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Laby 1:The Girl in the Black Forest

[Laby] Chapter 1: The Girl in the Black Forest

Bellonde, while paying respects to his sister, had met the mysterious girl, who looked much less like a child. Her story is really strange as she claims to have been in Nisha Labyrinth, and that only now was she allowed to leave the forest. After a confrontation with a monster, Gaia decides to give the girl a name, Laby, based on the location.

[Village] Someone New
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • No requirements needed

A brand new world awaits.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Bellonde: Ah... Ahem, pardon me... It was rude of me to ask without properly introducing myself.
  • Bellonde: My name is Bellonde. I'm a traveler. I've come to visit as I had something to do here.
  • ???: Blondie!! That sounds warm!!
  • Bellonde: It's Bellonde, not Blondie... More importantly, could you tell me who you are, and how you've come all the way here in this forest?
  • ???: Me? I... I've never come out here before, but I always stayed in the forest!
  • Bellonde: You were always here? How could that be? This forest is full of demonic energy. It's impossible for any normal human being to even approach this place.
  • Bellonde: ... You are lying to me. If you don't tell me why you're here...
  • ???: Eh?! No!! Really!! I wouldn't lie!!
  • ???: Anyways, what's the thing you said before? Demonic energy?
  • ???: You see, I was here for a reeaaaally long time, but I've never met a human before! Is it because of that demonic energy?
  • Bellonde: Do you... really not know anything?
  • Some... body...
  • ???: Eh? Did somebody call us?
  • ???: Ooooh! There must be another human somewhere!!
  • Bellonde: That unnatural voice as if it's mimicking something... That has to be...
  • Help... me...
  • ???: Hang on!! I'll help!!
  • Bellonde: Wait!
  • ???: Why? We have to hurry!! What if they're in danger?!
  • Bellonde: No, it's likely a monster's trap. It's dangerous to rush without caution.
  • ???: Mm, really? Then...
  • ???: Let's go together, Blondie!
  • Bellonde: Excuse me?
  • ???: I just came out, so I'm not sure what's going on... But they need help, so let's go help!
  • ???: Cause... It's lonely when you're by yourself, right?
  • Bellonde: ......
  • Bellonde: ... I understand. Let's go together.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 0 Intermediate Bronze Weapon Cube x1 N/A
ED 6,000 [Cobo] Whole Grain Bread x 20 N/A
EP 0 [Cobo] Spirit Tea x 20 N/A
AP 0
Stranger in the Black Forest
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Complete the Someone New story quest

A meeting by the cemetery in Black Forest. The man's expression were something unfamiliar to the girl.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • ???: Awww... We're going into the forest again...!
  • ???: And there's so many things getting in our way!
  • Bellonde: We did defeat some on our way, but there are still many monsters hiding around us. Even after so many years... this forest is still dangerous...
  • Bellonde: Hm...
  • Bellonde: Anyway, I'd like to hear the answer to my earlier question. Who are you? Where are you from?
  • ???: Whoa! Weird! You want to know the answer?
  • ???: Because I want to know too!!
  • Bellonde: ...!
  • ???: Ah! I know where I'm from! Can you see? Way over there! I come from the night you see over there!!
  • ???: Mm... Maybe it's not there but over theeeeeere? Anyways! It's much darker than here!!
  • Bellonde: Somewhere... darker...? Do you mean the center of the forest?
  • ???: Oooh... that 'center' word, that's really cool!
  • Bellonde: Hm...
  • ???: You know, the center, where I'm from, was reeeaaally dark! And I was there in the dark for a very, very, very! long time!
  • ???: But earlier, there was a blue light that went Flash!! And I was able to come out!!
  • ???: It's so amazing!! Everything is so amazing!!
  • Bellonde: Hm? What do you mean you were able to come out...? Were you not able to before?
  • ???: Yeah... I was told I can't...
  • ???: So I couldn't...
  • Bellonde: I never heard there was someone imprisoned in the Black Forest... What is going on?
  • Bellonde: Who told you that you couldn't leave?
  • ???: Well... the voice... um...
  • ???: Mmm... I don't remember... I don't want to think about it...
  • Bellonde: Oh, if it's an unpleasant memory, you don't have to force yourself.
  • Bellonde: ... I wasn't considerate. I apologize...
  • ???: Mmm, it's ok! You just wanted to know!
  • Save... me...
  • ???: Ahh!! The voice from earlier!!
  • Bellonde: It's very close. I sense more monsters ahead, so let's be careful.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 19,000 Intermediate Scout Weapon Cube x1 N/A
ED 9,900 Intermediate Scout Armor Cube x1 N/A
EP 0 Adventure Bag x1 N/A
AP 0
Voice of Forest, Name of Night
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Complete the Stranger in the Black Forest story quest

