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Velder Village's Alchemist
Full Name
(Original) Human
(Current) Dog
Velder Village's Alchemist
Voice Actors
이호산 Lee Ho-San
釘宮 理恵 (Kugimiya Rie)
For a man, what's important is who he is inside... Don't judge a man by his looks.

~ Grail


A master of biology and herbology, Grail was once a man who wears round glasses. An unfortunate accident during an extreme experiment resulted in him being fused with his dog. Others see him as a dog that talks with a man's deep voice and walks with 2 legs.


Working under Vapor

At one point in time, Grail was a disciple of Sander's alchemist Vapor. After an unfortunate experiment, Grail had his body changed to that of a dog.

Chapter 11: Kingdom in captivity

Noel, having been confronted with Crazy Puppet in Burning Hope Bridge, requested the help of Grail in discovering the puppet's weakness. Grail points out that Crazy Puppet must have hid its soul inside one of the many puppets it is able to summon. Eve compliment Grail with puppy talk, much to his annoyance. Once the group were able to gain access to Commercial Area 1, Grail warns the soldiers of Spriggan that despite his small frame, Spriggan hides a truly fearsome demon inside. Using the alchemist materials that the El Search Party were able to recover from the Glitter Alchemists, Grail concluded that the Glitters were using a volatile concoction to turn their soldiers into restless killer puppets. While giving his explanations, he would sip his tea very loudly, annoying everybody. He suggests the El Search Party recover an Elixir to dispel the demons potions. With the demon forces weakened, the Velder soldiers made their way to Southern Gate, where the El Search Party confront Dark Nephilim. Grail states that the demon could only be summoned by high ranking demons and as long as Chloe has a means of summoning Dark Nephilim, she can summon as many of them as she wants. He tells the El Search Party that they must take her medium away.

Chapter 32: Recuperation

Ever since Velder was reclaimed from the demons, Grail had been studying the El energy wavelengths, especially after the Earth El's powers had suddenly been drained. While studying the wavelengths, Grail came upon a message from the Earth Priestess Artea herself. He learned that she was with the other priestesses and the El Search Party. Delighted to hear new of the missing priestess, Grail informs Vanessa of the news. Hearing the news, Vanessa is certain that something big must be going on, but feels relieved that the priestess is in a safe place.


Main Article: Alchemist/Crafting

"I was once the famous alchemist of Velder, you know."

Grilled Meat
Grilled Meat Craft Success Rate ED Cost Craft Results
100% 2,400 ED Single Result
Required Materials
Whole Grain Flour x2 Ruve Herb x2 Glitters' Food Supply x1 N/A
Crafting Result
Grilled Meat N/A N/A N/A
Magic Herbal Juice
Magic Herbal Juice Craft Success Rate ED Cost Craft Results
100% 2,400 ED Single Result
Required Materials
Aqua x2 Stella's Powder Mix x2 Toxic Herb x1 N/A
Crafting Result
Magic Herbal Juice N/A N/A N/A


  • Grail wrote the skill notes Fatal Strike and Tranquility.
  • Grail was at one point an assistant to Sander's alchemist Vapor.
  • On Grail's cup, text reading "HUMANISM" can be seen.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 그레일 Grail
Japan グレイル Grail
China (Simplified Chinese) 格雷尔 Grail
Germany Gral
Spain Geral Grail
France Graoul Grail
Poland Gral
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