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Living Weapon
Name Clamor Ventus
Race Weapon (formerly Half-Elf)
Role Living Weapon
Voice Actors Korean Flag.png 박요한 (Park Yohan)
As a magitech scholar, it is my job to solve even the most trivial problems.

~ Clamor



The mysterious sentient weapon Noah discovers as he awakens in the Temple of Time.




  • After completing the story quest, phantom Clamor will appear in Someone's Lab.
  1. House of Fire: At the center of Someone's Lab.
  2. Past, Seven Tower: Beside Adams.
  3. House of Ebalon: Beside mailbox.
  • In Nyx Pieta's path, Clamor disappears at the start of the 3rd loop. He presumably "broke" while saving Noah by over-exerting himself in the end of the 2nd loop.
    • It's also possible that due to his pendant being cracked, Noah arrived in an alternative timeline where Clamor was never sealed inside of the sickle.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 클라모르 벤투스 Clamor Ventus
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 克拉摩尔 · 本图斯 Clamor Ventus

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