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Fired Administrator of Henir's Time and Space
Full Name
Human? (Cursed by Henir)
Fired Administrator of Henir's Time and Space

~ Luto


Luto is an old man with a mysterious key capable of opening the gates of the highest difficulty in Secret Dungeons. He looks suspiciously like Glave and is the former admin of Henir's Time and Space, suggesting that he is more powerful than Glave.

At Secret Dungeons, if Luto appears, he will summon a door which would lead to the "Hell" part of the Secret Dungeon if the party chooses to enter. All mobs behind the door will be +7 in Level, contrary to the Secret Dungeon's +5 Level and increases the drop rate of the dungeon.



  • There is a 30% chance for Luto to appear in rooms throughout your Secret Dungeon run.
  • If the party chooses to enter Luto Mode, they will be sent back to a predetermined point earlier in the dungeon with increased difficulty.
  • The reason why his skin have this appearance is somewhat related to the long period of keeping Henir's Time and Space Area, possibly due of the mysterious power of the area extending his lifespan or making him immortal.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 루토 Ruto
China (Simplified Chinese) 鲁托 Luto
Spain Ludo
France Ludo

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  • Laby
  • Noah
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