Castello di Robo

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After defeating William, Elsword and his gang finally head to Wally's Castle. But before they go, the team learns from Echo that Wally is actually studying about the Nasods. The Nasods were a mechanical race that was advanced in all forms of technology. But for some reason, they disappeared, so people later thought that it was only a legend, which also explains the reason why Wally stole the Elstone for energy.

Recommended Level:
Appropriate Item Level:


Dungeon Layout:

Little Soldier - A small knife-wielding soldier. Careful, don't get stabbed by it!

Big Soldier - A big soldier that uses its metal gauntlets to punch you.

Crossbow Soldier - As small as the Little Soldier, the sneaky Crossbow Soldier can use its crossbow to shoot you from a distance. Some Crossbow Soldiers may appear inside of a Bunker.

Wally's Guardian - A powerful knight that attacks you with its huge sword.

Mini Boss:

Vergnert - The mercenary leader of Wally's soldiers, Vergnert isn't one to be taken lightly. Careful of his spiked club - he's faster than he looks!
-Double Swing: Vergnert performs a two hit combo with his club.
-Smash: Vergnert swings his club downward.

-This Boss has a stoic threshold of 20 hits.


Wally No.8 - You finally confront Wally, but he isn't going to give up so easily! Watch out for his Nasod robot!
-Thrust: Wally will spin his arms to attack you.
-Fly: Given the opportunity, Wally will fly up into the air towards another platform to try and make distance. Differs from the next move in that he moves STRAIGHT up.
-Smash: While in the air, Wally will sometimes boost down to try and smash you into the ground.
-Homing Missile: One of his strongest moves, Wally will extend his arms and launch two guided missiles out of his hands that will home in on a random player.

-To Dodge : Avoid the guided missile by running from it - it self-destructs if it doesn't hit anything within around 5 seconds.
-Laser! His strongest move. Wally will fire out a massive yellow blast of energy out of his eye. It does tremendous damage all with incredible range. Requires a full mana bar, mana resets upon use.
-To Dodge : Move right next to or behind No.8 quickly before he fires it. If you are too far away, quickly get above or below the beam.
-Do NOT: Try to get out of its range by running away from him - it has infinite horizontal range.
-This Boss has a stoic threshold of 30 hits.

Boss Drops: BGMs:
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Unfinished Nasod Alloy Cannon
Unfinished Nasod Alloy Cannon
Wally No.8

Lv18 Cannon:

Physical Attack +1661

Magical Attack +1661

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +2%

Action Speed +2%