They followed the voice and found a small monster hiding in the bushes.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • ???: I thought the voice came from somewhere around here... Where is it?
  • It has to be close...
  • ???: Over here...
  • ???: Oh, over there! By the bushes!
  • Bellonde: That's...
  • Small Monster: ......
  • ???: This is not a human!
  • Bellonde: It's a monster. Although it's small...
  • Small Monster: Help... me...
  • ???: Yes! I'm here to help! Are you hurt?
  • Bellonde: ...?
  • Bellonde: Something's wrong. There are no monsters nearby, even though we were attacked by a group just moments ago. It's eerily quiet...
  • Small Monster: Here... Inside...
  • ???: Wait right there! I'll help!!
  • Bellonde: A small monster asking for help... A bush big enough to hid several people... wait, to hide...?
  • Bellonde: ... could it be?
  • Bellonde: Stop! It's a trap!!
  • ???: Huh?
  • Small Monster: You've come...
  • Grrrr....
  • Bellonde: Kugh, I knew it... It was a trap! Stand back, I'll...!
  • ???: Wait... What happened to the little one that asked for help? Did you take him?
  • ???: He asked for help!! Give him back!!
  • Bellonde: That power...!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • ???: We came here because we heard 'Help me...'
  • ???: Why is the little one glued to this bug one's butt?!
  • Bellonde: As i suspected. The voice that called us here is this monster. This, is a a monster that lures its prey deep into the forest by imitating the voice of its prey.
  • Bellonde: I heard that people who wandered into the forest often never came back... Perhaps this is one of the reasons.
  • ???: So this guy tricked us!
  • ???: That means nobody actually needed help, right? That's good!
  • Bellonde: Good...? I don't understand... It tried to trick you, and harm you.
  • ???: Hm... No one's harmed, and we scolded the one that tricked us, so it's all good!
  • ???: Right?
  • Bellonde: Well... That is true...
  • Bellonde: Hm... Anyway where are you headed next? Do you have a destination?
  • ???: Destination? Where? What's outside the forest?
  • Bellonde: What do you mean...? Are you by yourself? What about your family?
  • ???: What's a family?
  • Bellonde: Ah...
  • Bellonde: Then... Do you have a name...?
  • ???: Name? My name...
  • ???: Blondie! I want to be Blondie!! I like it cause it sounds warm!
  • Bellonde: Hm? But that is my name... I mean my name is Bellonde, but...
  • Bellonde: There are people who share names... But each name holds its own meaning and wishes. Deciding something like that so flippantly...
  • ???: Hm! You're greedy, aren't you! You don't want to share!
  • Bellonde: ......
  • Bellonde: Ha, hahaha. Greedy! Nobody told me that before.
  • ???: Eh? Mm... That was not a good thing!
  • Bellonde: ......
  • Bellonde: Ha... You don't know your name, you don't know your family, and you claim you're from deep within the forest. It's hard to believe everything yo told me.
  • Bellonde: It's also hard to believe that you're not influenced by all this demonic energy but...
  • Bellonde: You're standing right in front of me, so I guess It'll have to accept that as truth.
  • ???: Is demonic energy, this thing around the forest? What does 'influenced by' mean?
  • Bellonde: I was told... that demonic energy is a violent, heavy energy that demons use.
  • Bellonde: Not only does it make monsters more violent, but demonic energy sometimes influences humans as well... and that demonic energy is very thick here in the Black Forest.
  • ???: Demonic energy! So this is demonic energy! In that case, demonic energy was here for a reeeaaaally long time!
  • Bellonde: Yes, we were exposed to it for a long time, ever since we were walking from the cemetery.
  • Bellonde: I'm fine, since I'm trained, but if I were an average person, I might have gone insane or have shown other negative side effects.
  • Bellonde: But you don't seem affected either. Earlier, you ever showed great power.
  • ???: Other people are not like this? Am I a demon then?
  • Bellonde: Honestly... I'm not sure. But I heard demons harm and exploit others. Unlike you, who9 rushed to help someone you didn't even know.
  • Bellonde: And as I said earlier, demons use demonic energy. But you've never used anything similar to the energy surrounding this forest. Not even once.
  • Bellonde: So even though nothing is certain... I want to believe you're not a demon.
  • ???: My power? Anyway, what it 'Believe'? You were saying this word over and over again.
  • Bellonde: Hm? It means... that I accept what you said.
  • Bellonde: I accept that you told me the truth, and will act as such.
  • ???: Believe... must be a wonderful thing!! Thank you for believing me Blondie!!
  • Bellonde: Ah... It's not that I believe everything...
  • Bellonde: In any case, do you remember what I told you earlier? That people who wander into the forest often never make it back out?
  • ???: Yah! You said it's because of the meanie earlier, right?
  • Bellonde: This forest, now called the Black Forest, used to be called by another name in the past.
  • Bellonde: The Maze of Night, 'Nisha Labyrinth'.
  • ???: Nisha... Labring!
  • Bellonde: ... Labyrinth...
  • Bellonde: It was a name given for its ever-lasting night, and it's tendency to lead people astray. Since you come from the Black Forest, how about we name you after it?
  • Bellonde: Laby. From 'Labyrinth'.
  • ???: Laby...
  • Laby: Laby!! I like Laby!!
  • Laby: My name is Laby!! I have a name too!
  • Bellonde: Haha, I'm glad you like it.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 19,000 Intermediate Alloy Weapon Cube x1 N/A
ED 51,600 Beginner HP Potion x20 N/A
EP 0 Beginner MP Potion x20 N/A
AP 0
[Village] To Find Me
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Complete the Voice of Forest, Name of Night story quest

