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Red-Demon Army Commander
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Red-Demon Army Commander
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Korean Flag.png 장민혁 Jang Min-Hyeok
It has already been placed into the hands of the water priestess... Time is on my side.

~ Ran


The 2nd Squad Commander of the Red-Demon Army who invaded Hamel. He has captured the Water Priestess and has obtained the Water Seal from Avalanche.



Ran was once a demon serving under the Red-Demon Lord Stirbargen. Eventually, during the warring era of the Demon World, Ran betrayed his lord. Due to this betrayal, Stirbargen was sealed in the subspace of the Demon World.

The Demon Commander[edit]

Sometime during the invasion of Fahrmann, Ran came across Aren, who had departed from Isshin to serve in the capital, and decided to possess him. Ran, now in control of Aren's body, then planned to attack Elrios, setting his sights on the Moon El.

Attack on Isshin[edit]

Ran, hoping to take the Moon El for the demon army, went to the village of Isshin, Aren's hometown. His demon forces were powerful and the village burned to the ground. Ara did her best to defend her village but the oncoming demon forces forced her and the other Haans further back until Ara was the only one left. Hurrying to the sanctuary, she confronted Ran and Victor. Ran went off to search for the Moon El while Victor attacked Ara. Cornered and without any hope of surviving, the floor crumbled beneath her and she found herself in an ancient sanctuary and saw a shadow. Ara looked up and got a good look at the figure, only to realize that she was face to face with her brother Aren. Ran, realizing the girl had some connection to the body he was possessing, had little sympathy for her and was ready to strike her down, but as he did so the remnants of Aren prevented him. The opening allowed Ara to fuse with Eun and was able to escape Isshin with her life. Ran's mission to obtain the Moon El was a success.

Master of the Crimson Eye[edit]

Noting his plans had been set back due to Ara's interference, he continued to search for the girl in his quest to kill her, therefore ridding one of the remaining grips for Aren. While contemplating on Aren's resistance, he ran into the Demon Lord Stirbargen. Ran states he did not recognize him at first given his new childish appearance, however claims he no longer has any loyalty to him. Stirbargen notices Ran appears to be proud of his betrayal but then states he no longer cares about his throne. He tells Ran of a bet he made with Eun, and that Ran is not to harm Ara in fear of his life as Stirbargen quickly surrounds him with spikes of demon energy. He tell him that he will make another bet once they all converge before parting ways.

Demon Invasion of Hamel[edit]

Under an allegiance with Scar, Ran's next course of action was to take the Water Priestess Sasha, the Water Seal from Hamel, and the Senace Principality. The demon invasion in Hamel set much of the country in ruins except the capital city of Hamel. Ran attacked the Temple of Frozen Water and corrupted the Priest Avalanche. Ran was able to successfully captured Sasha, but his duty had not been complete. Despite having the Water Priestess in captivity, he still required the Water Seal. Ran persuaded the Duke of Hamel Rod Ross by promising unimaginable power if he were to aid him in corrupting Hamel's White Colossus Helputt and retrieving the Water Seal.

Chapter 13: Secrets of the Temple[edit]

In the El Search Party's quest to aid Rod Ross and obtain the Water Seal, they discovered that Avalanche had been hiding the sacred artifact in his scepter. After hearing this, Ran struck Avalanche, killing him and took the Water Seal for himself. After the El Search Party found Ran at the end of the Halls of Water, Ran had already finished his job. Chung fought Ran but Ara finally caught up with her brother and defended him. Using this opportunity, Ran fled away from Hamel and made his way to Sander, where he informed Karis to embark on her plans.

Return to the Demon Realm[edit]

After Karis's defeat in Sander, Ran has come upon the knowledge that the Black-Eyed Army had changed the plan of the Invasion of Elrios. No longer pursuing the prophecy like Ran had planned, the Earl of Shadow abandoned the Demon Army and returned back to the Demon Realm.

Using the Mystic Stones extracted from Shadow Vein, Ran eventually regained enough of his own strength where he eventually separated himself from Aren. With little use for the Dream Demons and the rest of the Red-Demon Army, Ran departed the land alone, taking the shell of the Moon El with him.



  • As noted on Aren's page, Ran's last known appearance, and thus the images on this page, is while he was using Aren's body. Ran's own appearance is currently unknown, though the dark skin Aren gained upon being possessed is implied to be due to Ran specifically, not the conversion of Aren into a half-demon.
  • Despite his intent to kill Ara, Ran is quick to flee from Hamel after Ara shows up to defend her brother's body, likely in fear of being killed by Stirbargen for upsetting the bet should he attempt to harm her.
  • Ran's sclera are inconsistently displayed as either white, as seen in his artwork, Ara's tutorial and the webcomic Shadow of the Silver Moon, or black, as seen on his in-game model and in the anime. As shown by Aren's current artwork, who's still-demonic eye has black sclera, it is likely they are canonically supposed to be black.
    • Oddly, in Ara's tutorial, artwork of Ran also depicts him without horns. This is not reflected in the in-game model also present in her tutorial.
  • Ran wrote the skill note Binding Shadows, Shadow Spear Technique, True Moonlight Slash, and Restraint Energy Management.

Alternative Names[edit]

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea Ran
Japanese Flag.png Japan ラン Ran
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) Ran
German Flag.png Germany Graf Belmez Count Belmez
Spanish Flag.png Spain Conde Belmey Count Belmez
French Flag.png France Comte Belmez Count Belmez

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