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Researcher of Henir's Order
Full Name
Researcher of Henir's Order

~ Friedrich


One of the few remaining Debrians and a researcher from Henir's Order, he constructed The Great Steel Wall and its machines. Was revealed to be Add's uncle and consequently related to Grace and Asker.


Chapter 54: Ominous Red Demon Territory

Friedrich and some of associates. He is working on Lilith who is prone to malfunctions. The princess is annoyed by Friedrich and tells him to shut up. He teases her that she angry because her toy broke. He other associate is surprised she is still angry about that. Friedrich asks his other associate about their recent trip. He relays information about the El Search Party. Friedrich finds their presence curious and wishes to take a look before his associate sends the news to the higher ups. He is especially curious how they got to the Demon Realm, wondering if they'd discovered the laboratory.

Chapter 64: Hunters' Canyon

Observing the El Search Party getting close to The Great Steel Wall, Friedrich sends Lilith to relay to them a message. Warning them not to go beyond the wall, but little else.

Chapter 65: The Great Steel Wall

Friedrich detects the presence of intruders, but as per Lilith's report, is aware of a Debrian among their midst. Add pursues the signals he detected from Lilith and crashes through to where Friedrich was but Friedrich restrains the boy almost instantaneously by overloading the Nasod augmentations within Add with dummy code. Friedrich introduces himself. He deduces based on Add's rash actions, the Nasod Rulers had truly gone extinct, he asks Add to introduce himself. Add was uncooperative so he pries into Add's internal data logs, there he learns the boy's augmentations were by Asker while the last update was by his own sister Grace. He connects the dots that Add is Asker and Grace's son. He stumbles upon the battle code within Add that Grace has locked searching for Add's real name. Just before he was able to unlock it out of curiosity, Elsword's group crash into the room.

The group surround Friedrich, the man urges he has no violent intentions against them. The group don't back down, but Friedrich reveals he is completely in control of the entire area and the situation, urging he has no real inclination toward violence and simply wishes to talk for his won curiosity. He tells them he's a mechanical research sponsored by Henir's Order, but as of late hasn't been doing much for them. Add asks about the warning he relayed through Lilith, Friedrich responds he simply did not wish for them to die before he could take a closer look at them. Laby expresses the group's drive to keep going, Friedrich puts little resistance before bidding his nephew goodbye and disappearing just as fast.



  • Friedrich first appears in the Chapter 54 story quest, Meaning of Family, in which he is referred to as ????.
  • Friedrich is revealed to be Add's uncle and appears to be artificially alive, remaining even after Add's time-traveling to 300 years into the future. His memory and reasoning seem to have become slower due to his age.

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South Korea 프리드리히 Friedrich

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