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Information: This page features an Epic NPC, they are not playable nor can they be unlocked. More info can be found here.
Wind Shooter
Full Name
Grand Archer
Wind Shooter
"Is that a treasure? Oh hello~ I am Amelia, the wind archer. I am a reputable treasure hunter and I thought you were one, too *wink*"

Wind Shooter Amelia


Believe in the strength of the grand bow and try to follow Amelia's tactics. Friendly Elves are known treasure hunters that practice the mechanisms of archery. She can subdue an enemy from a long distance without getting hurt. Also, Amelia's arrows can be used to attack targets in a wide range.

Combo Modifications

Amelia has access to all of the Grand Archer combos.


Class: Grand Archer


Difficulty: ★★★★☆


Icon Title Discovery Obtain Stats
Broken Arrow Kill Wind Archer Amelia (Grand Archer Epic NPC) once in PVP Kill Amelia 15 times in PVP Physical Attack +75
Magical Attack +75
Resistance to Wind Attributes +250
Piercing Effect +2% (if you use piercing)


Icon Skill Type Cooldown Description Special Effects
Increased Mana Regeneration Passive N/A Like all NPCs, Amelia benefits from a heightened mana regeneration rate. All NPCs will have an extremely fast passive mana regeneration rate, and will also receive bonus MP when either hitting or being hit by players. Because of this passive, NPC skills are bound only by cooldown and not by their MP cost. Furthermore, NPCs can mana break combos at virtually any time.
Awakening Passive N/A Amelia can activate Awakening under 50% HP. Amelia's awakening improves the damage of Aero Tornado and Guide Arrow.
Arrows' Rain Active N/A Amelia readies herself in Siege stance, throwing a volley of arrows. Amelia throws five auto-targetting arrows that launch in a parabolic motion.
File:Back Tumbling Shot.PNG Backflip Shot Active 5 Seconds Amelia backflips into the air, shooting three arrows at an angle downwards. Amelia is temporarily invincible during this skill.
Reflective Kick Active 5 Seconds Amelia performs a stationary somersault, launching opponents in the air. Can reflect projectiles.
Humming Wind Special Active 8 Seconds Amelia shoots a concentrated wind sphere into the ground, blowing away opponents in her radius. Use an old version of "Humming Wind". She will use this skill often if you are on a platform above her - you can avoid it easily by jumping.
Aero Strafe Special Active 17 Seconds Amelia jumps backwards into the air, shooting a gigantic green arrow at a 45 degree angle downwards that explodes upon contact with the ground. Amelia's Aero Strafe is significantly stronger than a typical Grand Archer's Aero Strafe, enabling her to deal an incredible amount of damage with this skill.
Wind Wall Special Active 9 Seconds Amelia casts a wind vortex in front of her that sucks in opponents until its duration ends.
Guided Arrow Special Active 14 Seconds Amelia shoots three homing arrows that each hit up to four times. Amelia's Guide Arrow has significantly more hits than a typical Sniping Ranger's Guide Arrow. However, Guide Arrow is her least frequently utilized skill, and she only tends to use it when you stay away from her for a lengthy amount of time.
Aero Tornado Special Active 20 Seconds Amelia backflips into the air and shoots a giant wind-sphere 45 degrees downwards that deals heavy damage to any victim inside it. A direct copy of Rena's Aero Tornado.


Icon Equipment Type Where to obtain Modifications
Bobbed Ponytail (Yellow) (Rena) Costume Hair Cash Shop No modifications added.
Wind Hunter Top Piece (Teal) (Rena) Costume Top Piece Promotional Item No modifications added.
Tartan Check Bottom Piece (Dark Brown) (Rena) Costume Bottom Piece Promotional Item No modifications added.
Tartan Check Gloves (Dark Brown) (Rena) Costume Gloves Promotional Item No modifications added.
Tartan Check Shoes (Dark Brown) (Rena) Costume Shoes Promotional Item No modifications added.
PvP Season 1 Wooden Weapon(?) (Rena) Costume Weapon Event Item No modifications added.
Velder Imperial Guard Headgear (Rena) Face Accessory (Middle) Ice Burner The gems have been recolored brown, and the overall brightness of the crown has increased


Amelia will mainly focus on maintaining distance and winning a 1vs1 match through the time-limit. Due to the combination of her Quick Recovery and extremely high speed, she is able to jump out of your combos if you're too slow. The only way you can stop her from escaping mid-combo is to use a fast, high-combo, non-launch skill.




  • Amelia is a fabled treasure hunter who uses her elfen connection with nature to sense ancient treasures.
  • Her latest excursion was to Hamel, where she attempted to scour the sunken cities for treasure. Upon hearing a rumor that rare artifacts could be found through Arena, she decided to test her skills by joining it.
  • Amelia is infamous amongst elves for forsaking the forest in the name of treasure hunting.
  • Knowing her weakness in melee combat, Amelia trained her skill to the point that she could take down any opponent with just arrows without taking a single scratch. She uses her skills as an archer to hunt for treasure.
    • Strangely enough, one of the skills she acquired was the ability to throw arrows, calling it "Wide-Range Shooting".
  • Amelia's costume is a combination of Tartan Check Bottom , Hair, Gloves, Shoes; Wind Hunter Top Piece, and a variation of the Velder Imperial Guard Crown. (based off NA's Item Mall)
  • Amelia wrote the skill note Falcon's Claw, and Cyclone's Eye.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 바람의 사수 아멜리아 Wind Shooter Amelia
Japan 風の射手 アメリア Wind Shooter Amelia
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 風之射手 阿米莉亞 Wind Shooter Amelia
China (Simplified Chinese) 风之射手 阿梅利亚 Wind Shooter Amelia
France Amélia, maîtresse archère d'Éole Aeolus Master Markswoman Amelia

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