Via dei Draghi

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Explaining what happened in Elder to Sheriff Stella, Stella suggests to go search in Dragon Road to find any remains of Wally's Nasod suit. Elsword and his team find one of its propellers. Knowing that Wally is near their village, Stella promises to locate and inform Elsword if they see him. But Bethma has a bigger problem to deal with.

The Lizardmen, an ancient tribe whom have lived long before the humans in Bethma has set up a camp right near their village. Stella asks Elsword to see how close they are due to the fact that the citizens are frightened of them. Elsword and his team do a search, and soon find that the Lizardmen had set up a camp surrounding the entire village. Alarmed, Stella asks to have Elsword drive them away, including the leader, in which they successfully do.

Recommended Level:
Appropriate Item Level:


Dungeon Layout:

Scorpion - An aggressive scorpion that tries to attack you with its pincers and claws.

Cactus - A unique blushing cactus living in Bethma. They can attack by summoning spikes on the ground, similar to Ent's Vine Attack.

Komodo - A Komodo that helps the Lizardmen tribe attack you.

Lizardman Saurus - A strong and big Lizardman that can really whack a punch at you with its club.

Lizardman - A Lizardman Scout. They are the weakest among the Lizardmen, but that still doesn't mean that they aren't dangerous!

Mini Boss:

Scorpion King - The king of the Scorpions, not to mention the strongest. It's gigantic so stay alert!

-Has a stoic threshold of 20 hits.


Thorn Trap - A pile of leaves that will shoot thorns from below if you stand on it for too long inflicting  Enemy DebuffPoisonEnemy DebuffPoison.


Lizardman Warrior (2x) - You finally confront the Lizardman behind this mess! But wait, there's two of them...?
-Slash: A single slash attack.
-Combo Attack: The Lizardman Warriors will do a spinning sword combo that sends you flying.
-Smash: Jumping up into the air, the Warriors will try to land on you, smashing the ground.
-Counter Attack: Not only are the Lizardman Warriors offensive, but they also can be tricky too! The bosses can make a stance to counter any attack you might pull off at them! (Elsword can also use this skill)

-Both have a stoic threshold of 30 hits.

Boss Drops: BGMs:
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Scorpion Guards
Scorpion Guards
Scorpion King

Accessory (Bottom Piece):

Physical Attack +30

Magical Attack +30

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +1%