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Side Bar and Slow Loading
I'm sure most of you have noticed this by now, but sometimes loading pages when logged in can be painfully slow. Also when submitting pages take ages to load.

This is because of how badly optimized the Sidebar is currently.


As you can see there are hundreds of switch statements for every line and there is a reason for that. The way Sidebar is handled is that it cannot all be on the same line.

For Example:

  • Characters
    • Elsword
    • Raven

Would work. However this would not:

  • Characters **Elsword **Raven

Why is this so important? Because switch statements has to be handled on one line and cannot be separated into many. See here for more info (MediaWikiWiki:Manual:Interface/Sidebar#Parser_functions_in_sidebar)

As a result, everytime a page is loaded or saved, all these lines need to be ran each time and therefore can cause slowdowns. The reason why its fast for people not logged in is because it is cached.

If anyone has any ideas on how we can fix this, please let us know. Thanks!

- Kenny
Variable and Loop Parser Functions (Extensions) Requirement
I think Variable and Loop parser functions should be added to elwiki. Sometimes, loop and variable define makes benefits when making templates.

For Example:

  • In the template tabs, I see you use lots of similar syntax only with different indexes. If you have var and loop, this can be done with simple statements.
  • Moreover, if a template want to choose color for a certain village, (for example, if {{{Village|}}} equals 1, then use Ruben's theme color; this is better than directly pass through the color, because if you want to change color for Ruben, you do not have to change every page, what you need is to change the color setting in this template). And to do this, variable should be a good solution. You can simply do this if you have variable.
{{#switch: {{{Village|}}}
| 1={{#vardefine:Color|green}}
| 2={{#vardefine:Color|red}}
| 7={{#vardefine:Color|orange}}

Now, no matter what village, their corresponding theme color are set to variable Color, then what you need to do is to pass {{#var:Color}} to the template with Color Settings (such as Section). And, if you what to change color, just change the switch part, and you do not need to change the {{{Village|}}} parameters in every page. Thank you if anyone can notice this.

-boxsnake (Talk)
Tabber Template (Not Extension) is slower than Tabs
Today, I tried to make an extension-like template tabber (See here), but when I test, I found the contents load slower than similar template "tabs" (See Here). I got confused, and if there is anyone knows why, please tell me or try to solve it. Thank you. -- From Boxsnake (talk) 13:23, 15 October 2014 (EDT)