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Full Name
Mathias (Mathi)
I'm gonna show the world that you don't have to be a Landar to be a genius magician!

~ Mathi


The son of a fisherman family who demonstrated promising magical talent, a rival to Aisha, and a childhood friend of Lithia. He became an apprentice under the magician Linda.



When Mathi was a child, he was discovered to have an affinity toward magic, and was eventually recruited as an apprentice by Linda, of the Landar Family. Though he was comparatively gifted, his talents lacked compared to other star members of the Landars, such as Aisha, fueling a desperate competition from the boy.

During this time, he'd also become acquainted with Joy Beryl and became close friends with her adopted daughter Lithia. He became close enough with the family that he was also one of very few people aware of Felix's existence. Things for the family turned one day when Mathi and Lithia decided they wanted to impress Joy by trying to add upon her research. The two unknowingly were successful in their plan and opened the Rift. However, things quickly turned south as monsters emerged and the two children were powerless to stop them. Though Joy managed to stop the monsters, the act of opening the Rift had infected Lithia with a dire affliction. Joy used a forbidden healing technique which transferred the affliction onto herself. A technique she then taught Mathi just in case.

Demon Invasion

Years later during the Demon Invasion and the period after, the Velder government was in dire need of magicians and healers. The Landar family joined the relief efforts. Mathi was among the healers there to help. The work was hard on the healers as more patients kept flooding in. One day, he encountered an injured unconscious woman. Trying to heal her, he discovered she also possessed an chronic illness and the proper methods of healing would accelerate her illness alongside the healing. Mathi attempted to leave the patient be before he was confronted by her daughter, filled with guilt, he attempted to use the forbidden technique Joy had taught him but was caught in the act, and subsequently expelled form the Landar Family.

After his expulsion, he decided to work independently as a hired magician to get by.

Start of the Case

Mathi would eventually come under the employment of Vera, the to be princess of Velder, to escort her to the capital. While in Sander, he'd run into his childhood friend Lithia. After some discussion and bickering, they wound up taking on a commission from Emirate to investigate some nearby ruins for demon activity. They explore the ruins and come across a tomb inhabited by a wrathful wraith. The wraith touches and places a curse upon Lithia but Mathi helps them escape. They report back to Emirate that there are no signs of demon activity while Mathi urges Lithia to get the curse checked out, though she urges against it, feeling no real effects.

Mathi introduces Lithia to Vera, Vera attempts to hire Lithia as additional companionship and acquiesces to Lithia's monetary demands, much to Lithia's own surprise.

At Zaya Mountains

The trio depart, heading over Zaya Mountains to reach the ports on the other side. While they camped for the night, the local fauna and demons started to trample down the hillside, Mathi created a shield to protect them from the monsters who were speeding by. Mathi notices the monsters were ignoring them, which put the village below in danger, Lithia urges they seek out the source of the commotion than head toward the village. Reaching the top of the mountain, Mathi sees nothing abnormal except a Naius, but it is soon revealed that the water is corrupting creatures with Henir. Mathi unable to heal the beast, they put down the holy beast. Lithia sees the Rift manifest in the lake and jumps in, Mathi tries to stop her, but fortunately the power of the Rift dissipates before Lithia could get close.

The group return to their camp to sleep the rest of the night. Mathi attempts to heal Lithia and take a look at the curse she'd been afflicted with, but Lithia continues to refuse and take the situation into her own hands.

Chaos in Denice

Arriving in Denice, they are stalled by the busy traffic, as the primary port still in service. They run into some issues with the passenger list, Mathi goes to check it out himself while the other rest up. While waiting, the port is suddenly attacked by monsters coming from the sea. During the attack, Mathi's legs get pinned under some debris, but fortunately Lithia manages to help him up and stall till the Guardian Knights reinforcements return. Due to their aid in the situation, the Guardian Knights help them procure transportation and Mathi rests up.

Swallowed by Rage

On board the Kleruk, Lithia keels over in exhaustion, Mathi isn't surprised she overdid herself in Denice. When Lithia wakes up, she notices her necklace is missing, she storms off with Mathi and Vera trying to follow behind. They finally catch up with the enraged Lithia in the storage room of the ship where she was reaching out toward a Rift forming in the broken head of a Goddess statue. Mathi grabs his friend as the Rift disappears, he snaps his friend out, telling her that she'd been showing signs of distress in her sleep. Lithia in distress, apologizes.

Signal of the Festival

The group arrive in Velder with the Hamony Festival in full swing, they enjoy the atmosphere for a time before being taken to a hidden port underneath the castle where they are greeted by the current Duke of Velder, Laudius. He provides Mathi compensation as well as hush money and leaves with Vera. Mathi and Lithia chat on the ship when Lithia suddenly sees her own client in the distance. Mathi suggests plans they can do now that the job is over, but Lithia runs off under the guise she needs to meet up with her cleint.

Excuse and Blame

Mathi attends the Harmony Festival ceremony to see Vera's speech. Things appear to go as expected when Lithia makes a commotion, grappling from building to building before crashing onto the stage to get rid of Vera's brooch.

After defeating the mutated Commander who was transformed by Vera's brooch, Mathi notices the item was still reacting and warns everybody not to go near it. Lithia too notices but grabs and contains the brooch's powers, demanding Mathi destroy it or else it will explode, turning everybody into monsters. Mathi goes with her plans, which works, but causes Lithia to become inflicted with Henir.

That's the Story

Lithia urges them to hunt down her clients in the forests of Feita before falling unconscious from the Henir affliction. Mathi and Vera take her and run out of Velder into the forests of Feita to evade capture. While in the forest, Mathi decides he would try to heal Lithia using the forbidden technique, transferring the affliction onto himself. Lithia comes to, she can't believe he would do that, but Mathi tells her that he learned it from Joy and that he refused to regret letting her succumb to the affliction, to make amends with his many regrets form his past, about Joy, the mother in Velder, among others. Lithia hands Vera a teleportation scroll to get them out of their situation while she seeks out the Order.

Vera teleports them to an unspecified location and the two end up in an empty field in Fluone, where Mathi soon fell into a comatose state. Fortunately, Anduran foresaw that this might happen and sent Rosso searching the general area where they had landed. Originally planning to drop the two in the nearest village, noticing Mathi's Henir afflictions, he took the two to Elrianode.

Beyond the Rift

In his comatose state succumbing to Henir, his consciousness somehow managed to manifest itself within the realm of Henir itself, taking on the form of the Rift Inside the Rift which makes itself known to Lithia after she gets trapped within the Rift.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 마티
China (Simplified Chinese) 马蒂 Mathi
North America Marty (Before 01/03/2023)

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