Canale di Scarico

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The citizens of Elder try and help Elsword and his team stop the conspiracy. But first, they must find a way to get into Wally's Castle. With a bit of help from Luichel, a former thief, the team finds a secret passage to the castle. Luckily for Elsword, they run into Nasod Banthus, who appeared to have some strange enhancements, and finishes him off once and for all. The gang later finds Banthus' battered necklace, which Banthus used to shoot out a laser during their fight. Elsword and his gang bring it back to Elder, and even they don't know what it is, but they do know that it was given by Wally.

Recommended Level:
Appropriate Item Level:


Dungeon Layout:

Little Soldier - Instead of a knife-wielding thief, it's now a soldier working for Banthus! But what are soldiers doing here?

Big Soldier - Instead of a thief that uses its fists, it's now a soldier working for Banthus! But what are soldiers doing here?

Mickey - A mischief of mice living in dirty places. But be careful, they spawn from Mickey's House!

Mickey's House - A passage that mice use. They can also spawn Mickeys!

White Ghost Magician - A roaming ghost that wanders in the Waterway... Be careful, they can also use magic to shoot out fireballs!


Floor Trap - Standing on top of the floor traps will cause wooden poles to launch out of the ground damaging whoever is standing on them.

Steam Trap - There will be vents that will exert steam at regular intervals that can damage you.


Nasod Banthus - Banthus appears yet again after you find him in the Waterway! But there's something strange about him...
-Swing: Banthus will swing his sword right at you.
-Leap Slash: Banthus will leap towards you and swing his sword right at you.
-Jumping Slash: Banthus jumps into the air and strikes with his huge sword.
-Kick: Banthus kicks you with his foot, usually followed by Leap Slash.
-Guard: With his sword, Banthus guards himself, preparing for any attack you might use!
-Awaken: Not only can you awaken, but now Banthus can too! Used when Banthus only has 1/4 of his HP left. He will regain HP with a slight attack boost. He will be invulnerable when he does this.
-Summon: Banthus will use his necklace to summon more thieves to assist him. He will be invulnerable when he does this.
-Laser! His strongest move. Banthus shoots a laser out of his necklace to heavily damage you.

-This Boss has a stoic threshold of 30 hits.

Boss Drops: BGMs:
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Banthus' Magic Necklace
Banthus' Magic Necklace
Nasod Banthus

Accessory (Necklace):

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +2%





  • Nasod Banthus originally had his shirt on.
  • In the Story, Banthus had escaped after being defeated in 2-2, but the characters suggest that they captured him and brought him into custody, only to be released. The latter seems non-canonical.