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The citizens of Elder try and help Elsword track Banthus down. But due to Banthus stealing the Elstone, the neighboring forests of Elder are beginning to be consumed by darkness. Hoffman, a wealthy merchant, asks if Elsword and company can help restore the forest, explaining that Wally and his soldiers have not responded to their plea. The team quickly does, and finds leads to Banthus's Hideout.

Recommended Level:
Appropriate Item Level:


Dungeon Layout:

Poisonous Bee - A poisonous bee! Make sure not too get too close to it, or it will sting you! The bees spawn from a Poisonous Bee Hive.

Poisonous Mush - A mushroom contaminated by the polluted forest. They can attack by unleashing a poisonous cloud, which can poison you.

Wisp - A small harmless spirit living in the forest. But don't let it get too close to a Mini Ent or else the Wisp will reanimate it!

Mini Ent - Normally they just stand still, but when they get reanimated by a Wisp, the Ent will start attacking you!

Ghost Magician - A roaming Ghost that can use magic. Don't let it hit you with it's fireballs!

Poisonous Bee Hive - A small beehive that can spawn bees. Make sure to attack it before it does though! It can only spawn a limited number of Poisonous Bees.

Mini Boss:

Kira-Kira - An advanced version of the Ghost Magician. Not only can it shoot fireballs, but it can also summon thunder and other sorts of powerful spells!
-Fireball: Kira stops, puts an arm out, and fires a small fireball much like his fellow mages.
-Lightning Strike: Kira summons a bolt of lightning that strikes the targeted player, dealing damage and inflicting  Enemy DebuffCurseEnemy DebuffCurse.


Ent - An ancient tree made bitter, angry and sentient from a contaminated piece of El.
-Chain Fireball: The Ent will shoot 3 fireballs out of its mouth that can follow you.
-Spin Swipe: The boss will turn around to swipe you with its hands.
-Vine Attack: One of his strongest moves, the Ent will summon three vines that shoot up to pierce you.
-Guard: Ent will crossed arms in defense, reducing damage received while in super armor.

-This Boss has a stoic threshold of 30 hits.

Boss Drops: BGMs:
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Kira-Kira's Wand
Kira-Kira's Wand

Lv10 Wand:

Physical Attack +1253

Magical Attack +1253

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +3%