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Earth Priestess
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Full Name
Earth Priestess
Voice Actors
정미숙 (Jeong Misook)
Knowledge, I believe, is the greatest strength of human kind.

~ Artea


The Priestess of the Earth El originally based in Velder. She was kidnapped during the Demon's invasion of the Captial and was taken to Lanox under orders of Scar. Artea is rescued after the fight against Traitor Ignia in Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land.


Chapter 10: Velder is in danger

During the Demon invasion of Velder, demons poured out of the Earth El. Caught by surprised, the Demons successfully took siege of the palace from the inside. Among those demons, Scar, the General of the Dark-eyed Army sent his commanders Jin and In to retrieve the Earth Priestess. While Chloe and her troops took Velder, the demon twins fled with the priestess and headed to Lanox. Since then she was under the control of Scar. Artea was used to help in Scar's plans to build the Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land. With her control over the Earth El, she broke through the earth to build the large chasm while Ignia wore off anybody trying to go to the Fire Temple.

Chapter 19: A Broken World

Her role in the the creation of the Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land complete. Scar imprisoned the Earth Priestess deep inside the Fire Temple. The El Search Party tried to rescue Artea but before they could reach her, the cavern she was held in began to collapse. Fortunately Ignia came to the rescue and saved Artea. Once the Earth Priestess regained consciousness, she apologizes for her part in reviving the Demon God Sult, and she guides the El Search Party to the chasm where Scar's final plans were taking place. After the Demon General's defeat and the El Lady having sealed away Sult, Artea is left wondering about the El Lady's passing words, "The one who is free from El." she wonders if the El Lady has abandoned Elrios.

Chapter 20: Prophetic Mission

With all the El Priestesses gathered in Lanox, Elsword asks who exactly is the El Lady. Artea explains that the El Lady is the representative of the Goddess. Elsword also asks what Solace's title "Master of the Sun" even means. Artea explains that the El Masters are powerful Ellians who serve the El Lady, like a high priest. She along with the other Priestesses planned to go the Abyssal Ruins in the Distant Ruins to complete their prophecy. Once Sdeing had finished crafting heatproof armor for all the Priestess, Artea mentioned that she felt her's was too tight around the chest area, to Ignia's irritation. Once they finally reached the Abyssal Ruins, they performed their ritual which opened a pillar of light leading to the El Lady. As the group stepped through the gateway, just before Elsword departed, Artea called out for him. Telling Elsword to believe in himself and his friends before his disappeared into the light. With the ruins falling silent, the El Priestesses would make their separate ways back to their El, to protect it and pray from Elsword and his friends' safety.

Chapter 27: The Boy and the El

After Elsword chose to sacrifice himself to restore the El, the Earth El that Artea protected suddenly combined back with the other El in order to reform the original large El. Artea as well as the other Priestesses were all teleported to where the El combined, the newly reawakened city of Elrianode. There, Artea met with the Master of Water, Denif who had also just awaken with the city. She informed the El Master of what had gone on in Elrios over during his slumber. She told him about the El Search Party and how they had protected the Priestesses and the world.

When the El Search Party finally arrived to Elrianode, they were greeted as intruders by Denif, however Artea stepped in to tell him that the group were the heroes she had spoken about. She explained to the El Search Party that the El shards they protected had combined and they were transported here to Elrianode.

Chapter 29: Invasion of the Order

When Ain and Denif were speaking about the Henir's Order, Artea grew curious having never heard of the group in Elrios after the El Explosion. She observes the mysterious objects the El Search Party found in the Water Dragon Sanctum but cannot fathom how it has the power to transform humans into abominations of Henir. Denif replied that he too did not know and required the help of someone with potential expertise in the matter. The El Search Party soon realized that Glave was a suitable person to ask about the orb.

When the El Search Party brought back information about the device, the Seed of Life, Artea grew ever wary of the object, especially learning the news that it was tinkered with suggestion that object has even more dangerous potential then what they've seen.

Chapter 31: Interdimensional Colossus and...

