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Chieftain of the Trocks
Full Name
Chieftain of the Trocks
Trock..! So, you're the ones who freed us.. Thank you, Trock!

~ Trockta


The leader of the Trock species in Sander. Born of the Behemoth they once lived on the Parugo Mountain where the Behemoth was sealed. However after the war, the Caluso drove the Trocks out and guarded the mountain. Trockta wishes for his tribe to once again live by their place of birth on the Parugo Mountain.


Karis's Promise

Leader of the Trocks, Karis came to Trockta with promises of giving them power and taking their homeland of Parugo Mountain back. Trockta agreed to Karis's promise and she gave him an amulet. Unknowingly the Dark El amulet allowed Karis to take control of Trockta.

Chapter 15: The Predicted Misunderstanding

Trockta under the control of Karis commander the Trocks to do Karis's bidding. After the El Search Party was able to break Trockta free of his mind control, he told the group about Karis's ploy to take Anduran to Parugo Mountain and awaken the Behemoth. That she had given him an amulet containing the Dark El which she used to mind control him and the other Trocks. With this new information Vapor went post haste to warn the Caluso Tribe that had control over Parugo Mountain.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 트락타 Trockta
Japan トゥーラクト Trockto
China (Simplified Chinese) 托克塔 Trockta
Germany Trakta
Spain Tracta
France Trakta

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