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Full Name
Nasod Ruler
Nasod Ruler was name of an anti-Nasod organization that specialized in destroying Nasods.

~ Add


Nasod Ruler was name of an anti-Nasod organization that specialized in destroying Nasods. They used knowledge about Nasods of the past Nasod War as a basis to research most effective ways to destroy Nasods.



Seemingly due to increasing concern with the Nasods by the royal families of the Elrian Empire, Adrian Nasod was pressured into forming the Nasod Ruler organization as a means of suppressing Nasods and preparating against them in the event conflict were to arise.

Nasod War

After humans used Nasods and abused the El, the Nasod War started as each side fought over the remaining El. During this time, the Nasod Rulers developed means to combating Nasods including the use of Alterasia. After the war ended with the Nasods defeated, the El was on the brink of shattering and was barely saved thanks to the help of the first El Lady. Once the El was restored, use of Nasods returned to the people of Elrios.

However over time, the scars left behind from the Nasod War and the separation between Elrian and Debrian factions eventually led to popular anti-Nasod sentiments. Some time after the era of the El Explosion, the use of Nasods became outlawed, many people with past experience with Nasods joined forces in an effort to push the Kingdom's objective of ridding Nasods from Elrios. Using knowledge gained from the Nasod War, the Nasod Ruler used it to aid the kingdom's goal of extermination all Nasods and many records of Nasods.

Storming the Grenore Estate

The Grenore family were descendant of the Nasod Rulers, however the family had taken interest in pursuing their own research, going against the Nasod Ruler's beliefs in secret.

The Nasod Rulers were informed that the Grenore family living in the outskirts of Velder had been conducting research with Nasods. With that information, the group planned to raid and destroy both the research conducted at the mansion as well as take out Asker and Grace Grenore.

The group attacked the mansion and the surrounding area, setting fire and destroying all traces of the Grenore family's research and property. Grace and Asker were killed during the group's attack and their child Edward was taken as a slave. One night, Edward made his escape from his captors, however armed guards pursued the child. They were able to fire off a shot at the child and just before they were able to catch him, he collapsed off a cliff and into the abyss below.


The efforts of the Nasod Ruler over the 300 years between Add's time and the present show that their efforts were successful. Nasods fell out of public knowledge and the remnants of them in history fell into myth and obscurity. The only remains of Nasods were the ones found in Altera and hidden facilities such as Debrian Laboratory, though more primitive ancient Nasods appeared to still exist and see use around the world. Documents about Nasods became rare and highly valued among certain people such as Wally.

Notable Members

Character Role Status
Adrian Nasod Founder Founder
Grace Descendant Deceased
Asker Descendant Deceased
Add Descendant Active

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 나소드 룰러 Nasod Ruler
China (Simplified Chinese) 纳斯德支配者 Nasod Ruler
France Nasod dominateur Ruling Nasod

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