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Bethma Village's Accessory Shop
Full Name
Bethma Village's Accessory Shop
Voice Actors
김광국 (Kim Gwang-guk)
宮野 真守 (Miyano Mamoru)
Welcome to Richian's, which is like a flower of beauty amid a desert of dreariness.

~ Richian


The misunderstood, purple-haired, Bethma accessory shop proprietor, Richian is one of Luichel's business rivals – mostly because he has great conversational skills and is a workaholic. He also owns Richie Mine, which his father passed down to him.


Richie Mines

Richian is a local accessory shop owner and younger brother of Sander's Rosean. He was given the deed to Richie Mines from his father, but the place was closed down due to the shaft being deemed unsafe and crumbling.

Chapter 3: The Uprising Problem of Bethma

When the El Search Party arrived in Bethma, Richian was seeking audience with Stella, filing a complaint about suspicious sounds coming from his family's mine. Though with the sudden uprising of the Lizardman Tribe, Stella had to prioritize that over Richian's complaint. The El Search Party too were seeking to check out the mines, but entry was denied so long as the Lizardman made traversing through Bethma Valley unsafe.

Chapter 4: Wally's Whereabouts

After the problems with the Lizardman Tribe were resolved, the El Search Party met up with Richian to check out the mines. The owner explains that the mines had since been abandoned due to safety concerns however, recently there was been inexplicable noises despite nobody having recently entered nor exited the area. He tasks the group with investigating the anomaly for him. The group discover Wally's Nasods excavating the area as well as the Lord's Airship docked at the edge of Bethma. The group report their findings to Richian, who in his own time found a document from Wally request use of the Mines, which he has previously refused, evidence of Wally's involvement, though the El Search Party had already seen first hand for themselves.

With the knowledge of Wally's Airship, Richian refers the group to the town's blacksmith, Toma to aid them. The man cheers them on from the sidelines.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 리치앙 Richian
Japan リチャン Richian
China (Simplified Chinese) 瑞奇杨 Richian
Germany Richard
Spain Richard
France Richard
Italy Richard
Poland Richard

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