General Testarossa

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General Testarossa


A former general of the Empyrean army and father of Anna Testarossa.


Military Service

General Testarossa was a distinguished general and due to his missions he was always busy. When he was on a mission, he would not send a single letter home and it wasn't until the end of the mission that he would return with a tired expression.

In one of his military campaigns, he was placed in charge to taking over a territory which we had done swiftly. When the conquest had been done, another order was sent to General Testarossa calling for his team to execute any survivors, including innocents. This command was something that the general felt like he could not do, refusing to go forth with the command he faced great backlash from the Empyrean military. General Testarossa had his position revoked and his station relocated, despite this, the general did not regret his decision one bit. However, fate would catch up to him and he would die in battle some time later.


Initially, General Testarossa was seen as a traitor to his nation, directly disobeying order from the high command, refusing to murder innocents. However, through Anna's please getting to the ear of Princess Ezre, princess Ezre made a formal announcement that she would pardon General Testarossa's actions, reinstate his position as a national hero, and relocate his burial site to the honored Graveyard of Fallen Soldiers.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 테스타로사 장군 General Testarossa
China (Simplified Chinese) 特斯塔罗莎将军 General Testarossa

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