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House of Rosso Experiment
Full Name
House of Rosso Experiment


Test subject of the Rosso family assigned the designation B-27. Possessed moderate resistance to the Fire El.


House of Rosso Experiments

Lebio was an orphan who the Rosso Family came into possession of to be used for their experiments to manufacture a functional Fire Master in their remote facility in the outskirts of Lanox. He was designated the identification number B-27. While Lebio despised what was going on in the laboratory, he understood the drastic actions taken to create a suitable Fire Master. Lebio soon developed the goal to attain the title for himself and hold it as long as he could, so there would be no need for further experiments to be conducted, so others wouldn't have to suffer what he and others currently were suffering. With this goal in mind, Lebio decided to be completely cooperative with the Rosso researchers in their experiments. He showed overall average tolerance to the Fire Energy.

The House of Rosso became increasingly interested in the results of B-99 Ainen who due to their unknown race, appeared to show above average tolerance for the Fire Energy, though the subject's vile temperament proved troublesome for the researchers. In an effort to try and calm the subject down, Ainen and Lebio were paired together. Ainen wondered why Lebio was so cooperative, and Lebio shared his idealistic dream of keeping hold of the title of Fire Masters so the experiments would have no reason to continue. The two shared a friendly bond and Ainen's temperament soothed down significantly.

With B-99's status under control, the researchers decided to go forth with their plan to inject him with the Crimson Eye they'd obtained from Henir's Order. During this process, Ainen went out of control three times. In one of his rampages, Lebio was caught up and killed.


Despite Lebio's death at the hand of Ainen, after Ainen successfully wiped out the researchers, he'd begun to reflect on his purpose, remembering Lebio's ideals. This memory drove Ainen to pursue the mantle of Fire Master in order to prevent others to ensure the lives of those who'd fallen were not in vain and to prevent others from ending up in the same situation he'd previously been in.

Alternative Names

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South Korea 레비오 Lebio

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