Antica Idrovia

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The power of the sacred, the ancient Nasod lay asleep within the Sealed Channels. The ancient power sealed within has gone out of control and will sweep away anyone who enters. All Sentries protecting the waterway and forces of darkness must be defeated before it is too late.

Recommended Level:
Appropriate Item Level:


Dungeon Layout:

Shadow Walker - This is the basic Shadow monster. They attack with their claws and will sometimes attack back when getting up after being knocked down.

Shadow Charger - This Shadow monster attacks by running forward, damaging any players within its path. They can also grab onto any players, immobilizing them. You can escape from their grasp by rapidly tapping the left and right arrow keys.

Shadow Defender - This Shadow monster will attack launching spears towards you. When a player gets hit by the spears, they will be Cursed and will gradually lose mana over time. Mana will be drained faster when the player is immobilized by a Shadow Charger. They can also emit a Darkness aura which will raise the defense of all monsters within range.

Laguz - This Water Spirit attacks by releasing 3 bubbles in front of them and popping them, which will damage and inflict Frostbite. They can also release a bubble aura to encase any players in range in a bubble. After killing one, they will trap any players close to them in a bubble. When trapped in a bubble, you will not be able to move.

Iz - A Ice Spirit that attacks by spewing frost breath in front, which induces Freezing. When defeated, they emit an aura thats freezes you.

Shadow Sniper - This Shadow monster attacks by slowly charging up their laser and then firing it. The laser will travel across the entire stage.

Ancient Nasod Guard - When approached it will spin (the spin causes damage) and begin to attack. If you are close they will punch you away. If you are in shooting distance they will shoot arrows. They can create a force field to deflect projectiles.

Mini Ancient Nasod Sentinel - When approached it will spin. A mini version of the Ancient Nasod Sentinel. It does no attacks but can create a force field to deflect projectiles.

Ancient Nasod Sentinel - When approached it will spin and begin to attack. Their attacks are somewhat similiar to Stone Golem's (one being an extended hit stun attack and another a KD inducing attack). They can create a force field to deflect projectiles.

Merman - Holds a fish and whacks you with it.

Ancient Crab - Uses similar animations to the scorpions in Bethma. Can form a shield with its claws. Can induce Wound by attacking.

Piranha - A school of fish that float around and can attack you, but are rather weak and slow moving.

Shadow Linker - A small Shadow monster that can Soul Link just like Shadow Master. Defeat it to prevent or stop the Soul Link. Although easily defeatable, multiple Shadow Linkers can be a pain.

Ancient Cockatrigle - A beefed up version of the Cockatrigle. They have slighly more chains on them and a orange/black coloring. They have an extra rushing attack as well.

Piranha House - Summons Piranhas

Mini Boss:

Bizarre Conrad - An old man with a bluish complexion in a UFO. He somehow has knowledge of Nasod technology.
-Failed Heaven's Fist: Summons a rocket propelled fist at a fixed range to attack you with. Does substantial damage. The arm will collapse after he uses this attack.
-Failed Hornet's Sting: Conrad whisks out a cannon (similar to that of Code: Exotic's) and fires a missile at you. He then chucks the cannon at you when he's done.
-Slide: Conrad slides away from you in his UFO.
-Health Conversion: Conrad will remove some of his mana in order to regain some health.
-Triple Spear: Conrad will summon 3 Nasod spikes out of the ground in front of him to attack you.


Mirror of Light - Throughout the stage various Mirrors of Lights will be found in certain location. They however serve little to no purpose outside of Story Quests.


Taranvash of Light - Possessing the ancient power of light.... Taranvash was the faithful watchdog who defended Hamel, but went insane due to the overwhelming forces of the El.
-Swipe: Swipes at you twice.
-Teleport Attack: Teleports up and swipes at you with its tail, this is very fast and deals damage almost on par with its Tora Laser.
-Reflective Aura: Cloaks itself in a reflective aura. All Arrows, Electron Balls, Fireballs, or Magic Balls will be reflected.
-Charge: Charges at you.
-Rising Bubbles: Summons bubbles from the ground that traps you. Induces Frostbite when they burst.
-Tora Laser: Concentrates its energy on the tip of its tail and releases it in a massive horizontal laser beam. Does substantial damage to the player.

Mirror of Light (2x) - Can be found on either side of the stage. These mirrors eat up any mana you have when you approach them. The mirrors will move every few seconds during the boss fight. Once the lights from the mirrors touch the stage, a clone of the Taranvash of Light will appear. Up to two of these clones can appear and WILL attack you.

To prevent this or destroy the clones, carry out Launching combos such as Eve's >>x on the mirrors and they will shift their lights away from the stage.

Boss Drops: BGMs:
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Transformed Nasod Steel Bow
Transformed Nasod Steel Bow
Bizarre Conrad

Lv56 Bow:

Physical Attack +3548

Magical Attack +3548

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +4%

Action Speed +2%