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The parched, dry desert region of Bethma lies in the north-eastern region of Lurensia. You can almost hear the scorching earth dry. But what makes Bethma so unique is that the Lizardmen Tribe reside here, a race of peaceful reptiles.

Elsword and his team chase Wally only to find themselves in the desert. Fortunately they find Bethma Village, but it turns out that the citizens of Bethma are about to witness a war between two races...

Chapter 4: Wally's whereabouts

Hoffman told Elsword and his Party that Wally ran to Bethma Village. Soon after, they all went to Bethma to ask Stella, the sheriff of the town, to look for Wally.

Chapter 5: The uprising problem of Bethma

Chapter 5

The Lizardmen who were once friendly to the villagers of Bethma, suddenly turned hostile and started to attack them. Elsword and the gang sought the alchemist named Chacha Buch in town. From Chacha Buch, the Party received hypnotizing potions to capture and dispel the Lizardmen and Berauk. Kayak the Shaman possessed the Lizardmen, but when he was defeated, the Lizardmen went back to normal and started to regain the people’s trust again.

Chapter 4: Wally's whereabouts (continued)

Stella gathered information from the townspeople and found out that Wally MK2 was hiding in the mining area of Bethma. The El adventurers traced his footsteps there and defeated him once again. Wally had been secretly trying to produce more powerful Nasods through the special minerals from the mining areas in Bethma. Originally, those minerals were utilized to build the giant cargo airship, but Wally had evil and selfish intentions. When our heroes encountered and destroyed Wally No.9, they found more clues to track down Wally. However, during their battle, someone secretly stole the El Shard and destroyed the cargo airship.

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