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Bandit Leader
Name Banthus
Race Human
Role Bandit Leader
Location Ruben Forest (Rena), Tree of El, White Mist Swamp, Banthus Cave, Underground Waterway, Private Phoru Academy, Fox Bandits' Treasure Room
Voice Actors Korean Flag.png 심정민 (Sim Jeong-min)
Japanese Flag.png 白熊寛嗣 (Hiroshi Shirokuma)
Those pesky El Search brats. They'll eventually follow me here.

~ Banthus



The leader of a notorious bandit group who stole the El Shard from Ruben Village.


Bandit King

Banthus used to be the El Search Captain before Lowe. After resigning, he became a notorious bandit in the rural areas of Lurensia. He had made a name for himself in both Ruben and Elder.

Working under Wally

Working under the command of Wally, Banthus was hired to retrieve the El Shard from Ruben's Tree of El. Banthus sent his henchmen all around Ruben to prepare for his plans to steal the El. Barricades were set up and he closed in on the Tree of El. However, his plans would receive a bit of surprise when the demon Berthe also tried to steal the El. Some of Banthus's bandits would hunt down Berthe to try and retrieve his El while Banthus would storm the Tree of El when the El Search Party was distracted. While on his way, when Berthe abandoned the El Shard, Banthus stole that El and made his way to the Tree of El with Rena on hot pursuit. Elsword and Aisha would also join in the hunt.

Chapter 1: Banthus, the one who is after El

Banthus successfully obtained the El for Wally and makes his escape from the Tree of El, leaving behind a Giant White Phoru to deal with the El Search Party. As Banthus escapes from the scene, he makes his way towards White Mist Swamp, where he regroups with his bandit minions. By the time the El Search Party make their way to the White Mist Swamp after their detour to the Forest Ruins, Banthus was already making his way out. With both the activity of the bandits and the El Search Party in the swamp, the Ancient Phoru was enraged and attacked the El Search Party. This made a perfect cover for Banthus to flee the scene and make his way to Elder to deliver the El.

Chapter 2: The Chase! Banthus!

In Elder, Banthus, having retrieved the El, increased the amount of bandit activity in the area. With trade routes being blocked and supplies being stolen, the townspeople growing suspicious of the increased bandit activity and the lack of activity from Wally's guard to investigate the situation. When confronting Banthus in his hideout Banthus Cave, the El Search Party discover that he was indeed working for Wally. Retreating back to Wally's Castle, Banthus receives a personal upgrade from Wally in the form of a Nasod arm. He and his bandits would guard the Underground Waterway, knowing that it was a blind spot to getting into Wally's Castle. After being defeated, Lenphad detained Banthus and imprisoned him for good.



Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 벤더스 Banthus
Japanese Flag.png Japan ベンダース Benders
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 班德斯 Banthus
German Flag.png Germany Benders
Spanish Flag.png Spain Bénguer Benders
French Flag.png France Benders
Italian Flag.png Italy Benders
Polish Flag.png Poland Benders
English Flag.png United Kingdom Balthazar
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Benders
App Store Logo.pngGoogle Play Store Icon.png Elsword: Evolution (Mobile) Bandosse


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