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Seven Tower
They were outstanding even among Elrians.

~ Glave


An organization based in the ancient Elrian Kingdom. The organization is comprised of the Elrian Kingdom's most elite and gifted intellectuals. Originally comprised exclusively of those gifted with El ability and proficiency with magic such as the Landar family, the organization later included Debrians and those proficient in technology.

The organization is divided into its namesake seven separate towers scattered throughout Elrios, each specializing in a different field of research.


Organization Founded

In the ancient Elrian Kingdom, the most elite and gifted Elrians founded an organization called Seven Tower. Among the initial founders of the organization was the famed magician family, Landar, who acted as their advisor. During this time, the Seven Tower used their magic power to conduct research, and invented tools for the benefit of the Elrian Kingdom. During this phase of the organization's history, only Elrians and those gifted in naturally utilizing the El's power were admitted entry into the organization.

As the organization progressed, Debrians rose to prominence within the kingdom. With backing from the Elrian Royals, Seven Towers soon eased their restrictions and allowed Debrians admittance into the society. This decision was not a popular one among the existing Elrians and Elves currently within the organization.

Tower of Mirage

One of Seven Towers' towers was the Tower of Mirage, this campus specialized in the research of the universe's origin. Conducting research, the scholars of the tower were the first to discover the existence of a Demon Realm as well as the existence of Henir.

The entirety of the Tower of Mirage mysteriously vanished into thin air without any trace, never to be seen again.


The differing schools of thought by the Elrian and the Debrian soon was made apparent and the organization was split into two opposing factions.

In the midst of the growing tensions between the two factions, the Elves which had risen to prominence among the Elrian side would leave Elrianode all at once in a mass migration. The large blow primed the remaining Debrian populations to hold a significant hold over the general operations of Seven Tower.

Around this time, the Landar family decided they would be stepping down from their position in the organization as a whole.

Seal of Tree of El

After the El Explosion, parts of the Tree of El experienced a change causing the monsters in the forest to become much powerful than before. The Ruben Guard were hardly able to keep the monsters a bay. They ask the Seven Tower for help. The magicians of Seven Tower finally put up the barrier to sealing the area off and the monsters inside.

Henir's Time and Space

With Seven Tower having long been dissolved, one of the temples which used to act as the base of operations lay in ruin. After the El Explosion, the power of Henir within Elrios itself grew and in the process, a small fragment of Henir opened in the old temple. Glave was now tasked as the gatekeeper of the fissure within the old ruins of Seven Tower, there he hosted Henir's Time and Space.

Notable Members

Character Role Status
Clamor Researcher Sealed
Glave Researcher Banished
Dantelion Sage Former


  • Through Rose's Elrianode City story dialogue, it is revealed that a part of Seven Towers became Henir's Order.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 세븐 타워 Seven Towers
China (Simplified Chinese) 七塔 Seven Towers
France Sept tours Seven Towers

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