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Selamat datang di Elwiki, sebuah database multi-bahasa untuk Elsword berisi tentang informasi dari berbagai server. Elwiki mengkhususkan diri dalam Amerika Utara dan Korea Selatan, namun semua data dari server negara lain dipersilahkan.

Wiki ini saat ini dapat dikelola oleh siapapun. Setiap orang bebas untuk mendaftar dan berkontribusi ke wiki untuk membantu membangun sebuah database lengkap untuk Elsword. Saat ini ada sekitar 20,150 artikel di Elwiki.

Silakan baca peraturan sebelum berkontribusi untuk mencegah kesalahan yang sebenarnya bisa dihindari dengan mudah

Semua hak dilindungi (Official Art, Game Screenshots etc) untuk © KoG Studios, Nexon, Gameforge, dan KOG Games (sebelumnya dikenal sebagai Kill3rCombo)

Silakan BACA ini pertama berkaitan dengan perubahan dalam berbagai versi Elsword: Perbedaan NA & KR
Current Server Information
  • North America/INT
  • Europe


Time Remaining:
Current server time:
(Resets at 00:00)
Henir Challenge (06/12/2024 ~ 06/19/2024)

Boss Monster
Head Hunter
2. Dekal
Mini Boss Monster
Head Hunter
not recommended.
Boss Monster
Head Hunter
Boss Monster
Head Hunter
Boss Monster
Head Hunter
Boss Monster
Head Hunter


  • Ice Burner Season Buff

    • +10% Physical Defense (Dungeon)
    • +10% Magical Defense (Dungeon)
    • +10% Movement Speed (Dungeon)
    • Quick Slot items Cooldown decreases to 5 seconds (Dungeon) (Works alternatively with the normal Cooldown, Cooldown: 60 Seconds)
    Seasonal Ice Burner Set
  • House Season Buff

    • House Stamina Recovery Increased by 1.5 Times
    • House Pet Affinity Increased by 1.5 Times
    • Furniture Blessing Buff Enhanced
    • Village Moving Speed Increase
    Seasonal Furniture Set


(05/22/2024 ~ 08/13/2024)
Lithia Exclusive Ice Burners:
Repackaged Ice Burners:
Upcoming Ice Burner:
Current KR Ice Burners:
Sacred Knights, Evil Tracer
(04/24/2024 - 06/18/2024)
Hamel Navy Officer, Holy Unicorn
(05/22/2024 - 07/16/2024)
None Ascending Dragon Empire Reign
(05/23/2024 ~ 08/14/2024)

Bloody Nightmare
(04/18/2024 - 06/13/2024)

Holy Unicorn, Hamel Navy Officer
(04/25/2024 - 06/20/2024)

Dark Shadow, Nasod Battle Suit MK2, Glacial
(05/09/2024 - 07/04/2024)


Game Information
The World of Elsword
  • Elrios
  • Elysion
  • Demon Realm
  • Other
  • Ruben
  • Elder
  • Bethma
  • Altera
  • Feita
  • Velder
  • Hamel
  • Sander
  • Lanox
  • East Lurensia
  • North Fluone
  • Central Fluone
  • Northern Lanox
  • Northern Lanox R
  • Memory Shard
  • Elrianode
  • Master Road
Tree of ElWhite Mist Swamp
  • Region 1~6
  • Region 7~12
  • Region 13~18
  • Region 19~20
  • Laby
  • Noah
  • Lithia
  • Other
  • Miscellaneous
Server Updates
KR Server Updates NA Server Updates EU Server Updates

Server Maintenance Date:
20 June 2024
Server Maintenance Time:
06:00 ~ 10:30 KST (GMT+9)

Patch Content:

  • New Lithia Mod Skills

Event Progress:

  • Raven’s Summer Camp (June 20, 2024 ~ July 18, 2024)

Update Details:

Server Maintenance Date:
September 14th, 2022
0:00 ~ 3:00 AM PDT
[Patch Notes]

Content and Event Updates:

[More details]

El House Status:

  • Warm Summer Mansion (09/14/2022 ~ 01/03/2023)

[More details]

Latest Balance Patches:

Server Update Date:
24 June, 2024
[Revamped Secret Dungeons]

Content and Event Updates:

  • Lithia Pre-Event

[More details]

Latest Balance Patches:

Featured Content


Patch Dates Content External Links
South Korea North America
August 31, 2023 September 27, 2023 Abyss Raid Story Mode
October 12, 2023 October 18, 2023 Event Dungeon: Protect the Rose Mansion! KOG Games
November 09, 2023 December 06, 2023 Secret Dungeon: Deep-Sea Passage: Emergency Crisis
Chung, Elesis, LuCiel Rebalance patch
KOG Games
December 07, 2023 January 03, 2024 New character: Lithia
Lithia's 1st path: Poten Finder, Mighty Miner, Gembliss
KOG Games
January 04, 2024 January 31, 2024 Aisha, Raven, Ain Balance Patch
Blacksmith and Upgrading pity(KR: 18/1/2024, NA:31/1/2024)
February 01, 2024 February 28, 2024 Lithia's 2nd path: Fortune Finder, Greedy Wonder, Avarice KOG Games
February 29, 2024 March 27, 2024 Elsword, Rena, Ara, Add Balance Patch Babel
March 28, 2024 April 24, 2024 Lithia's 3rd path: Path Finder, Rima Clavis, Achlys Nexon
April 25, 2024 May 22, 2024 Eve, Rose, Laby, Noah Balance Patch Babel
May 23, 2024 June 19, 2024 Lithia's 4th path: Trick Finder, Cynical Sneer, Mischief Nexon


  • Lithia 4th Path
  • Lithia 3rd Path
Updates Roadmap

  • KR
  • NA
  • June 20th, 2024
    • Lithia all paths new Mod skills
  • July 04th, 2024
    • Summer Improvements (Account-wide Titles, Buff UI Improvements), PvP Changes and Balance
  • July 18th, 2024
    • Pet extraction Item
  • August 1st, 2024
    • New region dungeons/New armor set
  • August 14th, 2024
    • New Raid
*Update schedule and contents may be subject to change.
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