Ancient Nasod Princess Apple

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Information: This page features an Epic NPC, they are not playable nor can they be unlocked. More info can be found here.
Ancient Nasod Princess
Full Name
Code Empress
2nd Generation
Ancient Nasod Princess
"-- Analyzing Data –

"Hi~ I am the Ancient Nasod Princess, Apple!! I only fight if I have to~"

Ancient Nasod Princess Apple


Apple is the Ancient Nasod Princess that has been asleep for centuries but was awakened by King Nasod. Apple is very gentle and intelligent. She was quietly hiding at Altera Core until it was time to come out. However, the Ancient Nasod Code: Q-PROTO_00 was not able to rest due to the El's explosion. Now, Code: Q-PROTO_00 is aware of Apple's existence and is headed to Altera Core. Apple intends to use all of the power remaining from the El and use it against Code: Q-PROTO_00 to modify and control her code. Apple seeks to gain more of the Elstone's power but realizes that Colonel Edan, the Bloody Officer, holds the power of El. She now hopes to use the modified Q-PROTO_00 to attack him.

Combo Modifications

Apple's in-game model

Apple has access to all of Code Empress's combos, including the old combo ZZZvZZ, which was deleted in 05/29/2014 KR patch.


Class: Code: Empress


Difficulty: ★★★☆☆


Icon (KR) Icon (NA) Title Discovery Obtain Stats
Ancient History Kill Nasod Princess Apple (Code Empress Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Apple 10 times in PVP Magical Attack +200
Active Skill Damage +20%
Action Speed +1%
7% chance of Super Armor activating for 1 second when attacked (Dungeon)


Icon Skill Type Cooldown Description Special Effects
Increased Mana Regeneration Passive N/A Like all NPCs, Apple benefits from a heightened mana regeneration rate. All NPCs will have an extremely fast passive mana regeneration rate, and will also receive bonus MP when either hitting or being hit by players. Because of this passive, NPC skills are bound only by cooldown and not by their MP cost. Furthermore, NPCs can mana break combos at virtually any time.
Awakening Passive N/A Apple can activate Awakening under 50% HP. Apple's awakening significantly improves the damage of Heaven's Fist and Space Wrench.
Powerful Mana Conversion Active 13 Seconds Apple points her fingers upwards, replenishing her MP. Unlike the usual Mana Conversion, Apple does not consume any HP when using this skill. Apple has super armor for the entire duration of the skill.
Charon Guard Active 5 Seconds Apple calls on Charon who prevents opponents from attacking her from behind by generating a barrier which knocks them away should they come into contact with it. Has a duration of 6 seconds.
Spitfire Active 7 Seconds Apple summons Persephone to discharge pink lightning in a large range around her, stunning anyone caught in her loop. A direct copy of Code Empress' Spitfire.
Mega Electron Ball Active 6 Seconds Apple shoots a powerful Electron Ball in front of her. Unlike the regular Mega Electron Ball, Apple does not need to charge this skill before using it.
Assault Spear - Burster Special Active 13 Seconds Apple summons Charon and Persephone to hurl a gigantic spear at the ground, exploding upon impact. Apple does not have any delay after using the skill, permitting her to combo afterwards easily. One of Apple's rarer skills.
Space Wrench Special Active 15 Seconds Apple summons Charon to cast a horizontal shockwave that drags opponents through the air. A direct copy of Code Architecture's Space Wrench.
Heaven's Fist - Pressure Special Active 20 Seconds Apple summons a giant Nasod Fist from the air, smashing all opponents with gigantic force and stunning them. However this fist drops down where ever the target is. Like Code Architecture, Heaven's Fist gains significantly more damage when Apple is in awakening.
Electronic Field Special Active 10 Seconds Apple summons Persephone to cast an electrical magic sphere, continuously damaging enemies caught within it, with a bursting finisher as the final blow. A direct copy of Code Architecture's Electronic Field. Does not summon.


Icon Equipment Type Where to obtain Modifications
Layered Cut Digital Volume Permed Hair (Eve) Costume Hair Cash Shop Recolored pink hair.
Bride's Top Piece (Eve) Costume Top Piece Cash Shop Recolored to pink trims.
Eve's Summer Casual Bottom Piece (Eve) Costume Bottom Piece Cash Shop Recolored pink dress.
Princess Idol Sandals (Eve) Costume Shoes Cash Shop No modifications added.
Eve's Promotional Drone (Eve) Costume Weapon Promotional Item No modifications added.


Apple poses little threat. While she has increased attack speed, she has difficulty catching players that alternate between platforms. She also likes to spam Energy Contract for no reason. She doesn't have a Roar either. Catch her with ranged attacks and punish her. When paired with another Epic NPC however, be wary of being "sniped" by Heaven's Fist, as although it is nerfed, it can and will finish you off if you are low on HP. For this reason, kills are much more guaranteed if you go after her rather than be sniped by her while mid-killing the other NPC.




  • Apple's Assistant, a pink version of Oberon, is called "Charon".
  • Apple's (and Code Q-PROTO_00) awakening was influenced by Eve's awakening.
    • In the ancient Nasod era, Apple was a princess under the rule of Eve.
  • Realizing that Q-PROTO_00 was now active, Apple realized that she had to gain control over this terrifying machine. While she was successful in utilizing the Core's power to do so, the resulting attempt destroys the entire core.
  • However, her control over Q-PROTO_00 is extremely unstable. Fearing another loss of control and an unstoppable rampage, Apple joins the arena, bringing Q-PROTO_00 with her in an attempt to seek out Edan.
    • Edan possesses the purest contract of blood, another form of El Energy.
    • Apple intends to use Q-PROTO_00 to subdue Edan in an attempt to utilize the contract of blood to stabilize Q-PROTO_00 once and for all.
  • Apple wrote the skill notes Quick and Powerful!, Breaking In I, and Dual Auto Reaction.
  • Apple is one of the few Epic NPCs to have their own dialogue portraits, which are seen from events only.
    • Apple is the only one to have up to three type of portraits: one with her in normal clothing, one as a Miss Elrios contestant, and one as the winner of the Miss Elrios pageant.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 나소드 공주 애플 Nasod Princess Apple
Japan 古代のナソードプリンセス アップル Ancient Nasod Princess Apple
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 納斯德公主蘋果 Nasod Princess Apple
China (Simplified Chinese) 古代纳斯德公主 苹果 Ancient Nasod Princess Apple
France Victoria, antique princesse nasod Ancient Nasod Princess Victoria

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