Tiny Spirit

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Full Name
Tiny Spirit
Voice Actors
Korean Flag.png 윤아영 (Yoon Ah-yeong)
I hope these strange things would stop happening.

~ Tiny Spirit


A small spirit from the Spirit Asylum, it acts as a guide for the El Search Party's exhibitions into the Tower of Howling Crimson Flames.


Chapter 34: Strange Phenomenon

Upon reaching the outer portion of Spirit Asylum, the El Search Party are quickly alerted by a cry for help. The Tiny Spirit was being attacked by another spirit but the El Search Party are soon to save him. He tells his saviors that something had happened recently that caused all of his friends to become hostile and attack him. To repay the group, he offers to guide them to Nephilim Lord.

After Nephilim Lord came to his senses and set the El Search Party on a mission to deal with the mysterious force emanating from the tower, the Tiny Spirit volunteers to help guide the group to the tower.

Chapter 35: Cradle of Sin

After directing the group towards the fields outside the Crimson Tower, he let the El Search Party proceed onwards while he waited behind, wishing for their safety.

When the El Search Party return having put an end to the Crimson Tower, Nephilim Lord agrees to help the El Search Party out. The Tiny Spirit comes up to them and directs them towards the Shadow Vein as the clue for them to find the Dark El.

Chapter 36: Lord of Crimson Eyes

While in the mines, the El Search Party find that the Tiny Spirit was under attack by the Dark Agate. Eun fall greatly suspicious of the spirit, as does Ciel. With no real reason to continue his ruse, the Tiny Spirit transforms, revealing that he was the Red-Demon King Stirbargen the whole time.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 작은 정령 Small Spirit
Japanese Flag.png Japan 小さい精霊 Small Spirit
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 小元素精灵 Small Elemental Spirit
American Flag.png North America Small Spirit (Story Quests before 08/22/2018)
French Flag.png France Petit esprit Small Spirit

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