When the El Search Party returned from the Debrian Laboratory, Lu told Denif about the Primal El and how the Dark El is a mirror of Elrios's El. Artea believes the group, reasoning that the Dark El must have been made with the Demon World, and seeing how the Demon World was created in response to Elrios, it only made sense.

Solace and Hernia arrived in response to the treat of an all out war for the El Tower. Hernia insisted on sacrificing herself to the El to keep is stable, however Denif insisted she now and all the El Priestesses arrived to convince her out of her plan. Artea explains that all the Priestesses have been training for generations for the day to protect the El. Artea reminds Hernia that she has selected the very first Priestesses to teach the ways of maintaining the El, while they were not able to perform their duties before the El Explosion. They had done everything they could in the aftermath, maintaining the El which the El Masters had left behind. They predecessors were not able to stop the need for the El Lady's sacrifice in the past but now, Hernia can trust them and does not have to deal with it on her own. Hernia realizes she had been blinded by her duties that she had ignored those around her that wanted to help. Hernia thanks the El Priestesses for making her realize her error. The Masters, Priestesses, and El Lady all prepare themselves for their duty to protect the El as Henir monsters soon begin to swarm the El Tower.

When Hennon turned into the Interdimensional Colossus, Denif called for everybody in the El Tower to help him place up a barrier. Using their power, they manage to surround the El Tower in a protective barrier to prevent monsters and the colossus from doing harm to it, and the El.

When the Interdimensional Colossus had been slayed by the El Search Party, things began to become more quite at the monster stopped attacking. The Masters and Priestesses were able to let down the barrier and the threat facing Elrianode had dissipated. Ventus thanks the Priestesses in his flirtatious way which makes Artea uncomfortable before Denif steps in to scold Ventus. Denif and Ventus both believed that the El Lady should not be bound by her duty as the sole protector of the El, the El Priestesses took on the role in the El Lady's place, stabilizing the El as a group.

Chapter 32: Recuperation

After the El Search Party left, Artea expresses a sense of guilt for letting the El Search Party help them so much. Denif assures Artea that they each have a role to play, and that theirs is to help keep the El stable. The group begin to talk about the past and everything since the El Explosion. Gloria notices Darkmoon staring off and asks her what it wrong. She felt a deep regret for having failed to protect the Moon El in Ara's village. Artea tells Darkmoon that even she was unable to protect the Earth El even though she tried her best. Denif eases the Priestesses and tells them to look towards the future and what they choose to do next.

Anduran breaks the tension and asks the group if they would want to help her prepare her signature vegetable stew. The group agreed and Artea pondered if there were ingredients in the surrounding area, Ignia jumped at the opportunity to help out Artea to look for ingredients. Before leaving, Artea had something to ask Master Denif.

Chapter 33: In the Demon Realm

After the El Search Party came back from Add's failed plan to use the Debrian Portal, the group called the El Masters and Priestesses when they arrived back in Elrianode to tell them about their hypothesis about the El. Going over the Demon Invasion of Velder, the group suspected the Earth El was key. Ventus noted that it would obviously be a source of much power, Artea suggesting that it may have been their strategic target, however in the end, the group came to the conclusion that the El must be something that ties and restricts movement between worlds. They came to a conclusion to try and investigate what they believed to be a seal underneath the El Tower, the priestesses and El Masters followed. Reaching the ancient primordial seal, Denif requested the help of the priestesses to use their powers to pry a hole into the seal, just enough to let the El Search Party through before it closed back up.

Sage of Fluone

When Gaia arrived in Elrianode holding Laby, under Denif's instruction, Artea, Gloria, and Darkmoon took Laby to seek healing. Gaia wonder who they girls were, Atrea introduces herself and the other priestesses before going off with Laby. Artea stood back as Darkmoon started to heal Laby, but the girl appeared to have already healed from her injuries and woke up. Laby was wondering where her teacher was, Artea reveals to her that her teacher was the El Master Bellonde Gaia. Artea informs the girl of Denif, who Laby pieces together is her teacher's teacher before bolting off.

