Sander Arido

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After hearing that the Wind Priestess: Anudran is somewhere in the ruins, the El-team set out to look for her, only to find her being kidnapped by the Succubus Queen: Karis.

Sanderarido.png Recommended Level:
Appropriate Item Level:
Dungeon Layout:
  • Sander-vegar-trock.jpg

Vegar Trock - This is basic Trock monster. They will attack with their palm.

  • Dunno.png

Oba Trock - This Trock monster will attack with their boomerang similar to Shadow Warrior's Sharp Boomerang. When get attack the can run away when under stoic.

  • Dunno.png

Buggy Trock - This Trock monster will summon a dark skull that does substinal damage. They will use dark buff which increase their damage to nearby monster.

  • Rockytrock.jpg

Rocky Trock - This Trock will defend with their shield if under attack and can attack during guard. Similar to Glitter Defender have.

  • Sander-fogta-trock.jpg

Fogta Trock - This Trock will self-destruct upon contact. Has very high HP.

  • Sander-caskey.jpg

Caskey - A small dinosaur-like creature that will latch on to you and start biting furiously.

  • Sander-flame-tooth-caskey.jpg

Flame Tooth Caskey - An evolved version of Caskey that's slightly larger and has spikes. Their bites inflict Burning.

  • Sander-ice-tooth-caskey.jpg

Ice Tooth Caskey - An evolved version of Caskey that's slightly larger. Their bites inflict Frostbite.

  • Sander-poison-tooth-caskey.jpg

Poison Tooth Caskey - An evolved version of Caskey that's slightly larger and has black armor covering the majority of its body, including its jaw. Their bites inflict Status 076.png Enemy DebuffPoisonEnemy DebuffPoison.

  • Red Desert Monkfish Temple of the Wind.jpg

Red Desert Monkfish - These denizens of the sand can burrow and emerge at will, chomping down and slashing anything in its path. Similar to Deep Sea Fish.

Mini Boss:
  • Dunno.png

Fierce Stone Axe Bootru - A leader of Trock Thrower.
-Boomerang Throw: He will throw his boomerang to his foes and its back to him. Similar to Shadow Warrior's Sharp Boomerang.
-Aerial Throw: He will throw 3 boomerang one by one diagonally and then a 3 split boomerang. You won't be able to hit him due to he's flying when he use this moves.
-Upware Throw: He will throw his boomerang diagonal up when you try to attack him close.
-Running Away: Like Trock Thrower he will run away after 15 hits. When he run away, he become Stoic while run away.

  • Dunno.png

Strong Rocky Baron - The strongest of the Rocky Trocks in Barren Sander. With his strong metal plated armor, he destroys all in his path

  • Dunno.png

Caskey Breeder Toggy - The strongest Trock magic user who is responsible for breeding Caskeys with various abilities.
-Summoning: He will summon various types of Caskey monsters to defend him.

  • Launch Pad.jpg

Launch Pad - Jumping on this platform will propel you into the air at a given direction.

  • Sand wind.jpg

Desert Winds - These strong winds will push you one way or the other if you don't push against it. Appear near the boss room.

  • GiantWaldo.png

Giant Waldo
-Bottom Cast: Kicks up a slab of the ground then punches it to send it flying. A scale version of the one used by Berthe, but the rock will lodge itself in the ground after impact and will serve as an obstacle.
-270 Degree Swing: A quick interrupt-able axe swing, this attack only hits in front of himself, but he always does not targeting his foes first to use this move.
-270 Degree Power Swing: He will shout and flex before making a slow sweeping swing in super armor state. This attack only hits in front of himself.

  • He will create a Incineration flaming effect similar to Ignition Crow - Incinerator after this move.
  • His head becomes wreathed in flames after his shout but it is not yet clear what long term significance this has.

-Dark Energy Release: Releases a blast of dark energy from the pendant on his stomach, which can reach up to a full screen away depending on his current size. Usually he will use this when you are too far of him or as counter.
-Pendant Explosion: An extremely lethal skill that can deal very high damage. He'll only use it when he's at maximum size and will revert to his starting size after use if he is not interrupted.

  • A large DANGER warning will appear along with the skill name when he is preparing to use it.
Boss Drops: BGMs:
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Mad Keeper's Staff
Mad Keeper's Staff
Caskey Breeder Toggy

Lv65 Wand:

Physical Attack +4007

Magical Attack +4007

[Unidentified * ?]

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +5%

All weapons attributes +0.5%






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