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1. How to enter City in the Sky

  • After hunting certain amount of monsters in fields with level 60 or higher, ‘Gate of Time’ opens. The Highlighted blue text is the area where the Gate is located. (After the addition of Drabaki, the 'Gate of Time' leading to City in the Sky will be exclusive to Hamel fields.)
  • When the Gate of Time opens a notice can be seen by people in both fields and towns.
  • You can use the Gate of Time opening notice to see which field boss battle you can enter.

  • Gate of Time remains open for 6 minutes before disappearing.
  • Dungeon, PvP queuing is cancelled when entering the Gate of Time.
  • After entering the boss field, you have to wait 10 minutes before re-entering.
  • You can exit the boss field during the battle, and as long as Gate of Time remains, you can enter mid battle.

2. Battle with the Giant Boss

  • Maximum of 12 people can enter the Gate of Time into the Boss field.
  • When Boss field is full with 12 people, new boss field is created.
  • First character to enter the boss field can see the Giant boss emerging.
  • There is 12 minute time limit for the Giant Boss. When the time limit is up, the battle results in defeat.

3. Gate of Time limit

  • You cannot re-enter for 10 minutes after you’ve entered once.
  • You cannot join mid-battle when Boss’s HP is less than 10%.
  • You cannot join mid-battle if the time limit is 60 seconds or less.

4. Raid Boss rewards

  • Depending on damage dealt by you, you can acquire following items. Raid Boss Cube, Ancient Iron Stone, Ancient Guardian Stone..etc
    • If damage contribution is high, you will receive: 6 Raid Boss Cubes, 2 Ancient Iron Stones, and 2 Ancient Guardian Stones.
    • If damage contribution is low, you will receive: 3 Raid Boss Cubes, 1 Ancient Iron Stone, and 1 Ancient Guardian Stone.
  • Ancient Iron Stone and Ancient Guardian Stone are materials used to craft Ancient Iron Wedge and Ancient Guardian Wedge items. These items can be crafted from Glave NPC.
    • Ancient Iron Wedge can be crafted with 100 Ancient Iron Stones, 100 Magic Ice Powders, and 200 Alchemy Essences.
    • Ancient Iron Wedge can be crafted with 40 Ancient Iron Stones, 50 Magic Ice Powders, and 100 Alchemy Essences.

  • You can acquire with low probability a Guardian of Gate of Time weapon exchange ticket. Possibly a 0.001 chance.
  • Acquired weapon exchange ticket can be exchanged for a weapon at Glave NPC.
  • Type of Weapons are as follows.

Iron Guardian's Great Sword

Iron Guardian's Staff

Iron Guardian's Bow

Iron Guardian's Blade

Iron Guardian's Drones

Iron Guardian's Cannon

Iron Guardian's Spear

Iron Guardian's Claymore

Iron Guardian's Dynamo

5. What is the item for?

  • Two items have following features.

Ancient Iron Wedge - Increase Weapon socket slot by 1

Ancient Guardian Wedge - Increase Armor socket slot by 1

  • Use is limited to 1 time per gear.
  • You cannot revert the change once the item is applied.

Boss: Iron Guardian Eltrion


  • Electron Crush: Eltrion will use one of his claws to slam the ground from above, creating a shockwave.
  • Slash: Eltrion will use one of his claws to swipe the field.
  • Repel: Eltrion will bring his claws inward, then smacks players away.
  • Energy Scan: Eltrion uses both his claws to fire a connecting laser and sweep the platforms in his range.
  • Dual Gleam: Eltrion uses both his claws to fire lasers from above and sweep the field in his range.
  • Transition - A: Eltrion will fly to the right of the field, switching positions. He can use Electron Crush and Slash in this position.
  • Searing Laser: While in Position A, Eltrion will stomp 2 times then fire a laser from his ocular lenses.
  • Energy Stream: While in Position A, Eltrion will charge briefly and fire a laser from his core.
  • Strafe Run: When leaving Position A, Eltrion will fire lasers from his wings and core while rushing to the left. After he uses this, he will return to his original position or fly to Position B.
  • Transition - B: Eltrion will fly and latch on to one of the hovering objects in the background. He will use 1 of his 2 most dangerous moves in this position.
  • Particle Rain: While flying away from Position B, Eltrion will launch a vast amount of missiles that home in on players.
  • Final Exemption: While moving away from Position B and lingering in the background, Eltrion charges up all his of energy and releases a immense laser from his core.
    • The direction the laser will travel depends on what energy Eltrion is charging.
      • If Eltrion is red while charging, the laser will become purple and travel to the right.
      • If Eltrion is green while charging, the laser will become blue and travel to the left.


Raid Bosses have a unique weakness of having separate parts that can be damaged at the same time. This allows players to multiply the damage they dealt to the boss depending on the situation.

  • First Position: Horizontally long attacks can hit both of Eltrion's claws.
    • Post-Awakening: After Eltrion's awakening, a large AOE attack can hit Eltrion's head and one of its claws.
    • Dual Gleam: Horizontally long attacks can hit both of Eltrion's claws and its head during this attack.
  • Transition - A: Vertically long attacks can hit Eltrion's body and right claw. Eltrion's body also has a very large hit-box, making it easier to land full hits with certain skills.


  • Electron Crush: Avoid being below the claws.
  • Slash: Move to the highest platform.
  • Repel: Either get in between the claws or move to the highest platform.
  • Energy Scan: When the claws face inward and glows green, get away from Eltrion.
  • Dual Gleam: Either get away from Eltrion or move near its head.
  • Transition - A Crush: Move to the wall if you were attacking Eltrion's claw.
  • Transition - A Slash: Move to the upper or bottom-most platform.
  • Searing Laser:
    • Dodge or Stoic the push.
    • If you were pushed, quickly move beck to Eltrion's torso or claw.
    • If you can't move back to position quickly enough after being pushed, get away from Eltrion.
  • Energy Stream: When Eltrion's core glows green, get away from it asap.
  • Strafe Run:
    • If the bottom-most platform is glowing, move to the highest platform at the edges.
    • If the 2nd top-most platform is glowing, move to the lowest platform. You must also get off any mount.
      • If you're an Add or Aisha, you can alternatively use their ability to float above the highest platform.
  • Particle Rain: This attack is very difficult to avoid.
    • Get a large amount of hp, defense, mag. defense, and damage reduction so you can survive one missile. The knockdown caused by that missile will help you avoid other missiles.
      • Note that this tactic only works if you're on the lowest platform. If you tried this at the highest platform, the missiles will turn back to you before hitting the ground.
    • Move to a low platform and use skills that gives a 100% chance of evasion like Dodge and Slash.
      • Special actives that grants an extended invincibility may also work but is inefficient.
    • If only one missile is targeting you, you can negate its damage with Elesis's Iron Body - Strong or Elsword's Annihilation mode.
    • Absorb the missiles with a timed Space Distortion. (Needs testing)
    • Eve can use her summons as a metal-shield.
    • Awakening can also be used to dodge the missiles when they come close (Add's DP mode won't work because he can still be damaged when using it)
  • Final Exemption:
    • If Eltrion is red while charging, move to the left half of the map or to the highest platform on the right edge.
    • If Eltrion is green while charging, move to the right half of the map or to the highest platform on the left edge.


Eltrion - field_raid001