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Full Name
Vasili, Vasha
Dream Demon

~ Vasili


An Incubus and one of Karis's generals during her conquest of the Sander region.


Torta Gang

In the past, Vasili used to be a member of the Torta Gang sect of Dream Demons. During this time, Vasilli was among the gang's savage hunters. Though he's since left his history with the gang behind, he bears many ill feelings towards his past.

Succubus Queen Karis

At some point, Vasili decided to leave the Torta Gang and joined to serve a new Dream Demon Queen, Karis. In Karis's pursuits to amass her own army of Dream Demons, Vasili's prior history with the Torta Gang provided him connections with Iccus who'd sustained varying facial injuries and were no longer of use to the Torta Gang, recruiting them under the allegiance of Karis. Under Karis, he stood ranked as an Incoolord and was among Karis's closest commanders alongside Diana, ranked an Erilot.

Chapter 16: Dreaming Wind

Working under the banner of the Red-Demon Army, Karis took a direct part in the plot to kidnap the El Priestesses. While she was busy with these operations, Vasili was in charge of much of the other organizational roles in managing the Dream Demons.

When it came time to unleash the Behemoth of Sander in a full scale attack, Vasili was among many in the direct line of battle, both during the air assault by the Sandtilus as well as a final line of defense within the Heart of Behemoth. Though ultimately, they were defeated by the El Search Party and their Queen, Karis was killed. Vasili and Diana fled back to the Demon Realm with the remainder of their forces after the battle was lost.

Invasion Aftermath

After the failure of their invasion in Elrios, the Dream Demons continued to serve under Ran for a time, however orders began to dwindle till Aren, still masking as Ran who'd at this point abandoned him, dissolved the Red-Demon Army. Victoria rose up and received the blessing to reorganize the Dream Demons, becoming their new Queen. Under her rule, she reorganized the Dream Demons and founded the village of Magmelia in the Tirnog region, and entertainment hub in the Demon Realm. Vasili became one of her close managers who was also in charge of the village's finances.

Chapter 49: Village of Demons of Dreams

Vasili encounters the El Search Party again as they pass through Magmelia. Encountering Rena, Ara, and Ain in the amusement park's rose garden. Rena asked the Dream Demon, whom they'd not recognized and he acted to not recognize in return, about the status of the Red-Demon Army which Vasili fills them in about their dissolution and reorganization.

Later on, he reconvened with Diana frantic that the humans who'd defeated them in Sander had strolled up to their domain. Diana seemed mostly indifferent about their sudden presence but Vasili urges they strike in revenge, and to prevent a potential incident in their new home. Diana is initially reluctant, but devises a ploy to not to strike them down, but coerce them into becoming Dream Demons. She decides to relay her plan to Queen Victoria while distracting the El Search Party in order to make preparations.

Chapter 51: Strange Theater

The El Search Party ended up trapped in the Puppet Theater after their encounter with Mr. Hat and were forced to view and partake in a play retelling the invasion of Sander, Vasili and Diana played their parts in the play till the El Search Party managed to break free and stormed the stage. Vasili and Diana flee and have the Puppet Master distract the El Search Party.

Chapter 52: Queen's Concert

As Victoria's concert begins, Diana reveals to the El Search Party their intent to have them become Dream Demons through Victoria's ritual. Aisha is surprised by this revelation, Diana begins to feel nostalgic about when she'd first became a Dream Demon, reminiscing with Vasili who quickly corrects her that he'd not even been born yet at that time. He goes on to explain that they'll be resurrected as Dream Demons, with their old lives wiped away and ready to begin their second life.

After Victoria decided to cancel the ritual, they decided to rock on till morning. The El Search Party inspect themselves as the concert ended and the crowd started to leave, to make sure they'd not been duped. Diana assures them they were fine, Victoria tells them turning them over would've been fairly mute, Vasili goes on to note that some of those who Awaken with their previous memories in tact, still pursue their prior ambitions even in their new life. Diana expresses some disappointment they didn't go through with turning them, though Rena is still a tad unnerved they'd been put through the whole ordeal, which Diana deflects onto Vasili.

Victoria informs them of what she knew about Ran's current situation and Diana points them toward the path leading to the Shadow Earl's Castle and Vasili is instructed to lead the the way.

Chapter 55: To Abyss

While the El Search Party were at the Shadow Earl's Castle, Stirbargen arrived in Magmelia and the leaders convened to discuss the recently appeared Abyss. Vasili volunteers to go in alone. Soon the El Search Party return with their own warning of the Abyss. Vasili thanks them, though they were already well aware, and laments they could not deal with the Abyss while it was its early stages.