When Denif conversed with Laby, he called upon the other priestesses to also hear the girl out. After hearing the girl's story, Artea and the others speculated the three mornings Laby mentioned were the three major events tied to the El. Sasha wonders why the girl may have been tied to the forest prior to the El being shattered, Artea speculating that perhaps the additional variable of Elsword may have changed things. When the group began to discuss Laby's nature, Laby mentioned Calonne and that he was a demon. Artea was surprised to learn the girl had met a demon before. Gloria begins to enter state of shock at the news, Artea tries to comfort the priestess. The priestess reflect that all demons aren't necessarily bad and Denif eventually tells them to rest.

Answer to Belief

After Laby decided to admit the truth about Nisha to everybody, the nature of the girl became even more confusing. Denif brings up the theory she might have come through a fissure from the Demon Realm, Artea bringing up their recent theory that the El is designed to separate the two realms. Gaia wonders if they're placing too much burden on the El Search Party, Darkmoon informs him that Elesis was the next El Lady and Artea brings up that they all wish to end the cycle of sacrifice. Sasha alerts everybody the Spirit Stone is reacting and they all go to undo the seal. Ventus and Rosso emerge, Artea formally greets the newly returned Fire Master. Rosso asks for the Fire Priestess, he and Ignia soon find themselves in an argument. Artea wonders if they should intervene, causing Denif to get Gaia to take Rosso away to get his wounds tended to.

You and I Are One

Some time later after Ignia's feud with Rosso, Artea ponders if the Fire Priestesses had yet to make any attempt to reconcile with the Fire Master. Ignia being reluctant and not sure what to make of it. Artea persists that she needs to make amends with him if they want to move forwards. Ignia was soon to rebut the idea but Laby returned from her trip to the Forgotten Elrian Sanctum. Artea notices the girl appeared satisfied with whatever she aimed to do there.

Meeting the El Search Party

When the El Search Party neared Elrianode all the master and priestesses went to undo the seal to allow them back to Elrios. When they did so, things were in chaos as Henir's realm had descended into disarray. Artea notices the monsters attempted to swam the gap they made, which put everybody into a tight position. Nobody could move from their spot except Laby who volunteers to aid the El Search Party. Denif agrees and the girl jumps in, she does stop the monsters from swarming into Elrianode but the realm shifts, causing she and the El Search Party to fall into a fissure.

Chapter 43: Preparation

At around the same time the El Search Party all reunited back in Elrianode, Denif and the other present Masters met with the priestesses. At this meeting, Denif reveals to the priestesses the truth about the El Explosion, that is was Ebalon who caused the incident, as an agent of Henir's Order. Ignia wondered why it was that history only mentioned Solace and the El Lady. Denif tells her that they believed the world was not in a state to learn the truth, Ventus noting trust in the El Masters was already at an all time low that they essentially had to beg to make the Elemental El. Moving on to their current situation, Denif asks if Ventus had any new information about Henir's Order which he unfortunately did not. Artea was uncertain why the group would not make any significant actions till recently. Rosso brings up if they should inform the El Search Party which Denif decides against, choosing to continue their investigation separately.

Everyone's Reason

Artea alongside Gaia were helping the Landars set up camp in Elrianode due to Ventus's sudden abandonment of his instructed duty. However once the Wind Master returned with Noah, Denif gathered the Masters and Darkmoon for a meeting. He tasks Artea to continue aiding the Landars, and asked her to seek aid from Sasha once she was made available.

The One Hidden

When Noah regained all of his memories, he told all the Masters and Priestess what he'd learned. The revelation of Henir's Order seeking to free some entity they believed was in the El caught Artea's attention, asking Denif if he knew of such a thing which the Master was too puzzled about. The masters suspected that that motive may have been why they suddenly appeared in Elrianode when the El was restored, though Ventus and Artea both noticed their actions appeared to be more spontaneous than one that was orchestrated.



Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 아르테아 Artea
Japan アルテア Artea
China (Simplified Chinese) 阿尔蒂亚 Artea
France Artéa Artea

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