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Add's Mother
Full Name
Grace Grenore
Human (Debrian)
Add's Mother
It must have been very hard for you…. I'm sorry that I couldn't help…..

~ Grace


Add's caring mother, and a Nasod Researcher researching regenerative powers, plants and the environment. Her own laboratory has a greenhouse inside it, filled with flowers.


Loving Mother

Grace used her knowledge of Nasods to research their application for biological and botanical experiments. She spent most her time working in her greenhouse which was filled with many flowers.

Whenever Edward felt sad, he sought refuge with Grace. After disappointing his father, Edward came to Grace's greenhouse where she comforted the boy. She showed him around her garden and even showed the boy an ancient flower she had been cultivating. She knows that her husband is strict but she urges that Edward stay strong.

The Confrontation

After Grace learned about Asker's experiments on their child Edward, she soon confronted her husband. Deeply concerned about their child, she tried to face Asker, but Asker soon revealed his true intentions for the boy. She was appalled by her husband's actions but the two heard a noise outside, Grace went to check it out but Edward had quickly vacated the area.

The Legacy

Refusing to allow her son to become a weapon to Asker, she hunts down Asker's lab and tries her best to compromise his plans. Frantically trying to prevent her husband's plan, Grace is barely able to find a solution to get around Asker's set program. Instead of activating the battle codes implemented inside of Edward, she was able to divert the system to input a different name and bypass the original programming. She also aimed to prevent Asker from ever harming Edward ever again and reprogrammed the time machine to warp her son 300 years into the future.

Grace was killed alongside her husband when the Nasod Ruler raided their mansion.


  • Grace didn't only research plants and regeneration energy, her research also included the properties extracted from the plants, there were studies on potions, pain killers, and other medicine for the human body, and even studies on pathology.
    • In life, she also formulated a thesis defending the Debrian study of medicine, revealing that the real problem was the reckless implementations used during the Nasod War, therefore, she proposed ways to combat the negative stereotype. Her research was never completed, however some parts of her report was found even many years later.
  • Grace bears a close resemblance to Lilith. Currently, it is unknown if they are related in any way.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 그레이스 그레노어 Grace Grenore
China (Simplified Chinese) 格蕾丝 · 格兰诺尔 Grace Grenore

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