Bellonde gave her a name.
They talk about their goals and destination.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Laby: Ah! Since I'm Laby...
  • Laby: This is Nisha!
  • Bellonde: What's this? I noticed objects coming out of it...
  • Laby: My... I mean, Laby's friend! She's the only friend that I had in the forest!
  • Laby: If you do thiiiis you can see Nisha's face! She looks just like Laby!
  • Bellonde: Is this... a mirror? It doesn't seem like it's reflecting anything...
  • Bellonde: A Nasod...? But it's different from what I've heard...
  • Laby: Blondie! You said there are other things outside the forest, right? Where should I go?
  • Bellonde: Well, you must first know your destination. Where are you headed to?
  • Laby: Uh... I don't know. I've never been outside before. Where are you going, Blondie?
  • Bellonde: Me? I'm headed to the capital... I mean Fluone to meet the sage.
  • Laby: Sage? Flong?
  • Bellonde: They say... Fluone is the continent across the sea. I mean it IS the continent across the sea.
  • Bellonde: The man I am looking for... Is a wise many befitting o the title, sage. I respect him very much.
  • Bellonde: Ah, perhaps he would know what you are.
  • Laby: Really?! Then can I... Can Laby go meet the sage thing too?
  • Bellonde: Well, I guess I can help you...
  • Laby: Then! Can Laby go with Blondie? Can Laby do that?
  • Bellonde: But would that be alright with you? After all, we've only just met. I could be lying to you...
  • Laby: But Blondie said you believe Laby.
  • Laby: And you gave Laby a new name! So Laby believe you!
  • Bellonde: You... Believe in me...
  • Bellonde: ...
  • Bellonde: I understand. Let's go together. I will take you to him.
  • Laby: Really?? Thanks a lot!! Blondie is saved by Laby!!
  • Bellonde: Haaa... I'm sure that's not quite what you mean...
  • Bellonde: Let me introduce myself again. My name is Bellonde.
  • Laby: Bellonde!! Laby is Laby!! I just became Laby!!
  • Laby: So call me Laby!! Nice to meet you!!
  • Bellonde: Haha, yes. Nice to meet you Laby.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 0 Red Pocket x1 N/A
ED 0 Original Ring x1 N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0

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