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Dark Elf Commander
Full Name
Sentinel Commander
Dark Elf
Dark Elf Commander
... I acknowledge you are strong warriors, but I will not let you pass!

~ Sentinel Commander


A commanding officer of the Dark Elves which dwell within the Varnimyr regions in the Demon Realm. Strict about protecting her village, she upholds the village's policy of prohibiting any outsiders from entering.


Chapter 33: In the Demon Realm

The El Search Party found themselves in the Demon Realm in the Guardian's Forest at the edge of Varnimyr. The group soon find a Dark Elf patrolling the area, Rena tries to communicate with her in Ancient Elven, but the Dark Elf is soon wary of the group realizing they had come from the Cave of Death. Calling for reinforcements, the entire Dark Elf regiment started to pursue and sought to arrest the El Search Party. While the El Search Party were trying to make their escape, Sentinel Commander, as the leader of the group of Dark Elves was ready to block the El Search Party's path. The group were able to slip by the commander however.

Chapter 34: Strange Phenomenon

Sentinel Commander and her platoon soon discover that the intruders have taken down Forginay, the Red Guardian of the forest. Appalled by the actions of the outsiders, she orders security around the Elf Village to be even tighter. After running into Chloe, the El Search Party attempt to reach the Dark Elf Village. Again, the Dark Elves don't take kindly to their presence as they struggle through the Dark Elves' Outpost. Sentinel Commander once again taking an offensive stand against the El Search Party, they fought but are able to get through her once again. Not wanting to let the intruders make it through, Sentinel Commander is able to get ahead at the main post of the outpost. There, she calls upon the Blue Guardian, Fae Panther, together they take on the El Search Party. She fights to the end, but Add is able to catch her off guard and restrains her, Rena fires an arrow at Sentinel Commander but is disappears into thin air. The Dark Elf Elder Edith intervenes and tells Sentinel Commander to back off, that the intruders mean no harm. Sentinel Commander was unsure, Edith tells her to stand down but be prepared at a moment's notice if she requires her assistance. With that, Sentinel Commander retreats and lets the El Search Party and Chloe be.



  • In the game file, Sentinel Commander's name is Iris (아이리스).

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 센티넬 커맨더 Sentinel Commander
France Commandante sentinelle Sentinel Commander

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