The El Search Party seek a way to reach their next destination and Vasili helps them decide on a path. Though all the detours were very out of the way and went directly into the territories of other Dream Demon factions. Out of options and learning from Tir that Ran was likely to be in the Abyss seeking power, Vasili suggests they help to stop Ran and he is tasked as their guide by Tir.

On the way to the Abyss, Vasili explains that destroying the Heart Core would collapse the Abyss, but this is usually done when the Abyss is quite small. He also states he is doing this to protect his own kin first and foremost. He find the El Search Party's altruism quite naïve, but looking upon the group and their strength, causes him to reconsider things. Reaching the Abyss, Vasili decides he would scout ahead and leave a trail for them to follow, as well as giving them fair warning to not stop anything in their way.

Chapter 58: Backtracking Guide

As Vasili delved deeper and deeper into the Abyss, upon reaching the chamber of the Heart Core, upon intruding, Ran unleased demonic energy which overwhelmed him and turned Vasili violent and manic. Half of the El Search Party encounter Vasili in this violent state, rambling delusions from his time in the Torta Gang, targeting the El Search Party as his prey. Diana called out to Vasili through the a stuffed bunny Mr. Hat has left in Add's possession. Diana calls out to Vasili, reminding him of his duty and the village he went to the Abyss to save. Vasili tries to break free but a surge of power forces everybody into a state of slumber and he absorbs all their nightmares. Diana comforts the demon in his slumber, freeing him from its grasp.

Chapter 58-1: Gathered Again

Vasili coming to tells them that he was overwhelmed upon opening the door to the Abyss's core. The El Search Party all reconvene at the door of the Abyss's core. Vasili uses the little energy he has to open the door again for the El Search Party to get through.

Chapter 60: Collapsing Abyss

After causing Ran to become unstable, the El Search Party approached the door of the Abyss's core where Vasili opened the way for them, to their surprise. The act used the last of his strength and caused the Dream Demon to collapsed, barely holding on to his consciousness. The El Search Party carry him up near to the top where some of the other Dream Demons went down to meet them. Raven passes Vasili over to tells them to flee. The El Search Party follow close behind with Ara and Aren stick around to ensure Ran doesn't escape. Once on the surface, Vasili falls completely unconscious from his exhaustion.

Chapter 61: Suspicious Invite

After the situation with the Abyss was resolved, life returned back to a state of relative normality for the Dream Demons of Tirnog. However, all was not well, the mass exodus of people due to the appearance of the Abyss had resulted in a large blow to Magmelia's finances and Vasili fell in to a deep gloom looking at the village's account books.

When the El Search Party received two invitations from the adjacent Dream Demon territories, he review the invitation with the El Search Party. He asks Diana about the Queen of Gold, Medovine, but Diana only knew that all her Dream Demon servants had been evacuated due to the Abyss's appearance.

Chapter 62: Queen of Gold Medovine

Listening through the painting frame on their end, Vasili and the others kept track of the El Search Party. When things sounded like they were getting bad, they activated the painting, pulling the group through the frame and back to Magmelia.

Chapter 62-1: Story of the Past

When Ain relays what they'd learned about the contamination plaguing the Land of Steel spreading, Vasili was surprised the others weren't aware of its presence, prompting everybody to seek Lu for information about her land.

After hearing Lu's story, Rena decides to take some initiative in their search for the Dark El and requests Vasili for any books related to legends related to gems. Diana decides to help them and scour the books them have on hand.

As the El Search Party plan their next stop, they decide to take the other invitation they were given, the one from the Torta Gang. Vasili urges against getting involved with that group. Raven steps up, feeling an inexplicable urge to confront the Torta King. Vasili and Diana deduce that the Torta King must've been using his Dream Demon powers to pry into Raven's head. Rose asks for a guide to the Torta lands, Vasili conveniently declines to attend to other matters.



  • When Vasili is serious, his scleras turn black.
  • He calls Diana by her nickname, "Yana".
  • Between the [Village] Entrance of the Abyss and Descent into the Abyss story quests, Vasili will not be present in Magmelia, replaced with the NPC Chief Betty.
  • During the events of Sander, Incoolord was a high ranking lord of the demon realm but fell for Karis and ended up serving her. He proudly wore the lock-like accessory that Karis gave him as a present. Although he became Karis's subordinate, because she became so busy with all the kidnapping the Priestess and other businesses, Incoolord ended up with a lot of work to get done himself at the back. As a result of this, the black circles under his eyes got darker.

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