White-Ghost Army

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Full Name
White-Ghost Army


One of the Demon Realm's four powerful military factions. Lead by White-Ghost King Aegirp.



The White-Ghost Army was founded as a result of the peace between two warring races in the Northern section of the Demon Realm. The Garen, a beastly race who fought with only their strength and the Nous, who used their whit and technology to combat. The two found themselves in a region with limited resources and warred against each other, their situation changed when the demon, Aegirp arrived and offed her hand to both enemy and allies. It is by the hand of Aegirp that the two races unified under a single allegiance and founded the White-Ghost Army.

Demon King's Rule

The White-Ghost Army under the command of Aegirp was one of the Demon World's most powerful factions. However, under the might of the Demon King, Aegirp and her army were one of the four factions deemed worthy to work under the new king. Of the four Demon Lords, the White-Ghost Army became known for their pacifist ideology, only choosing to wage war when absolutely necessary, never embroiling themselves in unnecessary conflicts.

Though one day, the Demon King mysteriously disappeared. His disappearance as well a worsening condition in the army's region forced them to migrate eastward to secure more resources to survive.

Peace Between Humans and Demons

During her migration eastward, they army discovered an abandoned laboratory underneath their land. In it, the White-Ghost Army discovered data about portal technology, using the research they found, the White-Ghost Army began to excel specifically in the field of interdimensional portal technology. This discovery soon followed an acquisition of resource through trade with Elrios and paved the wave for Aegirp's ambition to create peaceful relations between the Demon Realm and Elrios. She also believed that she could bring prosperity to her people through trade with humans.

During her reign, she led campaigns to try and form villages where both humans and demons could live and trade in harmony in North Fluone. Calonne, Deborah, and Gunther were among the demons who were sent to lead this campaign of peace. The army's primary export into Elrios were the Mystic Stones which could not be found in Elrios, in exchange they gained essential resources which were imported back to the Demon Realm to aid the struggling homeland.

Collapse of Power

A rift became to form between those to agreed with Aegirp's peaceful methods of trading with Elrios and those who believed conquest was a more suitable route. These tensions eventually lead to Aegirp being betrayed by her subordinate Berthe who rebelled with the help of Barkat and the Garen under her rule. Those who had become loyal to Barkat and Berthe began to persecute those still loyal to Aegirp, primarily the Nous, to the point where the remaining loyalists fled and went into hiding deep in the seas of Rigomor.

Demon Invasions

Berthe, working alongside Barkat in the Demon Army alliance then partook in the organized invasion of Elrios. However, this decision was not particularly favored my the remaining Garen of the White-Ghost Army, resulting in Berthe enlisting the aid of the Glitter.

Aegirp's Disappearance

Those remaining in North Fluone were completely unaware of the situation in the demon realm till the invasions of Elrios began. During the long span of time without any word from their lord, many members began to lose faith and abandoned their mission. When Nenya arrived after Ran's successful invasion of Northern Empire, he sought the straggling demons and gave them a new purpose under his own rule.

Due to Laby's intervention in North Fluone, many of the straggling members of the army were swayed away from Nenya's rule, with Calonne leading the process of reorganizing the army back to its original purpose of establishing peace and trade.

Invasion Aftermath

After returning to the Demon Realm, Berthe began to pursue the location of Aegirp's soul fragments, obtaining one which increased his power and changed his form.

Attack of Rigomor

With assistance from Haivan, the White-Ghost Army invaded the Rigomor area just in time to obtain the fragment of Aegirp's soul housed in Titan's Grotto. They also cornered a tired El Search Party but failed to engage them before Winster teleported the away. The White-Ghost Army took Haivan and Winster with them as well as all the portal technology housed in the lab and returned back to the capital.

Soldiers remained in Rigomor to keep watch of the residents, but soon after they were called back to the surface to search for soul fragments, leaving the village alone.

Notable Members

Character Role Status
Aegirp Leader Active
Berthe Leader Deceased
Chloe Commander Defected
Calonne Engineer Active
Gunther Commander Active
Deborah Commander Active
Winster Commander Active
Haivan Portal Technician Active
Nichel Member Active
Asella Commander Active
Baryon Member Active
Hadron Member Deceased


  • The majority demon species of the White-Ghost Army are of the Nous and Garen race, both demons with animal traits. Aegirp herself, being a Garen.
  • This faction is no longer considered part of the Demon Army since the defeat of Berthe, and is once again pursuing trade with Elrios due to the resurrection of Aegirp.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 백귀군단 White-Ghost Army
China (Simplified Chinese) 白鬼军团 White-Ghost Army
France Armée des esprits Spirit Army

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