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Multi-purpose AI
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Multi-purpose AI


A machine created by Friedrich in the shape of his deceased sister Grace. She appears to be prone to miscalculations and errors.


Chapter 58-1: Gathered Again

Lilith was sent to search the lands surrounding the Abyss in search of a Henir's Order member who'd gone missing. In her search, she found the mutated carcass of the decreased Henir's Order member. Analyzing the remains, she concludes the member was between stage 1 and stage 2 mutation, but was killed with a sharp object and their belongings were pillaged. Detecting that the member's Seed of Life had been stolen, Lilith changed their target to pursuing the Seed of Life and confronting the thief.

Chapter 60: Collapsing Abyss

When Lilith observes the El Search Party as they leave the Abyss, detecting each member and taking particular note of Add, realizing he is a Nasod infused human and properly categorizing him as a Debrian Nasod Ruler. Completing her assigned mission, she returned back to her base on The Great Steel Wall.

Chapter 64: Hunters' Canyon

In the midst of Raven's duel with the Torta Gang's leader, Ricardo, Lilith enters the arena out of nowhere and ambushes Raven, knocking him unconscious. She gives the El Search Party a fair warning that further intrusion will put them at risk of being discovered by the lord of the Land of Steel. Ain attempts to inquire the identity of the lord but she does not say. Eve and Add try to ascertain her identity, only revealing she is a multi-purpose AI, but refusing to elaborate on any of Add's further inquiries besides divulging that her master lies atop The Great Steel Wall.


  • Lilith bears a close resemblance to Grace, Add's mother. Currently, it is unknown if they are related in any way, though Add's shocked reaction during their encounter reinforces this resemblance.
  • It is unclear if Lilith is a Nasod or not as she simply calls herself a 'Multi-purpose AI'. Considering the potential Nasod Ruler involvement, as well as the fact Eve is notably able to discern between other autonomous machines and Nasod technology during the events of the Abandoned Deep-Sea Tunnel while referring to Lilith as a Nasod, it is heavily implied however.


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