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Fire Priestess
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Full Name
Fire Priestess
Voice Actors
김채하 (Kim Chaeha)
Charlotte Uhlig (Elrianode)
Oh ho! Are you an adventurer? This is my first time seeing one~!

~ Ignia


Ignia is exceptionally bright, unlike other priestesses. It's no wonder this affable tomboy can be hot-tempered at times. A fan of spicy food, salty crisps, and hot springs, Ignia is in charge of the Fire El. She doesn't mind using fire powers in battle.


Becoming the Fire Priestess

As a child, Ignia was fairly lonely and didn't think much of herself, going through life without any type of purpose. Things changed when the elder which took care of her was informed that Ignia had strong resonance with the Fire El. Ignia was chosen and with that her life given purpose as the Fire Priestess. Due to individual with the aptitude worthy of being a Fire Priestess being rare, Ignia never met her predecessor. She initially struggled to tame the Fire El but her motivation to protect the world and maintain peace pushed her through and made her stronger. However with her newfound power, she became arrogant and prideful.

Lanox Conspiracy

Before any of the events that transpired in Lanox occurred, Scar had attacked the Fire Temple. Ignia, unable to defeat the Demon General, was made to be a puppet in Scar's greater plan. Gloria and Darkmoon had been kidnapped and Scar used that as leverage to keep Ignia docile and was forced to stage the Steel Blacksmiths for their kidnapping. Soon after made her Fire El go rogue causing all of Lanox to fall into turmoil to allow the Earth Priestess Artea to break into the earth.

Chapter 17: Scorched Harbingers of Darkness

When the El Search Party first arrive to Lanox, the group are greeted by Ignia. Ignia introduces herself as the Fire Priestess to everybody's surprise. She expresses that her expectations for the El Search Party were different than what they were, expected them to be bigger. However, that aside, Ignia informs the group that she had too saw visions of the prophecy that Anduran had seen and tells the group that the Sun and Moon Priestesses had also come to Lanox as well. Ara asks if the group could see them but Ignia regretfully informs them that the two had been kidnapped. She was not sure who exactly had kidnapped them however, while demons had not been ruled out, she just knew that somebody had kidnapped them. She however suspects that they may get a clue if they travel to the Ashen Land and tells the El Search Party to meet up with Edel, who Ignia describes as being a "selfish woman".

While Ignia was in Lanox, she was helping to try and stabilize the village's Fire Refiner, however her efforts were of no use. Edel ordered the group to help investigate the Burnt Forest to Ignia's annoyance. While the El Search Party aided in resolving the strange fire in the forest, Ignia strangely disappeared without a trace. While the El Search Party were busy, Ignia supposedly went to the Fire Temple to check up on the Fire El. Raven and Ara asked about the El's conditions, Ignia replied that it was still unstable but she did not sense any trace of demon energy still expressing greater concern about the well being of the two missing Priestesses. However, this was only a cover up as she had actual returned to the Fire Temple to manipulate the El under Scar's command. Returning to Lanox, Eve shows an accessory she found which Ignia identifies as the brooch of however had kidnapped the Priestesses. Steel bursts in immediately recognizing it as a brooch of the Steel Blacksmiths. Ignia states that the Blacksmiths are not fond of outsiders in their workplace and the presence of their brooch in the Ashen Land is worth investigating.

Ignia tells the group that the Steel Blacksmiths headquarters the Ash Covered Village was just past the Burnt Forest. Rena shows Ignia a scrap of clothing she had found which Ignia identifies as being a piece of the Sun Priestess Gloria's robe. Ignia and the El Search Party stormed the mines and there they found the missing Priestesses deep in an altar. The El Search Party were able to go and save Gloria and Darkmoon, when they returned, Ignia showed feeling of joy that they were safe to lure the El Search Party into a false sense of security with herself. When Rena points out that the altar the Priestesses were being held in look demonic, Ignia fell silent and derailed the topic back to Gloria and Darkmoon, telling the group to hunt down the Steel Blacksmith leader Sdeing in order to find more clues. When the El Search Party brought Sdeing back to Lanox, Steel rushed to her father side to Ignia's surprise, as she didn't even know that Sdeing was Steel's dad.

Chapter 18: An Exposed Dark Secret

Uncertain what she should do, she has successfully built false trust between the her and the El Search Party, but she now felt the need to protect Gloria and Darkmoon. While the El Search Party were resolving the problems in the Phantasmal Geyser, Ignia made her way to the Fire Temple once again, this time willing to go against Scar. However his strength proved too much for the Fire Priestess and she once again was reduced to following his orders. She would continue to manipulate the Fire El at Scar's command.

Ignia would regroup with the El Search Party when they planned to head to the Fire Temple. With Sdeing's armor, the El Search Party was more than ready to tackle the immense heat of the Volcanic Flames Entrance, with Ignia planning to make her way to the Fire Temple once again herself, she tagged alongside the El Search Party. Ignia helped the El Search Party make their way up to the Fire Temple, however, as they reached the summit, Ignia revealed that she had been working for the Demons all along and double crossed them causing the El Search Party to flee and make their way back to Lanox.

