Red Knight Captain Penensio

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Red Knight Captain
Full Name
Red Knight Captain

Red Knight Captain Penensio

Penensio is the leader of the Red Knight army in Hamel and is a skilled Rune Slayer who can summon and combine elemental magic with his runes in order to inflict status effects on his victims and constantly pressure them.

Combo Modifications

Penensio's in-game model

Penensio has access to all of the Rune Slayer combos.


Class: Mini Icon - Rune Slayer.png Rune Slayer

Rank: RankS3.png

Difficulty: ★★★★☆


Icon Title Discovery Obtain Stats
Title 20170.png Centurion Kill Red Knight Captain Penensio once in PvP Kill Penensio 25 times in PvP Physical Attack +200
Magical Attack +200
Physical Defense +100
Magical Defense +100
2% chance of Double Attack (not including special actives)


Icon Skill Type Cooldown Description Special Effects
AishaS5.png Increased Mana Regeneration Passive N/A Like all NPCs, Penensio benefits from a heightened mana regeneration rate (3.5 MP/s). All NPCs will have an extremely fast passive mana regeneration rate, and will also receive bonus MP when either hitting or being hit by players. Because of this passive, NPC skills are bound only by cooldown and not by their MP cost. Furthermore, NPCs can mana break combos at virtually any time.
SI PANDEMONIUM.png Awakening Passive N/A Penensio can activate Awakening under 40% HP.
RPassive5.png Counter Chance Passive N/A When Penensio falls down, he can tap X to sweep his sword in a broad sweeping motion that does not knock down. Penensio will use this skill while you are close by after every knock down; be careful, because he has extremely high attack speed and can activate his counter chance very quickly.
SI IRONHOWLING.png Roar Special Active 15 Seconds Penensio unleashes a mighty sword aura that manifests itself as a colorless aura that rapidly travels across the entire map. This skill will instantly take away 33% of your HP and 400 MP upon contact. Will hit the entire map, but can be dodged with a well-timed special active. Penensio will only use this skill if you have been outside of his vision for a long time (prevents charging MP off-screen).
ElSkill13i.png Explosive Fist Active 6 Seconds Penensio punches his opponent, planting a fiery explosion in his victim that detonates as he pulls back. Penensio's Explosive Fist cannot burn your MP.
Heat Rune.png Fire Rune Active 7 Seconds Penensio summons a large fiery rune that persists on the field for about 10 seconds. Contact with the rune will deal DOT damage and burn opponents. This rune does not hitstun. Leaves you Status 071.png Enemy DebuffBurnedEnemy DebuffBurned for 5 seconds.
Freeze Rune.png Ice Rune Active 10 Seconds Penensio summons a large ice-elemental rune that persists on the field for about 10 seconds. Contact with the rune will deal DOT damage and cast Frostbite upon opponents. This rune stuns upon contact. Leaves you Status 094.png Enemy DebuffColdEnemy DebuffCold for 5 seconds.
BR.png Light Rune Active 12 Seconds Penensio summons a large light-elemental rune that stays on his body for about 10 seconds. Contact with the rune will deal DOT damage. This rune can be destroyed by hits, but deals damage back to anyone who hits it. This rune does not stun upon contact.
ElSkill12.png Kick Active 10 Seconds Penensio side-kicks his opponent, reducing their KD. Reduces KD by 50.
ElSkill4.png Counter Attack Active N/A Penensio readies his sword as a shield for a counterattack, launching his opponent into the air upon successful contact. Has a 100% chance of launching opponents.
ElSkill4i.png Splash Explosion Special Active 7 Seconds Penensio summons a rune in front of him, and then explodes it, launching enemies into the air.
SI Lunablade NEW.png Luna Blade Special Active 10 Seconds Penensio summons a giant magical blade above him, crashing it down. Deals significant damage; unlike Elsword's Luna Blade, Penensio's Luna Blade will reduce MP by 50%.
ElSkill15.png Storm Blade Special Active 30 Seconds Penensio summons a swarm of rotating blades around him, continuously dealing heavy damage to anyone caught in the attack. You can use mana break in Penensio's Storm Blade.


First off, Penensio is a known runner. He will run away if you damage more than 75% of his health, and he likes to spam elemental runes so he can combo you. He loves to do the XZ loop, and often ends it with XZZ. He also tends to use Storm Blade if you are in the corner. The best way to deal with him is to mana break if he uses Storm Blade, and to catch him in the air if he tries to run away. If he uses the elemental runes, use ranged attacks if possible to hit him.

Favorite Skills: Penensio likes to use Storm Blade and Counter Attack. He also likes to use Ice Rune when his opponent is at the middle. Usually he loses because of time finish/spam.



  • Penensio is an extremely serious person who subscribes to the theory that Rune Slayers should use elemental runes. After Ran's attack upon Hamel, he realized his weaknesses and joins the Arena as a means of training.
  • The ability to use Elemental Runes was an ability exclusive to Penensio before it was added to Rune Slayer.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 붉은기사단 십부장 페넨시오 Red Knight Chief Penensio
Japanese Flag.png Japan 下級将校 フェネンシオ Junior Officer Fenensio
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 紅色騎士團十字隊長 潘恩西歐 Red Knight Cross Guard Penensio
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 红色骑士团十夫长 范恩西欧 Red Knight Chief Penensio
French Flag.png France Penentio, chef des chevaliers pourpres Crimson Knight Chief Penensio

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