Grotta di Benders

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Hoffman successfully located where Banthus is currently hiding. Elsword and his team quickly infiltrates the hideout and defeats Awakened Banthus once again, yet, he still escapes. Fortunately, Elsword spots a letter. Giving it to the citizens of Elder, they soon find out that Wally, the leader of Elder, has hired Banthus to steal the Elstone, which also explains why Wally hasn't responded. Quickly finding out that this is a conspiracy, Elsword tries to find out what Wally's motives are.

Recommended Level:
Appropriate Item Level:


Dungeon Layout:

Hungry Bat - A bloodsucking bat that feeds on blood. Don't let it cling onto you!.

Bat - A bat living in the cave. It attacks people who approach his territory. They can attack by unleashing a poisonous cloud, which can poison you.

Apple Mong - Monkeys who pick up apples in the Forest. After the forest got polluted, they started living in the Cave. They can attack from distances by throwing apples.

Little Brother - A thief who tries to attack you with his knife.

Big Brother - A thief that tries to punch you with its humongous fists.

Giant Phoru - An enraged Phoru that attacks anything in its way.

Giant Brother - The biggest of the thieves and also the most powerful, watch out!

Mini Boss:

Giant Red Phoru - A very aggressive Phoru from Ancient Times. It acquired a red-colored body from staying in the deep cave for a long time.
-Claw Slash: Giant Red Phoru attacks three times with his claws.
-Jump Slash: Giant Red Phoru slashes you in the air, does not knockdown.
-Charge Attack: Giant Red Phoru rushes forward.
-Rage: When its MP is full, it will release a pillar of energy similar to awakened Unlimited Blade damaging nearby players.

Bat King - A giant bat that can slash you with its sharp wings.
-Swoop: Bat King swoops forward.
-Gliding Impact: Bat King will swoop forward and swoop back.
-Sonic Screech: When Bat King has full MP, it will emits a sonic screech causing continuous damage to those in front of it.

-This Boss has a stoic threshold of 30 hits.


Falling Rock - Loose rocks will fall from the cave ceiling damaging those who might be underneath it.


Awakened Banthus - Banthus who ran away from the El-Tree. He's much more stronger than before!
-Swing: Banthus will swing his sword right at you.
-Leap Slash: Banthus will leap towards you and swing his sword right at you.
-Jumping Slash: Banthus jumps into the air and strikes with his huge sword.
-Kick: Banthus kicks you with his foot, usually followed by Leap Slash.
-Guard: With his sword, Banthus guards himself, preparing for any attack you might pull off.
-Summon: Banthus will summon several Brother mobs. Will only use this skill once.

-This Boss has a stoic threshold of 30 hits.

Boss Drops: BGMs:
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Bat Muffler
Bat Muffler
Bat King

Accessory (Top Piece):

Physical Attack +36

Magical Attack +36

Physical Defense +16

Magical Defense +16

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