Chapter 19: A Broken World

Ignia would be among the demons patrolling the Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divide Land. She stood guard in the changer where the Earth Priestess Artea was being held captive. While the El Search Party was able to defeat Ignia who was standing guard, the cave Artea was being held began to collapse. Unable to get to the Priestess in time, the group had believed they had lost her to the cave in, however, Ignia was able to rescue Artea. Tired from her battle and from saving the Earth Priestess, all of them made their way to safer ground before Ignia planned to tell the group to truth. There, she confessed that Scar had been forcing her to plan all the events out, kidnapping the Priestesses, causing the Fire El to go rogue, even faking the El Search Party's trust. She reveals that Scar no longer needed the help of the Priestesses, that he was seeking to revive the Demon God Sult to destroy all of Elrios. With the gravity of Scar's goals soon to be realized, Ignia began to truly regret what she had done, and that everything had happened was her fault. Once the El Search Party defeated Scar and the El Lady sealed the Demon God away, Ignia still torn over her actions, expressed gratitude to the El Search Party.

Chapter 20: Prophetic Mission

A little time having passed since the fall of the Demon God Sult, Ignia has composed herself, her spirit risen high once again. With all the El Priestesses gathered in Lanox, Ignia reassures Sasha that they had not lost their prophecies and will be able to open the gateway to the El Lady. Preparing to depart to the Abyssal Ruins, with the help of Sdeing, all the Priestesses were able to obtain heat resistant armor for the trip. However her armor felt a bit loose while Artea's armor felt a bit tight, Ignia expresses signs of jealousy before they departed to the Distant Ruins. Ignia tells the El Search Party that from the Abyssal Ruins, they'll be able to open a gateway which will take them to wherever the El Lady may be. She along with the other El Priestesses perform the ritual and open a pillar of light to the unknown. With the El Search Party having departed, the Abyssal Ruins fell silent, Sasha expressing concern for Elsword with Ignia reassuring her once again that they'll be fine. Their parts having been done, all the El Priestesses departed and made their way back to their Els. To protect the world and pray for the El Search Party's safety.

Chapter 27: The Boy and the El

After Elsword chose to sacrifice himself to restore the El, the Fire El that Ignia protected suddenly combined back with the other El in order to reform the original large El. Ignia as well as the other Priestesses were all teleported to where the El combined, the newly reawakened city of Elrianode.

Chapter 29: Invasion of the Order

While Denif was telling the El Search Party his hypothesis of the Henir Order's plan, Ignia rushed with bad news that monsters have started invading Elrianode. Eve scans and reports that the monsters are coming from dark rifts which are appearing in the city. Denif originally doubts this seeing as the rifts are too small, but Eve goes on to state that the rifts are increasing in size due to unknown circumstances. With the situation getting bad, the El Search Party all assemble and spread out to confront the monsters coming in from all directions.

Chapter 31: Interdimensional Colossus and...

When the El Search Party returned from the Debrian Laboratory, Lu told Denif about the Primal El and how the Dark El is a mirror of Elrios's El. Ignia finds the information hard to believe and thought the idea was nonsense. Artea and Denif when they thought about it longer found the possibility very logical.

Solace and Hernia arrived in response to the treat of an all out war for the El Tower. Hernia insisted on sacrificing herself to the El to keep is stable, however Denif insisted she now and all the El Priestesses arrived to convince her out of her plan. Artea explains that all the Priestesses have been training for generations for the day to protect the El, that Hernia can trust them and not have to deal with it on her own. Ignia tells Hernia that it should have been that way from the start, that they should have always worked together. Hernia realizes she had been blinded by her duties that she had ignored those around her that wanted to help. Hernia thanks the El Priestesses for making her realize her error, Ignia tells her that the El Search Party made them realize the same as well. The Masters, Priestesses, and El Lady all prepare themselves for their duty to protect the El as Henir monsters soon begin to swarm the El Tower.

When Hennon turned into the Interdimensional Colossus, Denif called for everybody in the El Tower to help him place up a barrier. Using their power, they manage to surround the El Tower in a protective barrier to prevent monsters and the colossus from doing harm to it, and the El.

When the Interdimensional Colossus had been slayed by the El Search Party, things began to become more quite at the monster stopped attacking. The Masters and Priestesses were able to let down the barrier and the threat facing Elrianode had dissipated. Denif and Ventus both believed that the El Lady should not be bound by her duty as the sole protector of the El, the El Priestesses took on the role in the El Lady's place, stabilizing the El as a group.

Chapter 32: Recuperation

After the El Search Party left, the priestesses and the El Masters talked about their history and everything that has happened since the El Explosion. Gloria notices Darkmoon staring off and asks her what it wrong. She felt a deep regret for having failed to protect the Moon El in Ara's village. Ignia comes to tell Darkmoon that there was little she alone could've done, then Ignia reflects on her own mistakes, having betrayed everybody and worked for the demons. Denif eases the Priestesses and tells them to look towards the future and what they choose to do next.

Anduran breaks the tension and asks the group if they would want to help her prepare her signature vegetable stew. The group agreed and Artea pondered if there were ingredients in the surrounding area. Ignia ecstatically jumped at the opportunity to help. Denif warns the group not to travel far, and Ignia reassures the Master.

