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Basic Information

A player fishing

The Fishing System was an event system and area exclusive to the Hong Kong server. The Fishing System was managed by Adams, who appeared in each of the resting areas, allowing you access to the fishing grounds. The area was designed to be a social area for players to gather when they weren't partaking in PVE or PVP, as well as a method of gathering consumable fish, and earning ED by selling special items you caught. One such item being the Golden Carp, which was worth 100,000 ED.


To fish, you were required to purchase a Fishing Rod and one of three types of Bait from Adams, which could be equipped in a special fishing inventory, similar to the pet inventory window. The inventory was accessible through a button in your inventory, and had 2 slots in which you could drag your fishing rod and bait into to equip them. Once they were equipped, you were able to cast your fishing rod by pressing the X key, consuming 1 bait in the process. Upon hooking a fish, you could reel it in by pressing the key rapidly. Success and failure was completely random, and netted different, or no rewards depending on the outcome. Your character would resume fishing automatically after a catch, until the process was cancelled, or your bait was depleted.

Fishing Grounds (Elrios Bay)

Accessed by speaking to Adams in any of the resting areas, the Fishing Grounds were the primary location for the fishing system. Adams would also appear in the area, selling fishing supplies, and serving as a vendor to allow you to sell the items you caught. The area was also a resting area of its own.

Obtainable Items

Fishing Equipment

Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect Cost
Fishing Rod Purchase from Adams during the event. Allows you to use bait to catch fish. 10,000 ED
Earthworm Purchase from Adams during the event. - 1,000 ED
Good Earthworm Purchase from Adams during the event. - 2,000 ED
Advanced Earthworm Purchase from Adams during the event. - 4,000 ED


Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect Sell Price
Young Tuna Randomly caught while fishing. Consumable: 0 ED
Red-backed Snapper Consumable:

Recover 50 MP
Cooldown Time: 30 secs.

0 ED
Red-backed Salmon Consumable: 0 ED
Green-backed Mackerel Consumable: 0 ED
Golden Carp 100,000 ED


Elrios Bay - fishinghole01


  • A smaller version of the fishing grounds map was later used in the Pet Training Camp.
  • Even if you did not press while reeling a fish, it was possible to still successfully reel it in.


  • 03/15/2012 (HK)
    • Fishing System added

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