Lago di Besma (Notte)

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After having Toma destroy the Hypnotizing Orbs, Chacha Buch explains that it must be the evil work of Kayak the Shaman. He then sends Elsword and the others to raid Bethma Lake during the night in hopes of discovering the location of Kayak.

Upon arriving there, they discover that the lake has been overrun with Shadow Lizardmen. They only appear during the night and are much more ruthless compared to normal lizardmen. After the leader of the Shadow Lizardmen was defeated, he drops a piece of a torn map. Elsword and the others defeat the rest of the lizardmen and find all of the map pieces. They bring the pieces back to Chacha Buch. He tells the group that he will combine the pieces and tell them where it leads them.

Recommended Level:
Appropriate Item Level:


Dungeon Layout:

Fire Komodo - A Komodo that helps the Lizardmen tribe attack you. But unlike the last ones, this one can breathe fire!

Shadow Lizardman - A Lizardman wielding a long spear, this lizardman can also hide himself in the shadows for sneak attacks!

Saurus Warrior - An upgraded, bigger version of the Lizardman Saurus, this can pack an even bigger punch!

Armadillo - A small armadillo that uses its shell to roll over you.

Shaman Lizardman - A skinny lizardmen that is capable of casting spells and healing others.

Mini Boss:

Saurus Supervisor - Leader of Lizardmen Sauruses, he is also the strongest, especially with his gigantic spiked club.
-Hammer: A simple super armor strike with his club.
-Knock Up: Saurus Supervisor prepares himself then swings his club launching targets into the air.
-Double Attack: A two hit combo with his club.

Note: -Has a stoic threshold of 20 hits.


Totem - An inert Totem that stands still. But don't get too close to it or else fire will come out of its mouth straight at you!


Shadow Warrior - Although this boss may look like the Lizardman Warriors from Dragon Road, the Shadow Lizardman is much more stronger than you think. With agile capabilities making him hard to aim, the Shadow Lizardman also uses its duel swords for a flurry of attacks!
-Swipe: The Lizardman will run over to you and use its dual swords to repeatedly hit you.
-Combo Attack: The Lizardman Warriors will do a spinning sword combo that sends you flying.
-Boomerang: A very strong skill, the Shadow Lizardman will throw its swords across the field like a boomerang slashing anything that gets in its way. If you are behind it when their swords return, you will be hit.
-Parry: Like Elsword's Parry skill, the boss will put up a stance and if you hit him during it, he'll deflect your attack and counter you with his swords, sending you high up into the air.

Note: -Has a stoic threshold of 20 hits.

Boss Drops: BGMs:
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Shadow Cannon
Shadow Cannon
Shadow Warrior

Lv24 Cannon:

Physical Attack +1967

Magical Attack +1967

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +1%






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