Chapter 33: In the Demon Realm

After the El Search Party came back from Add's failed plan to use the Debrian Portal, the group called the El Masters and Priestesses when they arrived back in Elrianode to tell them about their hypothesis about the El. They came to a conclusion to try and investigate what they believed to be a seal underneath the El Tower, the priestesses and El Masters followed. Ignia in particular showed enthusiasm to venture down into the relative unknown, like an adventure. Reaching the ancient primordial seal, Denif requested the help of the priestesses to use their powers to pry a hole into the seal, just enough to let the El Search Party through before it closed back up.

Answer to Belief

After the El Search Party's departure into the Demon Realm, Ignia alongside the other priestesses returned to their duties to maintain the Fire El. Ignia overexerted herself during her work and passed out. After she awoke, she received a sever scolding by her mentors and was briefed about the new guests by the other priestesses. She wandered the grounds of Elrianode where she finds Laby lost in thought outside the tower. She talks with the mysterious girl but is surprised so see her not as lively as Anduran described. Laby asks if Ignia was worrying about something and Ignia speaks of her involvement with the demons, saying she still looks down on herself for her choices despite her peers accepting her, deciding to work extra hard in order to make up for her past. Seeing Laby and Gaia return to Elrianode, she has a hunch that the Fire Master will return soon, and she expresses a desire to train under him. Ignia console Laby that turn every struggle she faces into something to make her stronger. Laby feeling comfortable around Ignia tell her the truth about Nisha, the priestess was unsure what to make of it but felt Laby wasn't lying.

The following day, Ignia brings up what Laby said with the others in Elrianode. As a group they begin to discuss over Laby's past and the nature of Nisha. In the midst of their conversation, Ventus's Spirit Stone begins to react and everybody goes to open the seal underneath the Large El. Rosso and Ventus emerge from the seal, Artea greets the newly arrived Fire Master, who then asks if there was a Fire Priestess. Ignia introduces herself but Rosso quickly calls her crazy. He chastises her choice to try and control the Fire El and Ignia lashes back at the Fire Master. Rosso expresses her weakness and demands she leave now that he is here. Their argument escalates before Denif commands Gaia to break the fight as he drags the Fire Master to seek medical attention. Reflecting on what just happened, Ignia feel dejected about her first meeting with her idol but Ventus assures her things couldn't have gone any better based on Rosso personality. Ignia wonders how the first Fire Priestess dealt with him, Ventus stating she was just really good at ignoring anything nonessential Rosso said. Ignia wonders if she did anything wrong but both Ventus and Denif say she did fine.

You and I Are One

In the days following Ignia has largely gotten over her fight with the Fire Master. Artea asks if she had even talked to Rosso since but she was still contemplating what she should even do about it. Gloria comments that Ignia had not had to exert herself as much since the master's arrival which Ignia too had noticed. Sasha notes that the situation in Elrianode had almost completely stabilized and things have gotten easier, though Ignia says they shouldn't settle, especially with the El Search Party likely fighting for them as they speak. Artea tells Ignia she should make up with the Fire Master, Ignia is unsure of the idea when Laby then returns from her trip to the Forgotten Elrian Sanctum.

Meeting the El Search Party

When the El Search Party neared the seal to Elrianode, all the masters and priestesses were gathered to power the way. With herself and the Fire Master in one place, Ignia attempted to try and ease their relationship over by telling him not to push himself since it hadn't been long since he recovered. Rosso as his rash self, deflected the statement back at her, she expresses that was simply worried for him but Rosso boasts that he isn't weak like her. With the Henir realm acting more violent, Ignia concerns that the El may be affected which Gaia too agrees, but they couldn't afford to release the seal before the El Search Party returned. Laby jumps into the seal to aid the El Search Party but the realm shifted and the entire group was sucked into a fissure. The masters and priestess with no other options had to let go of the seal.

Chapter 43: Preparation

At around the same time the El Search Party all reunited back in Elrianode, Denif and the other present Masters met with the priestesses. At this meeting, Denif reveals to the priestesses the truth about the El Explosion, that is was Ebalon who caused the incident, as an agent of Henir's Order. Ignia wondered why it was that history only mentioned Solace and the El Lady. Denif tells her that they believed the world was not in a state to learn the truth, Ventus noting trust in the El Masters was already at an all time low that they essentially had to beg to make the Elemental El. Moving on to their current situation, Denif asks if Ventus had any new information about Henir's Order which he unfortunately did not. Artea was uncertain why the group would not make any significant actions till recently. Rosso brings up if they should inform the El Search Party which Denif decides against. Ignia is unsure of his decision, however Denif wished not to burden them with more than they need, choosing to continue their investigation separately.



  • Ignia will disappear from Lanox Village after completing the story quest Work for the Villagers.
  • Ignia's pose in Lanox Village resembles Battle Magician's default idle stance.
  • Ignia's name is a derivate of Ignis, which is Latin for "fire".

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 이그니아 Ignia
Japan イグニア Ignia
China (Simplified Chinese) 依格尼亚 Ignia

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