory. Berthe obtained the Soul Fragment from Haivan, expressing their arrangements not going as planned but sufficing. He is surprised to see Elsword present, Elsword shocked to see the demon commander again. Haivan urges Berthe to uphold his end of the deal, which Berthe does, appointing the boy as the Chief Portal Engineer of the White-Ghost Army. Winster is appealed to see the demon who betrayed their lord and is equally appalled that he had coerced his son. Berthe scoffs at his former subordinate, denouncing the Nous as their inferiors. Elsword attempts to take on Berthe but is quickly thwarted due to Berthe's increased power and the boy being at his strength's limit. Berthe sees the opportunity to test his new power as the El Search Party prepare for a fight. The horns of Berthe's army ring in the distance, prompting the El Search Party to realize they'll soon be outnumbered. Nichel opposes Berthe as Winster suggests to Add to flee through the portal. The El Search Party are teleported away just as Berthe pushes through Nichel. With the group having fled, Berthe commands his army to take all the portal technology from the laboratory. To Haivan's surprise, Berthe also decided to take Winster with them. They head out to the demon capital with their hostages and technology.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 베르드 Berd
Japanese Flag.png Japan ベルド Berd
German Flag.png Germany Berrut
Spanish Flag.png Spain Berrut
French Flag.png France Berrut
Italian Flag.png Italy Berrut
Polish Flag.png Poland Berrut
English Flag.png United Kingdom Berrut
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Berd
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